10 Quick tips to blow the lid off your potential in 2013

Here are 10 quick tips to blow the lid off your potential in 2013!

  1. Stop copying your competitors. Really. Stop it.
  2. Think big. No, bigger than that.
  3. Stop aiming for perfection. Aim for your best.
  4. Watch less TV. They call it programming for a reason.
  5. Read more books. Read books that motivate, educate or inspire you.
  6. Lead. The world already has too many followers.
  7. Learn to think more creatively. Need help? Here’s a whole website full of creative thinking ideas.
  8. Deliver on your promises. It builds trust from others and respect from within.
  9. Be selective what you focus on. As Earl Nightingale discovered: ‘We become what we think about.’
  10. Forgive. While you’re holding a grudge, they are out dancing.

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