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A sign of success

Some of the most powerful tools in marketing are also the simplest and least expensive. I was just thinking about this, as I observed the effectiveness of a 3 word sign, placed by a stairway in a coffee shop.

a sign

Additional seating upstairs

The sign simply said ‘Additional seating upstairs.’ In the space of 30 minutes, I saw at least a dozen people spot that sign, as they looked for a seat in an extremely busy coffee shop.

I can only imagine how many people see that sign each day and walk upstairs, rather than walk off to a competitor’s coffee shop.

Yes, this applies to your business too

Never underestimate the value of a well placed, brief, powerful message. By the way, if you think this point isn’t relevant to you, because you don’t run a high street business, think again.

That same concept can work equally well, to signpost people around your website and ensure they reach the most valuable pages.

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  1. I love simple ideas that pay dividends Jim. I suppose it’s easy in your own business to be blinkered to the most obvious things. You should offer a “common sense” audit to you your clients to spot missed opportunities such as this sign :)

  2. A clear message, well situated. Perfect!!

  3. I think it’s too easy to overlook these small things. Lots of molehills make up a mountain.


    Evie X

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