How to be more successful, more productive and less angry

Most business owners encounter the same core challenges. The reason some businesses do so much better than others, is how they choose to respond to these challenges.

Anger or Learning

Anger seldom helps: It’s bad for the mind and the body. It causes us to say and do things, which we later regret. It’s unproductive too.

For example:

  • Getting angry at a supplier who regularly lets us down is far less productive, than finding a better supplier.
  • Getting angry with late paying customers when cash flow is a problem, is far less productive than fixing the cause of the cash flow problem.
  • Getting angry when our IT lets us down, is far less productive than investing in better software or hardware.

Learning always helps: It’s how we avoid repeating the same mistakes. This is what leads to progress and stops us being busy, for little real reward. It’s what gives us the skills to make better decisions.

It’s also the cornerstone of all business success.

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