Stop settling and start demanding!

I have an important question for you: Why did you decide to start your business, rather than work for someone else?

That is a question that every small business owner is in touch with, in the early stages of their business. Ask someone that question, when their business is a week old and they will answer, with clarity, instantly.

  • I want to enjoy a better quality of life.
  • I want to be my own boss.
  • I want to make more money.
  • I want the freedom to do things my own way.
  • I want to make a difference.

Then something changes

Something then seems to happen to many, perhaps most, small business owners after a couple of years. It’s as if they lose touch with the motivations, which caused them to start their own business.

They stop making plans – and start making do.

It looks like this:

  • Instead of being focused on the fact there’s no ceiling on their earnings, they focus on there being no floor on their earnings.
  • Instead of experiencing the freedom that comes from owning a business, they experience longer hours than when they were an employee.
  • Instead of being their own boss, they allow their clients or workload to boss them.
  • Instead of focusing on making more money, they focus on making concessions on their lifestyle goals, to fit their income limitations.

Let’s turn it around!

This doesn’t need to happen to you. If it already has, you can turn it around… starting right now.

From this point forward, refuse to ‘settle’ for less than you deserve. Seriously. Stop it.

Reset what you are prepared to accept, so it’s in line with the goals and targets you dreamed about when you started your business. Stop settling and start demanding your share of the good life. Plan to succeed, then follow your plan. Anything less is less than you deserve.

You’re not alone

I am here to help you, every step of the way. I’m committed to providing you with as much useful, free information via the blog as I possibly can.

PS: In tomorrow’s post, I’m going to share some ideas with you, to show you how to create your ideal business and lifestyle, so your business starts working for YOU.

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