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Think big – No, bigger than that

In today’s post, I want to share some thoughts with you on why you have to think big, if you want your business to reach it’s potential. The answer may surprise you!

Think big

All business owners place a self-imposed limit on what we want to achieve from our business. Some set that limit high, whilst most set that limit far too low. The challenge created by thinking too small, is that it places a very low ceiling on what we can achieve. Without an exciting, compelling, inspiring vision, we lack the energy and motivation to operate at our best.

Let me explain…

Puny goals fail to motivate us

For example, if we set ourself a goal or task, which causes us to stretch just a little and would only lead to a modest reward if we succeeded, we would ask ourselves things like:

  • What if people laugh at me?
  • What if I lose money on this?
  • What if it doesn’t work out the way I want it to?

Without a compelling reason to risk those potential pitfalls, there’s little motivation for us to get started.


When inspired by a compelling, exciting goal or task, the same potential pitfalls exist BUT the potential reward is far, far greater. This then provides us with massively more motivation, to get the task completed.

If you find yourself struggling to grow your business, take a look at the goals you have set for yourself. Are they truly inspiring you? If not, this could be a great time to start thinking bigger and set some goals, which are worthy of you.

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  1. Keep inspiring, Jim. People don’t even know why they’re stuck. Some don’t recognize they’re stuck, either. That motivating passion has to come from a much deeper place than superficial goal-setting allows us to get to. There is too much wasted potential in this world, and we would all see significant changes to our local economies if we recognized the power within a motivated spirit.

  2. The quotes are really great as it influences the bussinessman to achieve great heights.

  3. This is truly inspirational. I completely agree that if your goals aren’t going to motivate you and encourage you to work harder, you’re probably holding yourself back. I’ve definitely seen that in my own experiences, and have seen that when I try something completely new for the organization, I am that much more motivated to succeed because it is so ‘out there’ for them.

    I agree, if more organizations set higher standards and goals for themselves, we could see an improvement in local economies and even local morale.

    Excellent article and very moving. Thank you!

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