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Why bother to learn anything, when Google has all the answers?

That question is one I have heard regularly, ever since search engines became a part of out daily lives.

The wall

The answer?

Yes, Google has millions of answers. It has the correct answers AND the damagingly incorrect answers.

We need to carry on learning, so we know how to spot the most valuable answers and not just the most repeated.

We need to carry on learning, so we can identify the most informed voices, not just the loudest.

We also need to carry on learning, so we can discover our own answers.

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  1. A short but powerful post today, Jim. I couldn’t agree more. In the two industries I’m involved in (writing, software development) it’s very easy to spot the difference between somebody who really knows their stuff, and a chronic googler.

    I’ve spent my whole life teaching myself new things. Not just new skills, but also how to sort and identify what the most useful information is on a particular topic.

    Thanks for this post. Great as always.

    • Hi Thomas. Thanks for the kind words. It was a short one, wasn’t it.

      Yes, an ongoing commitment to learning keeps life a lot more interesting, fulfilling and in my experience, rewarding too.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Hi Jim,

    You are definitely right about this. I will say, that you can’t use having no formal education as an excuse for being ignorant anymore though…

    It’ s great that information is so available now (i guess you have to have access to the internet which still cuts out a lot of people though)


  3. When I took up the craft of photography, I knew I needed to learn. I had just about learned everything that there is to know about film photography. Then the world went digital and along with that came the internet. There is more to learn.

  4. Mr Google is the smartest I have ever known on this planet. :)

    • Hi Deepak. He’s also the least smart, with all the wrong answers, scams and misinformation. We need to be better at discerning. Thanks for the feedback.

  5. I get asked that question from students too. Now Jim I have a far better answer. Thanks.

  6. You always nail it Jim, @Thomas A. Knight: I understand what you mean when you say a chronic googler, I think google gives us all the knowledge but just a bit more understanding above board will change the mindset.

    While I have learnt how to use wordpress on google, Jim has really taught me how to blog.

  7. Hi Jim,

    Great piece!

    Any man is educated who knows where to get knowledge when he needs it, and how to organize that knowledge into definite plans of action.

    A quote from Think & Grow Rich. Originated from Henry Ford 😉

  8. Another top drawer post Jim. Very easy to become misinformed by Googling for every bit of information. People have a knack of saying and writing with such authority that anything can look plausible to an unsuspecting person.

  9. Sobering words Jim. Being a content writer myself, I have often come across information that looks suspect to say the least. I am extremely discerning about any research that I come across on the Internet.

  10. Google doesn’t know anything at all, its just a database of othermans information sorry to say but most of it is crap used to make money with it the easy way, the internet is made interesting by well educated people who share their knowledge for free, you still need education to read, write, math and think.

    Non educated people doesn’t even know how to work with a pc, and if they can they will not come further then playing around on some social networks as facebook.

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