6 Incredibly powerful questions to help you grow your business

Here are 6 essential questions, to help you take your business to the next level.

  1. Are you wishing the economy was better or are you improving your skills? You can’t improve the economy, but you can improve yourself. Make the adjustments required, to thrive. Don’t just wait.
  2. Are you running your business or is your business running you? Unless you are working to a plan, you are simply reacting to whatever your business is throwing at you… rather than running your business.
  3. Are you saying ‘yes’ to too many requests? Your time is precious. Use it wisely, so that you have all the time required to do all the things that matter.
  4. Are you investing in your future, by doing more than you are paid for? Future success belongs to those who pay the price for success, in advance.
  5. Are you associating with the right people? We tend to grow in the same direction as those we associate with. Think about what your associates have got you; thinking, believing, feeling and saying.
  6. Are you learning from past business mistakes or repeating them? If you are facing the same old frustrations, it’s because you’re repeating the same old errors. For better results, you need a better strategy.

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