Commenting Policy

[Though I removed comments from this blog back in June 2013, I have left this blog comment policy here, so others can use it.]

The commenting policy here is extremely simple and people-focused.  I want you to get involved with the conversations and share your ideas.  If you have something you want to say, I am very happy for you to say it here and thousands of people have done exactly that.

However, I will not permit anyone to attack, insult or threaten people here.  This is a marketing blog and there’s no room for bigotry, hatred or profanity.  Similarly, as I am responsible for what is published here, if I am aware that a libellous comment has been made, it will be removed.

Comments left here that are off topic, contain links unconnected to the post or demonstrate that the commenter did not bother to read the post, will be deleted. Such comments waste everyone’s time and add nothing of value.

Please do not leave your comment using just a SEO keyphrase, service name or the name of your business etc.  If you do, your comment will not be published.  I want real people commenting here.

You are welcome to put your name, nickname or handle, such as:

“Barbara Smith”

or “Bob”

or “Scobleizer”

Enjoy the blog, enjoy commenting and keep it human 😉