How to market your business… like Apple

Here’s a valuable marketing tip, from one of the world’s most successful companies. I’m going to share a marketing lesson from Apple, which you can apply directly into your business.

Throughout the last recession, Apple managed to break its sales records again and again. Whilst its competitors were floundering and cutting prices on far less expensive devices, Apple’s sales were growing quarter on quarter. At one point, Apple was the most valuable company in the world.

So, how does Apple sell so many premium priced devices, regardless of market conditions?

Apple bake marketing into their products

A huge part of the answer, can be found in the way that Apple constantly improves the value of its products. They make the new version of their products so much more valuable than the current version, that people, especially existing Apple customers, feel compelled to upgrade.

For example, when Apple launched the latest MacBook Air, it came with a huge benefit over the previous model: All day battery life. This was a huge technological and psychological breakthrough. It meant that people who are often away from the office all day, can charge their computer before they leave home and know they have 12 hours of battery life for the day ahead. No chargers to carry. No need to find somewhere to charge it.

The MacBook Air provided Apple’s core target market with huge value and huge perceived value. That value is what motivated people to buy the device. Of course, because Apple has invested years building better and better devices, there are some Apple fans who will buy almost anything Apple make.

Imagine that for a moment: A company that has FANS rather than customers.

What  your business can learn from Apple

By constantly improving what you offer and developing new, high value products and services, you provide a compelling reason for:

  • Existing clients or customers to keep buying from you and recommending you to their friends.
  • New clients or customers to be attracted to your products or services.

So, here’s a useful question for you to ask yourself:

What new products or services could you offer, which would provide clients and prospective clients with massive value?

Here are 2 places to look for answers:

  1. A new, premium version of your current offering, which provides greater value.
  2. A whole new product or service, based on the most pressing needs of your clients or customers. Apple did this with their 12 hour battery life.

Here’s the thing: Great marketing will get your message in front of the right people, at the right time, in as compelling a away as possible. However, that is only part of the journey.

When you match great marketing with a valuable (and thus highly desirable) product or service, your marketplace will buy from you, hire you and tell their friends about you.

PS: Here is more information on how you can bake marketing into your business.

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