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How to have a wonderful lifestyle and a fantastic business

People often say how lucky I am, to have a business that allows me to work very few hours, live in a great rural location and still work with wonderful people all over the world.  They want to know how they can do the same.

So, here’s how I did it!

My life sucked

It started with a conversation.  At the time, I was running a very successful marketing business in London.  I worked long hours, made a great deal of money but spent most of my life working, often away from home.  I sat down with my wife and we talked about how we could improve our quality of life.  That conversation was to change the course of our lives.

Over the coming days, my wife and I developed a whole new way to deliver a massively valuable marketing service, which could be delivered no matter where in the world we were.  We then bought a new home, moved in and put the plan into action.

I would love to have a great story about how hard it was, but it wasn’t.  It was actually one of the most enjoyable and exciting adventures I have ever been on.

Then my life stopped sucking!

A couple of years later, our beautiful son was born.  Thanks to this business model, I have had breakfast with him every morning of his life and been here to play with him when he gets home from school too.  I work half as many hours as most people and a quarter as many hours as most business owners.  I work hard and I work smart, but I don’t work long hours.  Over 80% of my income these days does not require me exchanging my time for money.

Now, I could have listened to the people, who told me I was crazy to leave a thriving business in London and restart all over again, with no clients and no guarantee of success.  I could have focused on what I feared, rather than what I wanted.  I could have compromised and told myself that I will retire to the countryside some day; when I’d be too old or too sick to enjoy it.

The motivation to make it work was so strong that I had enough energy and ideas, to have achieved everything I wanted 100 times over.  Today, I get to feel that same motivation, helping other people, who want to transform their business and live the life they are capable of, just as I did.

The irony?  Within 12 months of moving to the countryside, I was working half as many hours, earning more and massively more profitable, than when I was living and working in London!

If you are not where you want to be with your lifestyle right now, change it.  Decide what you want.  Develop a better plan.  Then get to work on making it real.  You can do it.

For those who are serious, I’m here to help you.

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration Jim! You did not wait for someone to bring you flowers, you planted your own rose garden.

  2. Hey Jim, it’s a shame more people don’t take action on living a lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of…

    It really is as simple as making up your mind what you want and taking gradual steps everyday toward your goal.

    Folks let their circumstance dictate the quality of their life vs. creating their circumstance to live the life they desire.

    Good word today sir!

    • Hi Mark. It seems most people would rather complain, but stay the same.

      Someone sent me a message earlier, saying that it’s “just not possible” for them to do it. Sadly, I think she actually believed it too.


  3. Great post as usual Jim!

  4. You point out that you could just as easily have focused on what you didn’t want. To realize you have that option is the seed of all greatness. We all have that power…to focus on whatever we choose. And a simple change in focus is often all that’s necessary to produce astounding results. Thanks for sharing your story. It’s a great example of how simple things can be!

    • You used a great word there, Christian: “Simple”

      This stuff really is, genuinely, honestly simple.

      Thing is, even though it’s easy to do; it’s even easier NOT to do.

      Thanks for the feedback sir!

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