This threat to your business is also your biggest opportunity!


All accountants are not the same… but to look at their marketing, you’d think they were. The same is true of trainers, lawyers, designers, coaches… every service provider you can think of.

So, a prospective client looking for a new service provider finds an ocean of lookalike businesses. Until, that is, a new provider turns up, who understands how to differentiate themselves in a valuable, meaningful way.

Here’s what happens

  • Quickly, this new provider starts attracting the attention of the marketplace.
  • People start talking about them and the word of mouth spreads, whilst no one talks about their lookalike competitors.
  • With so many people saying good things about this new provider, they soon build a great reputation.
  • They become the default choice, for clients who want more than a cookie-cutter service provider.
  • They soon own the most profitable end of the marketplace.

There are two things to consider about this scenario:

  1. Are you just going to wait until a competitor like that turns up and targets your clients and prospective clients?
  2. Or are you going to become that provider yourself and grow an outstanding business, working with the most valuable clients?

Business success comes from combining good decision making with hard work.

You already work hard. But have you decided to market your business, so that you stand out from your competitors? If not… why not?

Let's grow your business... together! I can help you build a more successful business, increase your sales and boost your profits. It's you and me, working as a team to help you achieve the results you have always wanted. To find out more, read this!