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Einstein famously said: ‘If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.’

Of course, even when we fully understand something, we need to be able to explain it with clarity in order to avoid confusion. That’s what this brief post is all about.

clear communication

As a business owner, it pays to embrace clarity

Many small business owners use buzz words, industry slang and management speak – creating unnecessary confusion. This is the exact opposite of what we need, if we want people to buy from us, hire us or recommend us.

In marketing, one of the golden rules is, a confused mind always says ‘no!’ When a prospective client or customer is confused and you ask them to make a decision, they will typically say no or avoid the decision.

Here’s the thing: Everything you do, which clarifies your message, will simultaneously increase it’s marketing effectiveness.

Communicate without confusion

Simplify your message.

Aim for clarity.

Embrace brevity.

Remove doubt.

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  1. This works. I stated reading your blog because you keep it short and focus on the message.

  2. Yep. Like they say Jim – Clarity is king!

  3. Lovely stuff Jim. Keep it simple. Nothing more off putting than someone trying to woo me with heaps of intelligent waffle.

  4. I like this, someone once told me, that we only know some thing if we can teach it to others.

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