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Jim’s Marketing Blog: Now with added vitamins!

You may recall me recently mentioning that I was moving this blog to a new hosting provider?  Traffic into this blog has increased massively over the past 6 months and the time was right to upgrade.  Our new host offers me far greater resources, which will allow this blog to continue growing without being moved again.  However, just as importantly, they also offer me vastly improved customer service and technical support.

Well, I’m delighted to say that the move happened yesterday as planned and early signs are extremely encouraging.  A number of people have already asked me which hosting provider I have moved to.  I will let you know via a review; once I have had the chance to test if their services really are as good as they claim them to be.

As with all my online technical issues, I used the services of Mass Media Design to handle the blog’s migration.  I have been a client of theirs for a couple of years now and cannot recommend them highly enough.  Interesting side-note – their co-owner, Gregor Spowart, was the first person I ever followed on Twitter, back in 2008!

You can expect to see my review of the new hosting provider, in around 4 weeks time.

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Marketing and freedom of choice

When I was starting out in marketing, almost 24 years ago, I remember my boss giving me some advice, which seemed odd at the time.  I asked her what she liked best about being wealthy.  I figured she would know, having built a multi-million pound business from scratch.

Her reply was simply this:
“Jim, the real value of wealth or money, is that it gives you more freedom of choice!”

Of course, these days her answer makes a lot more sense to me.

I often speak with the owners of small businesses, who find themselves working with clients or customers (herein called clients), who they would rather not work with, for various reasons.  For them, it feels like they have no real choice, as they need the income these low quality clients provide.

Successful marketing gives freedom of choice

The quality of your client base is a barometer of how good your marketing is.  It shows you, in very clear terms, the kind of people and the kind of fees, which your marketing attracts.  The good news, is that when you refine your marketing correctly, you can improve the quality of your client base.

This is why one of the first things I do, when I start working with a new client, is to offer them the opportunity to redesign their client base.  I want people to be able to work with the kind of clients or on the kind of projects, that energises and excites them.  After all, isn’t that one of the reasons you went into business in the first place?

The dreams and ambitions you had when you first started out are still valid.  You can have the lifestyle and business that you used to dream about.  You can fall back in love with your business.  You can work with clients that inspire you and who reward you fully for all that value you bring.

It’s all about choice and thankfully, the choice is always yours.

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Why quitters seldom succeed!

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me, is the number of small business owners and entrepreneurs, who are always looking for the next new thing; without ever finishing whatever they had previously started.

I spoke with the owner of a start-up business earlier this year, who had very limited resources.  He was planning to develop his new business, in an extremely competitive market, YET he was just about to dilute his meagre resources, by “looking into a great opportunity”, which was clearly about to rob his new venture of what little resources he had.  He sent me several emails over the coming few months, telling me about more new opportunities.  When I last met him, he confirmed that he was now back in salaried employment.  For him, as he put it; “the ride is over!”

In similar fashion, I had a chance meeting with an entrepreneur earlier this month.  This guy was just about to start up a new business, in an industry he knows absolutely nothing about.  A mutual acquaintance later told me that this guy starts new ventures all the time, and runs out of interest when they don’t make him rich after a few months.  He believes everything he hears from the guys who pitch these ideas to him, never once thinking he’s heard it all before.  It seems he finds it hard to see past the fake testimonials and promises of easy riches on these people’s websites.

Now, as I write this, I am thinking of another entrepreneur, who emailed me yesterday with a question about her latest business idea.  She has (literally) dozens of disused websites littered all over the Internet, for various online business ideas she has started and abandoned.  She always starts them off with a great deal of optimism and energy, before quitting them for the next new, shiny thing.  I have known her for 2 years and never known her stick with anything for more than a few months.  One of her ideas looked like a sure-fire winner, and I believe could have made her a wealthy lady, had she actually worked at it for more than a month or two.

The worst part?  I can think of dozens of people who have spoken to or emailed me, who will be certain I just referenced them in this post.  That’s how common it is!

Focus and persistence

Focus and persistence are 2 keys to business success.  Once we have done the research and chosen the kind of business to get into, we need to maintain our focus on what’s important, and then persist until we have at least given our business the oxygen it needs to survive, then thrive.

By constantly moving onto something new, each time we reach a sticking point, we rob ourselves of the lessons we need to master, if we want to succeed.  That’s why these people keep failing at the same point in their business ventures each time!

It’s great to diversify, but first we need to get to the stage, where our core business is financially robust enough, to afford us the time and money required to branch out and explore new, exciting opportunities.

By constantly quitting, before we even get started, it’s hard to achieve anything of lasting commercial value.

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Are you doing it often enough?

Recently, I have had a lot of people asking me how I come up with fresh ideas for new posts.  So, here’s what works for me and hopefully, will be just as useful for you!

The short answer is that the more you write, the easier it gets.  For example, I used to publish blog posts 5 or 6 times a month and had to think long and hard, before finding a topic.  The posts would then often take me an hour to write.  Today, after publishing over 70 posts in the past 70 days, I have another 100 or so post ideas, just waiting to be written.

The more you do it, the easier it gets

It seems counter intuitive, as you would imagine that the more ideas you write about, the fewer you would be left with.  However, it appears that the process of getting ideas fleshed out, written down and commented on, actually produces lots of new, fresh topics for future posts.  So, I publish a post and usually get ideas for several more.

I have read many experts over the years, who agree that we can all massively increase our levels of creativity in a particular area (like blogging), by deliberately using our creative skills in that area, on a regular basis.  In other words, just as a muscle becomes stronger the more it gets exercised, our creativity becomes stronger the more it is exercised too.  That is exactly what my experience has been.

I have also discovered that it is important (for me anyway), to set a specific time aside each day, to write the posts.  So, although I capture ideas for blog posts all day long, I have found that the ideal time for me to write blog posts, is early morning.  This means my posts are written before my working day begins.  As a result, not only does blogging not get in the way of my work flow – It actually stimulates my creativity, for my work with clients during the day.

Do you have any tips or suggestions, which help your creative juices to flow?

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Business blogging at the weekends: Is it worth it?

Have you ever wondered about the value of posting content to a business focused blog, like this one, during the weekend?  If you have, you might find my experience interesting.

Blogging on a Saturday

Reader numbers here drop like a stone on Saturdays.  I get around 50% of my weekday average, sometimes even fewer.  Yes, there are exceptions to this, but typically I see around half as many readers show up.  Even yesterday, when I published 2 blog posts, I saw only a very slight increase in numbers.

Blogging on a Sunday

Sundays are very different! Reader numbers on a Sunday are the same as a regular weekday.  In fact, I have had some of the busiest days ever here on a Sunday.

Based on my experience, if you write a business blog and you are thinking of publishing content on one day over the weekend, I would recommend a Sunday.  Not only are reader numbers higher on a Sunday, I typically see a greater level of reader engagement  too.  That is to say, a higher percentage of readers will comment here or email me.  Page view numbers (per reader) are also higher on Sundays than on Saturdays.

Do you publish posts at the weekend? Let us know your experience!

In order to make this post as valuable as possible, I would like to know what your experience is, of publishing weekend blog posts – in relation to reader numbers.  Are my experiences typical? Please share your feedback!

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Why yesterday was so special, and why every day should be the same!

Yesterday, I received some fantastic news! You know, the kind of news where you immediately burst into tears of joy – that kind of fantastic news.

One of my closest friends, got the results from a scan and found out that he is going to be fine.  This came after 3 weeks of tests for what initially looked like an extremely serious health condition. We put an impromptu party together, got a load of people around and had a great time.

This made me think…

My friend’s actual situation was no different yesterday, than it had been a week, month, year or decade earlier – yet there we all were, overjoyed that he was going to be his normal self.

It seems that we only REALLY value things, like; our health, our relationships, our friends etc, when we think we might lose them.

Here’s a thought

Wouldn’t it be fantastic, if we could all tap into that same level of sheer joy right now, today and every day, for all the things we have, but maybe take for granted?

I know that some countries and cultures have a few days each year, where we give thanks or show particular appreciation for our mothers or fathers.  But there are 365 days every year, which are worth celebrating.

Like today!

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What do your links say about you?

What do the links on your website or blog tell prospective clients and customers about the kind of person you are?

One of the reasons that Google has become the dominant player in the search engine market, is that so much of what it does, reflects the way humans think.  If Google’s algorithm spots that your website is linking to what it calls a “bad neighborhood” it will penalise the site with a worse ranking in Google’s search results. 

I wrote recently about link exchanges and how they can hurt your site’s reputation.

In exactly the same way, if a prospective client or customer visits your website / blog and sees that you are linking to something that they believe is dubious, you will drop in their regard.  This can have a massive negative impact on their decision to contact you.

Just as our parents told us to be careful about the kids we hung around with when we were young, today, as businesspeople, we need to be careful not to associate our name and reputation with the wrong crowd.  Many people see a link as an endorsement.  After all, we certainly wouldn’t link from our site, to a site that we thought was dubious, right?

I think it’s a good idea from time to time, to review the people and companies we link to and the kind of message, which these links give to people when they visit our site.

If you were checking out a potential service provider, what kind of links would put you off?

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Bad company?

I had a great conversation yesterday, with the owner of a New York based SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) business.  We were talking about the way that Google penalises websites, if that site links to what Google calls a “bad neighborhood.”  Here’s a brief clip from the Google Webmaster Guidelines;

“…avoid links to web spammers or “bad neighborhoods” on the web, as your own ranking may be affected adversely by those links.”

I find this extremely interesting!

What Google is doing there, is exactly the same as you and I do, when we see that a person, business or brand is associating with something that we believe to be negative.  If Google believes we are linking to something dubious, it assigns less credibility to us.  If we, as people, see that a person or brand is linking to something dubious, we do exactly the same.

Just about every book on personal or professional development, advises us to be very careful about the kind of people we associate with.  I still recall getting into bad company as a kid, and then being accused of things I never did; simply because I was associating with the kids that were responsible for 99% of the mischief in our area.  By linking with these kids, I was making it easy for people to think that I was “like” they were.

There are a number of good reasons for this sage advice.  For example, if we associate with negative people, it’s all too easy for us too, to become primarily negative in our outlook.  Conversely, if we associate with people, who are goal orientated and positive in their outlook, it’s a lot easier for us to remain primarily positive.

Be extremely selective who you align your name, reputation or online presence with.

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