Here’s an approach to marketing that works every time

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This approach to marketing works every time. It isn’t easy, which is why so few people do it. However, it comes with a 100% success rate.

Here it is: Be so good that they can’t ignore you.

If your product or service is THAT good, people will hire you, buy from you AND tell everyone about you. So, if you show just 10 people what you do, each one will tell another 10 people, who will each get you another 10… repeat.

The opposite is also true

Average products or services are everywhere. They fail to stand out. We forget them within minutes. Very few people talk about them. They need to be pushed constantly. Networking groups were created for this type of average business.

I was prompted to write about this for you, after remembering a wonderful example of how to get it right.

An example from the rear end of a computer!

When Steve Jobs announced the first iMac computer, he showed people the rear of the machine and said the following:

“The back of our computer looks better than the front of the other guy’s”.

That was an amazingly powerful statement, which attracted people’s attention, got everybody talking and generated┬árecord breaking sales.


Because it made the iMac impossible to ignore. Computers at the time were dull, beige boxes. Here was an amazing, multicoloured range of machines, which looked better from the back than anything on the market did from the front.

One detail, which other computer manufacturers at the time totally neglected, gave the marketplace an amazing Apple story to share. It made Apple and the iMac too good to ignore.

Push or Attract?

Ultimately, business owners have a decision to make. They can:

  • Push a good, but predictable business on the marketplace.
  • Attract attention, by being too good to ignore.

Pushing a predictable product or service is expensive and places a very low ceiling on your potential. If you want 100 people to know about what you do, you have to pester 100 people with some kind of marketing AND pay to reach all of them.

Attracting attention is inexpensive and offers limitless potential. It scales to infinity. If you want a million people to know about what you do, just tell 10 people… and keep delivering on being too good to ignore.

Easy? No.

Worth it? Absolutely.

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