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How to boost your creativity by making connections

How creative do you think you are?

What stops many people fully benefiting from their creativity, is that they don’t think they are creative. They wrongly assume that unless an idea has never been pondered before and is plucked from the sky, it isn’t creative. Yet, when we examine the most creative people in any area of art, science or business, we find this to be a fallacy.

creativity connecting things

Creativity and making connections

As the late Steve Jobs famously said, creativity comes from connecting things. People who think they are creative look for connections. For example, millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked, ‘why?’

  • Blogs (or Web Logs) came from connecting websites with the idea of diary writing or journalling.
  • The underarm, ball-style deodorant was invented by Helen Barnett Diserens, when she made the connection between a ballpoint pen and applying deodorant. She saw the potential for the pen’s ballpoint system, to be adapted to deliver deodorant.
  • Henry Ford connected his experience of 19th century meatpacking plants in Chicago and Cincinnati, with the production of automobiles and created the automobile production line.

If you want to produce more creative output, a great place to start is to look for more connections. This post on how to become a creative thinker, will also help you.

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  2. Brett Slater

    May 27, 2013 at 19:13

    Spot on, mate. There’s one immutable fact about creativity. As long as you say, “I’m not creative,” then you never will be. Creativity is like any muscle in your body: if you want it to get stronger, you have to regularly exercise it to the point of fatigue.

  3. Another top draw piece from my favorite blogger.

    Thanks Jim.

  4. That’s a common theme in Scott Berkun’s “The Myths of Innovation”, one of my favorite books. He gives a lot of examples of how what many consider an innovative idea was just someone putting the pieces together in a new way. Great post!

  5. This is funny but as I was reading this post I was listening to a radio show about how rock and roll music was a connection of country music and blues music.

    Never thought of creativity that way before but it can be applied to pretty-much every thing.

  6. Perfect.

    Steve Jobs achieved amazing success and his wisdom is now helping others, years after his passing, to do the same. Thanks for the share, Jim.

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