3 Critical steps for a profitable, successful business

If you’re tired of working for average fees, working for average clients or achieving average results, this could be exactly what you need to know.

Things have changed… massively!

It has never been harder to make a living, by offering an average service.

Thanks to social networks, the people and businesses offering a remarkable service are now owning the most profitable segment of their marketplaces. They get all the buzz. All the word of mouth referrals. They spend very little on marketing and can charge a premium for their service. It’s a high profit way to build a hugely successful business.

All that’s left for the average provider, is to pester people for attention or buy their attention, with advertising and promotional offers. Then, sell based on low or average fees. It’s a low profit, frustrating and risky way to run a business.

The question is…

Why do so few business owners invest in doing what’s required, to take their business from average to remarkable?

There are a few extremely common reasons:

  1. It’s partly because of ignorance. Some are genuinely unaware that the service they provide is average. They grossly underestimate what their competitors are doing, so assume their own service is a lot better than it really is.
  2. It’s partly out of fear. The decision to up your game, to reach higher and to stand out, takes a lot of courage. Hiding in the middle ground feels safer, despite being the riskiest thing they can do.
  3. It’s partly because they don’t know how. Many business owners have no real idea what to do, in order to make the service they provide remarkable and highly desirable. They know they need to do something, they just don’t know what.

So, which, if any, of those 3 broad groups would your business fit in?

  • If your clients or customers seldom refer you, you’re in that first group. The same is true if your fees are around average and you tend to attract average clients.
  • If you know your business needs help, but you’re refusing to give it the resources it needs, you’re in the second group. The fear of change is blocking you from making the improvements required. Paradoxically, this is the riskiest thing you can do. When you starve a plant of the sunshine it needs, it stops growing… then dies. Starving a business of the resources it needs leads to the same result.
  • If you are ready to make the improvements required, but you’re not sure what to do, you’re in that third group. You’re also working from the same mindset as the most successful business owners, having overcome the fear of those in the second group and the ignorance of those in the first group.

Whichever group (if any) you find yourself in, the time to move from average to remarkable is now. It’s too important to delay.

Now what?

3 Steps to becoming remarkable

The first step is to acknowledge the need to improve.

The second step is to overcome the fear of change.

The third step is to do something about it.

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