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Get out of your own way

Want to attract more clients? This will help. A lot.

I’m a marketing guy. So, why do I help my clients develop genuinely great products and services?

  • People queue around the block, when a genuinely great product is launched.
  • People book weeks or months in advance, to secure their spot at a genuinely great restaurant.
  • People pay 500% more, to hire a genuinely great designer, accountant, trainer or coach, etc.

The most successful business owners focus mainly on making their product or service genuinely great. It’s an enjoyable, rewarding way to grow an amazing business.

The average business owner focuses on ways to get people interested in buying average stuff. It’s a stressful, thankless and unrewarding way to run a business.

If your product or service isn’t motivating people to buy from you and recommend you to their friends, I’d spend less time pushing it. Then, I’d use that ‘push’ time making what you do, utterly irresistible.

Attract — don’t push.

PS: I can help you.

6 Extremely powerful questions to help you grow your business

Here are six great questions, which will help you uncover some amazingly valuable ideas for your business.

Ask yourself the following:

  1. If this month was going to be the best ever for my business, what would I be doing right now?
  2. Why should somebody become my client or customer, rather than go to one of my competitors?
  3. Who are the most influential people in my marketplace and how can I connect with them?
  4. If opportunity isn’t knocking for me, how can I build a door?
  5. What would I attempt to do right now, if I knew for certain I couldn’t fail?
  6. Because we tend to get what we expect from life, what am I expecting and is it consistent with what I want?

Now that you’ve read the questions, start writing down the answers in as much detail as you can. Spend as much time on this as you need to. Once your answers are written down, you will find yourself with lots of powerful ideas.

Work on at least one idea every day, until your list is finished.

Don’t just find these questions interesting. Do something with them. Work on your answers. You’ll be amazed at the improvements this can have on your business… if you give it the time and energy required.

Why most small businesses die and how to avoid it!

This post is about an extremely important topic. Good, hard working business owners go broke every day. What makes this tragedy even worse, is that in many cases it can be avoided — with one change to the way they think and feel about their business.

I want to explain why these business owners fail. More importantly, I will show you how you can learn from this common mistake and grow your business more successfully than ever before!

Here’s why the problem happens

Most small business owners make it impossible for themselves to succeed.

It looks like this:

  • They know what they need.
  • They know what they want.
  • However, what they need and what they want are 100% incompatible.

They know they need expert help. They work long hours, yet their business is struggling and no matter how hard they work, they make no real progress.

However, they don’t want expert help. No. They want things to just improve.

That’s like knowing you need to water your house plants in order for them to live and grow, but not wanting to water them. So, you sit and slowly watch them die —  wondering if they will magically start growing.

How to turn this around

The reason the vast majority of small businesses go broke, is that they break a golden rule of business success. It’s simply this:

You must align what you want, with what your business needs.

All the time your wants are out of alignment with what your business needs, you will be working against yourself. This is what causes struggling business owners to mistake movement for progress. They are busy. They work hard. However, they are busy working hard on the wrong things.

If you’re not getting the results you want from your business, you will 100% definitely be making this mistake. There will be at least one key area of your business where you are refusing to give your business what it needs, because it doesn’t fit in with your wants.

Try this

If that sounds like you, think about the stories you are telling yourself, which are causing you to neglect what your business needs.

Then find a better story to tell yourself… one that puts you and your business in alignment. You will be amazed at the results you see, when you and your business are pulling in the same direction!

PS: Here’s some very useful information on your wants and needs.

How to increase sales and build an excellent reputation

There’s something amazing about deadlines, which very few business owners tap into. When used correctly, deadlines can help you improve your sales results and build a great reputation too. I’ll show you how this works in a moment.

First, let’s consider just how valuable deadlines are:

  • By giving someone a deadline, you have stated precisely when you expect them to deliver.
  • By accepting a deadline, you have put your reputation on the line. You have committed to deliver by an agreed time.

So, how can you and your business benefit (enormously) from all this?

The marketing power of precise, self-inflicted deadlines

The smartest business owners look for opportunities to commit to precise deadlines. They know that their clients and prospective clients value certainty and clarity.

For example, the power of a promise like, “It will be completed and emailed to you at 9am Tuesday”, is far greater than the typical, weak, “It will be with you in the next few days”. Clear, committed marketing statements attract people’s attention and generate word of mouth referrals, because in most industries they are exceptionally rare.

Yes, it takes courage to offer your clients a precise deadline, knowing you have to deliver on that promise. However, it’s a massively valuable marketing move and one of the fastest and finest ways to build a great reputation.

I grew a successful career and business, with this brilliant idea!

My first boss gave me some brilliant advice, which I am going to share with you. It was something that initially helped me enjoy a hugely successful career. Then, the same advice allowed me to grow an amazing, international marketing business.

I believe it can help you dramatically increase the success of your business too.

Here’s what he told me

He said that the most successful people in his company, worked and acted in a way consistent with what would be expected of their boss.

As a fresh faced 17 year old, I asked why… why would anyone do more than they were paid for?

He smiled and explained that the way to get promoted, was to do the work in advance. This allowed the senior management to see how good you were. He was right. I worked the same hours as my better paid manager and took on extra responsibility. Within a short time, I was promoted and earning more than anyone I knew of my age.

The same is true in business

The work, commitment and decisions you have made until today, have resulted in whatever your business has achieved thus far. If you want a better business, you need to act like those, who already have the kind of business you want.

When you start acting in a way that is consistent with owning a successful business, you make your success inevitable. Beautifully inevitable.

PS: Here are some extremely useful business building tips!

You won’t believe how useful this copywriting tip is!

MacBook Air, 0.68 inch thin

Here’s a great copywriting tip, to help you improve the effectiveness of all your marketing messages.

Words and feelings

Professional copywriters understand the importance of selecting the correct words. We know that the words we use have the power to change how people feel and thus, the actions they take.

A great example of this, comes from the marketing of Apple’s MacBook Air.

MacBook Air: Just 0.68 inch thin

When Apple describe the thickness of their MacBook Air notebooks, they say it’s just 0.68 inch thin. They do this for a reason. They want you to focus on how thin it is, not how thick it is. So, they plant the word thin in your mind, when you think of their product.

Why would they do that?

If thinness is a priority for you when you buy your next notebook, you will now have a mental connection between that priority and Apple’s MacBook Air product. In other words, Apple’s marketing will have created a direct link in your mind, between what you want and what they sell.

I suggest you do the same

Deliberately select the words your prospective client needs to see, so they connect what they need with what you offer. Ideally, this should always be handled by a professional copywriter. It can be the difference between regularly attracting great, new clients… or crickets.

If you are committed to DIY marketing, test and measure the use of different words. See if you can find certain words, which you can weave into your marketing copy, to increase the number of targeted inquiries you attract.

How to get what you want from your business

How get what want

If you have been struggling to get the results you want from your business, this marketing tip could be just what you’re looking for.

As you may have already discovered, the marketplace doesn’t really care about what you want.

Your family cares. Your friends care. I care… however, the marketplace cares about what it wants — not what you want.

So, how do you get what you want from your business?

It works like this: You can get whatever it is you want, providing you look at things a little differently. Instead of focusing on how your business will generate the revenues or profits you want, you need to focus on what the marketplace wants.

You then align what the marketplace wants, with what you want.

Here’s a useful way to begin:

  • Find out, exactly what you want from your business. Get specific. Write it down. Add numbers, financial figures, assets and timescales.
  • Next, you need to uncover what your marketplace wants. A good place to start looking, is to learn what their most pressing problems are. Monitoring social networks is one of the best ways to do this. Follow their conversations until you know what they want. Listen. Really listen.
  • Finally, you need to figure out how to get them what they want, in a way that works for you commercially.

Is this easy? No.

Is it possible? Of course.

Is it worth it? Absolutely!

PS: The bigger the “want” you provide, the bigger the rewards you will receive.

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