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An exciting new service from Jim Connolly!

I’m excited to announce the launch of a brand new service, for those of you who are interested in developing additional sources of highly valuable, repeat income.

I believe this is the most valuable service I have launched in the past 10 years!

Just like my neighbours, there was a period of 5 days last week where I was snowed in.  However, unlike my neighbours, this had zero impact on my income or business.  That’s because the vast majority of my income is residualResidual income development is what this new service is all about.

For example, when someone buys my audio program from this site, the transaction is completed and the funds deposited into my bank regardless of whether I am in the gym, having lunch or playing with my son.  I invested a week writing it and 2 days recording it.  That was 5 years ago, and it still sells to people all over the world, generating tens of thousands of pounds worth of ongoing, almost pure profit in the process.  Not bad for a few days worth of enjoyable work.

Do you run a business or a self employed job?

I was quoted in The New York Times recently, regarding how most small business owners do not actually run a business, they simply run a self-employed job. The Times agreed!  In most cases, a small business owner needs to deliver X number of hours worth of work, for X amount of money.  The challenges business owners face when developing their income around this model include:

  • As my neighbours discovered, if they don’t show up at the office, their income drops, or stops.
  • When they take a holiday, their income stops (which is why so many small business owners take so few breaks!)
  • If they get ill, their income stops.
  • When they retire, their income drops.  At the point in their lives, where they need most money, they have even less and have to cut back.
  • Their income is capped all their working lives, because the number of hours they can work is capped.

I recommend a better approach

I suggest you get away from that model as soon as you can.  My new service is about developing something of value, which you create once and earn from many times; like the sales manuals that companies pay me for.  I write a sales manual once, which companies all over the world buy for their sales teams.  They pay me a license fee each year for using the manual.  I have manuals that were written a decade ago, which still generate revenue every year.

It’s not free money of course.  The first sale, of the first manual pays for my time, the following sales are then sources of extremely profitable, repeat income.  Like the audio program I mentioned earlier, this is an example of how to develop new income streams from what you know.  I have 18 different streams of income, which I currently earn from.  It’s not a magic formula, but it is an enjoyable, highly profitable way to make money from your knowledge.

Introducing my brand new service

Since I first started mentioning residual income on the blog, it’s not just The New York Times that picked up on it.  A number of you have emailed me to find out more on how to develop the right income streams for you and your business.

In view of this incredible level of interest, I am launching a brand new service in January, where I will show you how to identify and then develop and market your own residual income streams.  It’s a wonderful opportunity.

What next?

If you are interested in developing new, residual incomes for YOUR business and would like to know how my new service can help you, simply email me at Jim(@)Jimsmarketingblog.com with:

  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Email address & Country.

I will then make sure you are the first to know, when the full details are announced.  Places will be limited, so if you are interested, get in touch as soon as possible to avoid missing out!

Let’s work together and grow your business. To find out more click here!

Remembering Jim Rohn: 1 year on

It’s exactly 1 year ago today that my mentor, Jim Rohn, passed away.  Jim Rohn was a major influence to me and I will think about him even more today, as I celebrate his life and mourn his passing.  I would like to take this opportunity, to share one of my favourite Jim Rohn quotes with you:

“Don’t wish it was easier; wish you were better. Don’t wish for fewer problems; wish for more skills. Don’t wish for fewer challenges; wish for more wisdom.”

For more information on this amazing man, here’s the official Jim Rohn Tribute site.

Disclosure: That is not an affiliate link. I’m sharing it exclusively to help others discover the man, who helped me change my life.

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Tweeting Wolf!

Did you ever read the story, about the boy who cried wolf?  The story goes that just for fun, a little shepherd boy would raise the alarm in his village by crying wolf.  The villages would come running to the rescue, only to find out he was paying games with them.  Then, one day, a wolf really did come and when he cried for help, no one bothered responding.

In marketing, particularly social media marketing, I see a lot of people crying wolf.  I see people sending out messages on Twitter, with links to their site and the direct request to “PLEASE RT!”  The first time I see this, I check their link out.  Is it a link to a special announcement?  Is it a very special offer they want you to retweet for them?  Is it the launch of a new product or service? No. On almost every occasion, it’s just a link to a blog post they wrote.

Here’s the challenge with that approach: When those people REALLY DO HAVE something to announce or launch, they will get very little traction from their followers.  By constantly asking/telling their followers to retweet their work, they devalue the request.

Conversely, when you very seldom ask your social network to help you share something, they respond extremely well.  That’s where the magic is.

I while ago, I sent out a link to my followers and asked them to retweet it.  It was a link to a site that had information on a missing child.  Throughout that day, I saw people sharing that link all over the place.  I started the Tweet with the words PLEASE RETWEET at the very beginning.  People are not used to seeing anything from me that asks for a retweet, so it grabbed their attention.  I have previously seen amazing results here on this blog, when I asked people to retweet a post, which asked readers what topics they wanted me to write about, so I could be of greater service to you and more relevant.  The feedback was superb.

Build as much credibility and trust as you can with your social network.  Be a source of value and help.  Then, in my experience, if you need their assistance with something important, they will want to help you and in great numbers too.

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Are you benefiting from the magic of giving?

contribution, 1 to many, one-to-many

If you want to grow your business, through the act of giving; this post will give you a few ideas and help you avoid getting the balance wrong!

For almost a week now, the village where I live has been snowed in, with cars unable to move through the worst snow and ice this area has seen in decades.  So, a friend and I decided to see how we could get some food to the elderly residents; who couldn’t walk to the nearest shop, around 3 miles away, in such treacherous weather.  Thanks to a very helpful farmer, who took us part the way on his tractor, we were able to get to the shop and carry enough bread, milk and eggs to provide our elderly neighbours with some basic food for the next week.

As we delivered the groceries, without exception, we were greeted with; smiles, handshakes, hugs (and even a few kisses!)  The actual cost of the groceries was tiny.  The amazing response we received came from the intention behind what we did.

The beauty of contribution

People tend to respond extremely positively, when they know that you are doing something to help them, because you genuinely want to contribute.  This is something that many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and business owners have known for years.

I help thousands of people every week, through the information I give away here on this blog.  As a direct result, I have no need to market my services or advertise my services, beyond 1 single page on this site, which explains what I do.  That’s it!  By simply giving as much away for free as I can, I have a highly successful business, numerous income streams and a world-wide readership.

That’s because giving opens up the process of receiving.

The community here on the blog are VERY generous when it comes to sharing my posts and recommending me.  You’re amazing!  You also download my audio program and some of you hire me, when you decide to invest in professional marketing help.  It is very much a 2 way street, with everyone benefiting.  It’s a great way to grow a business and connect with brilliant people!

Start giving: One-to-many

However, for this process of giving and receiving to start, you need to get the ball rolling and start giving.

I’m not talking about giving your time away for free, offering one-to-one help, whilst you quickly go broke!

That kind of one-to-one help simply doesn’t scale for most of us and usually attracts people, with no respect for your time or its value.  That’s where many small business owners get the balance wrong and end up giving until it hurts them and hurts their finances!

I’m talking about using a one-to-many strategy.  In my experience, the best way to do this is via a blog.  Rather than spend 30 minutes of your time delivering one-to-one advice to a single person, you can use that same 30 minutes writing something like this post, which will reach hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of people.

Contribution has always been a wonderful experience.  With the ability today, for business owners to contribute so much, to so many, for so little, the commercial benefits of giving are mind blowing.

What are you doing, in order to contribute to your marketplace?

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Business development ideas that work

The business development ideas that produce the best results, have 2 things in common.

  1. They work.
  2. They are put to work.

Business development ideas & the need for action

business development ideasI have spoken with countless business owners, who have great business development ideas, which they have never put into play.  The challenge here, is that the best ideas in the world will not work, unless you do.

How many ideas are you sitting on right now? I’m guessing that there is at least one great idea, which you think could be gold dust for you, but which you have never taken action on, for whatever reason.  Maybe you are short on time?  If you are, skip an hour’s worth of TV this evening or skip a meal, and use that time putting your idea into action.  We can afford to miss a TV show or even one meal, but missing out on a great idea, that’s a different proposition.

Before you invest further time looking for more new ideas, why not spend that time taking action on one of the business development ideas you already have?

Let’s work together and grow your business. To find out more click here!

Image: The Italian Voice

My 500th Blog Post – Thank You!

Image: Patrick Hoesly

As this is my 500th post here, I just wanted to thank a few people (in no particular order,) who have helped me develop the blog.

Gregor Spowart:  Gregor is a Partner with Mass Media Design and he’s the guy I go to when I need technical assistance here.

WebFusion:  It took me 2 years to find a hosting company that delivered on all their promises, and that company is WebFusion.  Since moving to their hosting service in September, I have enjoyed 100% up time.  This reliability means I can focus on writing posts for you, without worrying if the blog is working or not.  Moving forward, I’m delighted to announce that the guys at WebFusion will be sponsoring my hosting too.  This helps me cover the cost of all the FREE information I provide here for my readers.

The guys at Twitter:  Before Google decided to start sending me targeted traffic, Twitter was my primary source of new readers.  Twitter helped me develop my initial readership here and has put me in touch with some amazing people.

Finally and most importantly – The reader community here: The community here on the blog is what it’s all about for me.  The emails and comments are where I “meet” the readers and it’s what transforms the blog from a broadcast, to a discussion.  Many of my current clients started off as commenters and I also have a number of friends, who I initially met here on the blog.

I believe that blogging has been the best commercial decision I ever made and my commenters are the most valuable part of the blog – That’s how important you and your comments are to me!

My commitment to providing you with marketing and business development ideas has never been stronger and I look forward to being of more service to you in 2011.

Thank you for your encouragement, your ideas and your inspiration!

Let’s work together and grow your business. To find out more click here!

The power of flexible thinking

flexible thinking, embrace change

Photo by W Silver

How flexible are you regarding your business, products or services?  I ask this because many business owners miss out on great opportunities, through failing to spot the evolving needs of their marketplace.  Let me explain.

The need for flexibility

The multinational Blockbuster video chain, went from being the world’s leading destination for movie rentals to bankruptcy – Partly through being inflexible in it’s thinking.  It totally missed the opportunity to be the first to develop a world-class movie download service, by sticking too long to an outdated model.  As The Guardian newspaper reported, an online service came from nowhere to gain a massive commercial advantage and grab millions of it’s customers:

“Online video on-demand, dominated in the US by Netflix, which has 17 million subscribers and is soon to launch in the UK, sounded the death knell for Blockbuster, the video rental giant, which followed MGM into the bankruptcy courts in September.”

Embrace flexible thinking

The great news here, is that by adopting a more flexible approach, you have an opportunity to gain a massive commercial advantage over your stuck in the mud rivals. Of course, your clients and prospective clients may not be asking you directly for something new.  But by listening to the marketplace, it’s possible to identify common problems, which you can solve with new products or services.

Remember, the development of your business should be guided by what the marketplace wants and needs; NOT by copying what your competitors are doing.

Leslie Nielsen: A lesson in flexible thinking

After hearing the sad news of the death of Leslie Nielsen earlier, I remembered one of the most interesting facts about this wonderfully gifted actor.  He was 54 years old when he became an international star, after his role in the smash hit comedy movie; Airplane.  Until that point, Mr Nielsen had been a “serious” actor for decades.  However, this didn’t stop him going for the comedy role in Airplane, which saw him become an extremely successful comedy actor.

Had Mr Nielsen closed his mind to that comedic role, he would have missed the biggest opportunity of his career.

The marketplace is evolving faster than ever.  The business owners who refuse to move with the changing demands of their clients and prospective clients will quickly become irrelevant.

The bottom line: Never change just for the sake of it, but always listen to your clients and your prospective clients and look for ways to make things better.

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Email subscribers: What every blogger ought to know!

Where do you read this blog?

If you read it directly from jimsmarketingblog.com or a feed reader, like Google Reader, it’s possible you are wondering why I am even asking the question.  You may assume, as many people do, that almost EVERYONE either reads blogs directly from the site of from a feed reader.  If you do, here’s a statistic that you might find interesting.

If you write a blog or are thinking about writing one, what I am about to share with you could be enormously valuable too.

Over 60% of my subscribers now subscribe via email!

How easy do YOU make it, for people to subscribe to your site via email?

Do you have a large, clearly visible email sign-up box, or a tiny email RSS icon hidden away on your blog’s sidebar?  With 62% of my subscribers now reading this blog via email, I could be missing out on thousands of extremely valuable readers, had I not made it super-easy for them to get the blog delivered to their inbox.

One of the most important elements of blogging, is to develop a subscriber list.  Your subscribers are of enormous value to you.  Not only are they your most loyal readers, they are also the people who you will still be able to reach, if Google decides to stop sending you traffic or your other sources of new readers slows down or stops.  The fact that these wonderful people were good enough to subscribe to you, means that if you keep up your side of the deal, by providing great information, they will continue to read your content.  Your email subscribers have the ability to unsubscribe at any time, so it’s not enough just to gain their subscription, you need to look after them too!

Which software to use?

The software I use for delivering my email is called Mailchimp, though there are lots of alternatives. The service is relatively easy to use, though there are lots of videos on YouTube, which show how to set your account up, if you get stuck.  Once you have your account up and running, it’s time to let people know!

Attracting new subscribers

In my experience, the best way to encourage people to subscribe to your blog, is to ask!  Many bloggers use a simple signature file under each blog post, which asks people to subscribe to their blog.  If someone sees that reminder, at the point where they have just read something really useful, it can be a powerful motivator.

If you have never subscribed to a blog via email before, here’s how it works.  It’s extremely simple and takes seconds.  For example, to subscribe to this blog via email, you click this link (it then opens a box) where you enter your email address.  That’s it! Once you reply to the confirmation email, you will get future posts delivered to your inbox, ready for you to read at your leisure.  What I love about this process, is that unsubscribing is just as easy too, so the subscriber is always in total control.  That’s important.

As well as asking people to subscribe to your blog via a signature file added to your posts, I also strongly recommend having a BIG, easy to find email sign-up box on your blog’s sidebar.  This does the same thing as that link I just gave you, but it’s very visible (as you can see from the top right hand side of this blog.)

It’s also extremely important that you let your subscribers know that you respect their privacy (and therefore will never share their details with anyone, for any reason.)

So, if you want to increase your readership based on quality as well as volume, make it as easy as possible for your readers to subscribe to you.  Your subscribers are the most passionate members of your blog’s community and in many cases, they are your future clients and customers too.

In my experience, any time invested in developing your subscriber base is time well spent!

Let’s work together and grow your business. To find out more click here!

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