When work isn’t working

… it feels a lot like fun.

In other words, when the work you do is something that inspires and fulfils you, it’s hard to tell work from play.

Paul: The hard working 71 year old

There’s a 71 year old man right now, still working in the same industry as he was when he was a teenager. He’s still working hard too. In fact, he’s just created a new product and is working like crazy to promote it.

He isn’t in it for the money. Sir Paul McCartney has been financially secure for decades.

Unicorn tears

I don’t prescribe to the theory that if you just do what you love, you can make a successful living. However, I have seen countless examples of people, who have transformed their work into something that is extremely enjoyable. Something that inspires, motivates and compels them.

The way I built my business is an example of this. Allow me to explain.

Marketing can be stressful, dull and prescriptive

I got into marketing in 1986 and immediately found it fascinating. However, working as a marketing consultant bored me to tears.

  • Dull, over-long meetings.
  • 12 hour work days.
  • Lots of time wasted in traffic.
  • Predictable clients with average products or services.

I knew there had to be a better way. So, when I started my own marketing business in 1995, I changed everything. In many ways, I haven’t worked a day since. I hand-pick my clients, so I only work with people I like, who have a business worth marketing. I work from a great home studio, which means I get to spend lots of time every day with my eight year old son. I work with business owners worldwide, but let technology do all the travelling.

I do what I love and I love what I do. If God gives me the strength, I hope to be doing this when I am Paul McCartney’s age.

Your business model

You deserve to own a business, which makes you feel excited, motivated and inspired. This means picking your clients and not allowing them to pick you. It means eliminating tasks from your work flow, which are dull — either through delegating them, changing them or eliminating them.

It means telling yourself a different story about what it is to OWN AND RUN a business. You’re in control. You get to pick and choose who you work with and what you do. So, make choices that are worthy of you.

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