How to give your business the focus and direction it needs

One of the keys to business success, is to work on the things you can control, rather than focus on what you can’t control.

Marcus Aurelius quote

For example, you can’t change the economy, but you can change your strategy. Those businesses that hunker down and ‘just wait’ for the economy to improve, lose their lunch to their agile competitors, who adapt their strategy to benefit from the economy.

Be the captain of your own destiny

Know what you want to achieve, then set your sail to take you there. Doubtless, you will need to reset your sail many times, each time learning something new. These priceless lessons help you to make better and better decisions. This is how all meaningful progress is achieved.

Let your inflexible competitors surrender control of their businesses, as they passively wait for things to improve and focus on who or what to blame.

Not you though!

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