How to turn your wishes into results

When you wish for something, you’re just 2 steps away from making it happen.

Wishing + Learning + Action = Success

We all wish for things, from time to time. However, by adding 2 components to what we wish for, we stand a great chance of turning the wish into a reality.

We need to back our wish up with:

  • Learning (or education).
  • And action.

For instance, when my wife and I found ourselves wishing we lived in the countryside, we decided to do something about it. We were living in London and knew it meant making some tough decisions and backing those decisions up with action. So, we learned what needed to be done. Then, we determined to do whatever was required.

Within 12 weeks, we were living in a tiny village. Our wish came true.

Some examples

  • Don’t wish it was less expensive — learn how to earn more. Then take action.
  • Don’t wish it would happen sooner — learn how to make measurable progress in reasonable time. Then take action.
  • Don’t wish it was the weekend — learn how to make every day enjoyable. Then take action.
  • Don’t wish your business was in better shape — learn how to make better decisions. Then take action.

In short: The next time you find yourself wishing for something, try adding those 2 steps. Learn whatever you need to know, then take action.

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