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A casual approach to business causes casualties

You can’t casually run a business, if you want to achieve above average results.

Why? Because success doesn’t interrupt us. It requires planning and action.


  • If you want your business to grow, you need a marketing plan and then you need to work that plan.
  • If you want to retain your clients or customers, you need a customer retention plan and then you need to work that plan.
  • If you want great cash flow, you need a cash flow plan and then you need to work that plan.
  • If you want to deliberately develop any area of your business, you need an effective plan and then you need to work that plan.

Don’t become a casualty

A casual approach to business always results in casualties. Get specific. Be deliberate. If you do, you will be one of the few small business owners, who doesn’t mistake movement for progress.

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  1. But it is okay to have a relaxed personality right? What is the converse of this… Be great to see a post about the dangers of “overplanning” and “over-strategizing”?

    Planning is critical… I agree with you.


    • @Geoff

      Great planning has nothing to do with over planning.

      Over planning is BAD planning! :-)

    • Hi Geoff. In my experience, working to a great plan actually causes you to feel a lot more relaxed.

      In my experience, the most stressed business owners are usually those going broke or those with no idea where they are going.

      Thanks as always for the feedback, Geoff.

  2. Plan, plan and more planning. People are constantly surprised how much difference having a plan and working the plan makes.

    Measuring, reviewing and adjusting is also important but you need to start with the plan. It also helps you to focus on the right things rather than having a scatter-gun approach or hoping for the best.

  3. I agree, having a casual mindset about your business will not generate the results that you want. Having many thought out plans in advance will make things a lot easier and less stressful. But sometimes you have to just start doing and then plan as you go.

  4. Get specific. Plan. Be deliberate… I really like how you put those short sentences into your writing Jim.

  5. Working with relaxed intensity is the key to success. This means you get the job done and you stay in the best space possible.

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