I have to share this with you

I received a message from an accountant today, via the contact form on the Marketing Mentor page of the blog. I have to share it with you, because it makes a very powerful point in just a small number of words. Here’s the key section from the email:

I spend every working day telling people about the value of expert help, then I put my own business at risk through my amateur marketing efforts.

decision nothing

The non decision

The decision to starve your business of the expert help it needs is an interesting one. It’s interesting, because it’s often seen as a non decision. In other words, a business owner doesn’t deliberately make the decision to waste their life running an under performing business. However, the decision to run a business during the worst global economy in memory, without the expert help you need, is exactly that: A decision.

Complain, blame… and stay the same

It’s March 2013 and there will be business owners reading this, who are making the same rookie errors that they made in March 2012. They will blame the economy or their luck or their competitors for their lack of success, even though others are thriving under the same conditions. So, they complain, they blame and they stay the same. They are the exact opposites of the business owners who actively seek out answers from professionals.

I get emails daily from business owners who have the courage and motivation to ask me for expert help. These remarkable people have figured out something, which their fearful, demotivated counterparts haven’t.

It’s simply this: The decision to do nothing when faced with a problem, is a far bigger decision, than the decision to do something about it.

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