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How to grow your business and REALLY enjoy the process!

If you want to grow your business, your network, your influence AND enjoy the process, there is a powerful idea I would like to share with you.

It’s simply this: Be helpful, often

Think of it like this:

  • The process of giving and receiving starts with the giving part.
  • The process of sowing and reaping, starts with the sowing part.
  • The process of cause and effect, starts with the cause part.

By consistently looking for opportunities to help your clients and your prospective clients, you put a series of processes into play, which improves how people feel about you. As business is all about people, improving the way people feel about you has a measurable, positive impact on your business (and your life.)

Looking for ways to connect people, share ideas, open opportunities, etc, can become a natural part of your day. It takes surprisingly little time to share an interesting newsletter with your contacts. It takes even less time to share a blog post you think they will find helpful.

Even if you want to help thousands of people every day, you can do it without it eating into too much of your day. Here’s how it works!

Being helpful scales to infinity

Thanks to the technology at our fingertips, being helpful scales. In fact, it scales beautifully. Using what I call the one-to-many approach, you can help dozens, hundreds or thousands of people every day.

It works like this: You invest one piece of your time, which helps many people.

An obvious example of this one-to-many approach, is blogging. The reason I write for you on Jim’s Marketing Blog and via the email version of the site, is that it allows me to be helpful to many people, using just one block of my time. In the time it would take me to reply to one specific email for marketing help, I can be of service to many people.

The helpful mindset

It’s also easy to be helpful every day, using a one-to-one approach. When you adopt the mindset that looks for ways to be helpful, it becomes a natural part of your routine. For instance, just before I wrote this, I introduced 2 people I know to one another. It took minutes.

Now, sometimes you will help someone and they will ignore it. They won’t even say thanks. That’s all about them… not you. You cannot allow people with no class, to stop you from shining. You can’t allow the ignorant minority to knock you off route. You need to understand that some people are just like that, then when it happens, accept it and move on. You can’t use the mindset of that thankless minority as an excuse not to lead the way, through your contribution.

The payback?

Firstly, running a business from a mindset of contribution is a lot more fun.

Secondly, it’s an extremely rewarding and effective way to grow your business. That’s because people are attracted to those who help and encourage them.

For instance, I get client inquiries all the time, from people I have helped with the marketing ideas I freely share. My readers know me. They value my work. They also appreciate the time I take, to help, support and encourage them. When they decide it’s time to get serious and give their business the professional marketing help it needs, they know they can trust me, so they get in touch.


As with anything in life, balance is required. There is a world of difference between being helpful and being a doormat. If you think you are helping people by doing lots of unpaid work for them, you are not. You are being taken advantage of.

When people email me and selfishly expect me to work for them, for free, and solve their marketing problems, I won’t do it. Why? Because for me to do the research required, put some ideas together and then get them written up and sent to them, would take me hours. I could invest that same time, helping thousands of people using my one-to-many approach. It’s also a selfish request, which shows no respect for me or the value of my time.

The key is to create the balance that works for you.

In closing

Make being helpful a natural part of your work flow. This means being prepared to give before you receive and accepting that some people will not even say thanks.

Help as many people as you can via the one-to-many approach, as this scales to infinity without cutting into much of your working day. Write useful content for your blog or newsletter. Post something useful to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Google+. People value how helpful you are. They value it enormously.

In short: If you are not receiving enough right now… give more. Do it often.

About Jim Connolly: I help small business owners grow their business, make more sales and boost their profits. To see how I can help you and your business, read this.


  1. Wonderful post Jim as always. I think you are so right – give what you can for free and people respect it. This year we had a 24.9% growth in turnover because of the value we provide including a dedicated national account management team of 40+, products that go beyond what our competitors offer, one-to-one product/compliance/sales/marketing support etc.

    One of the things we do is our newspaper Fast Lane – http://anax1em.pressmart.com/FastLane/ – we send this to the motor trade every six months. We don’t use this as a sales pitch (although there are certain bits about us of course!) but it is so respected by dealers who tell us that it’s refreshing, insightful and relevant. That’s why we want to pack it with stories and issues that affect their business and the trade. It is used as a CRM tool more than anything, but we have recruited many dealers off the back of it.

    Anyway just thought I’d share that – keep up the great work and well done again, your posts never cease to disappoint me :-)

  2. Outstanding there Jim.

    Another example I found was with my accountants office. They now offers wifi in a room where his clients can do work while they wait for their meeting and also when they are passing and need a desk for a while. Thank you.

    • Thanks for sharing that, Ayo. I have seen similar in London, with accountants learning that if businesses see them as a wider resource, they stand a greater chance of earning and then retaining their custom.

  3. Mr Jim, sir you are doing a marvelous thing, your blog post is simple yet highly informative!
    In this age of information overload, only the people who can hit the nail on the bull’s eye can really make it, and that’s what you are doing sir.
    Keep doing your good work, we your readers will support and even promote you more! :)

  4. Thank you so much for this info, Jim!
    I just found your blog and subscribed to it!
    I DO BELIEVE in kindness as well as ABUNDANCE. I love helping people and I am fortunate to meet many people with the same mind set.
    I appreciate your words and feel reassured that I am doing the right thing!
    even about ignoring people that want to take advantage of me! Love that!
    Found you at Bonnie Salisbury Facebook page!

  5. Awesome advice Jim. Giving means receiving. If everyone adopted this principle imagine how much further everyone would be towards achieving their goals?

  6. Stunning post Jim. One way around all the freebie emails that you receive is to blog about it, thereby adopting your one-to-many approach. You could also use these questions as material for your blogs.

    On a separate note,thanks for this post. It has reminded me of my resolve to become more helpful without expecting a return. Being helpful is a great way to add value, thereby establishing yourself as the go-to-person in certain instances.

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