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5 steps to increase the success of all your written marketing

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Today’s post will show you a way to massively improve the effectiveness of any important content you write. It will also show you how to avoid one of the most common and damaging copy writing errors.

Stop limiting your options

Most people will write their initial piece of content, call it their draft copy, then tweak it until it’s as good as they think they can make it.

The challenge with that approach is that you are working from the mindset that the initial draft is the best foundation for the content. This is almost never the case. You need to write from the best foundation possible, not simply the first draft you write down.

The most effective content comes from experimenting with ideas and one of the best ways to get new ideas, is to refuse to restrict yourself to working from one perspective. In other words, instead of writing an initial draft and then building on it, you commit to writing your message in 5 or more different ways. In my experience, by writing the content in a number of different ways you open up new possibilities, which often lead to breakthrough ideas that make your content massively more compelling.

Yes, it takes longer than writing from one perspective and hoping it will work, but the goal of your content writing is not to write as fast as you can – it’s to write the most commercially valuable content you can.

It works like this

  1. Write down exactly what you want to achieve from your content, so you know what your outcome is.
  2. Next, write down what kind of action you want the reader of your content to take. For example; email you, call you, visit your premises, fill in your survey, etc.
  3. Then, write 5 pieces of content, which address the previous 2 points as clearly as you can.
  4. Remember, you are not looking for 4 revisions of your initial piece of content, but 5 fresh perspectives to help you achieve the outcomes you listed in points 1 and 2.
  5. Finally, look for the most compelling of your 5 pieces of content, then build upon it.

If you do that, you give yourself a greater chance of writing your content from your best foundation – not just the one you thought of first.

Yes, sometimes that initial version will be the best, but every time it isn’t, you will have improved the quality and effectiveness of your writing.

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  1. Great idea Jim. Taking the time to do this is bound to produce quality content that is more likely to deliver results. It’s so easy to get into factory mode when it comes to writing and this can really be detrimental to the blog and the business.

  2. Jim,

    Ive never heard that before anywhere. I read all the top marketing blogs and when I find something brand new, it’s here.

    You’re totally different. I guess the question is, how come?

    • Hi Len. I don’t know how different I am from the others, because I deliberately do not read other marketing blogs. Anything you read influences what you write and it made sense from the very start, not to read what the others are writing.

      It is also worth considering that most of the top people are connected, either loosely or closely. They share each others readerships, by recommending each other on social networks and speak at the same blogging events.

      Not sure if that makes them sound alike, too.

      Thanks for the kind words.

  3. Great tips. I always started off with one basic attempt and then built on it. Will try this the next time I have something to write for the business.


  4. I must say Jim I love what you’ve shared here and I’ve not even tried it yet but I will and I also think that I would benefit from using all 5 pieces of content written.

    Whilst reading your short post, I was envisioning not only writing 5 specific different messages for an audience – I was wondering if 5 different perspectives would resonate with different audience demographics may be I’m looking too deep.

    To put it simply if i was promoting a circus coming to town – I have 5 diff articles on trapeze, high wire, clowns, elephants & bearded lady.

    I think it’s like giving someone 1 of 5 ques to join all with their own special reason whilst you should go visit the circus. Excuse the warble… and thanks again for the share

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