We become what we think about

we become what we think about

The late Earl Nightingale spent years travelling the world, looking for the secret to success.

Eventually, he found what he believed to be the secret he’d been looking for. Amazingly, it can be summed up in just 6 words: We become what we think about.

Mr Nightingale explained it like this:

Imagine a ship leaving a harbour, with it’s voyage mapped out and planned. The captain and crew know exactly where the ship is going and how long it will take. It has a destination or goal and it will reach it’s destination.

Now imagine the same ship in the harbour. Only this time, with no destination, no captain and no crew. We just start the engine and let it go. If it managed to find its way out of the harbour, it would end up washed up somewhere, a derelict. It can’t get anywhere because it has no guidance. Humans are the same.

Your thoughts and your results

Your thoughts guide you. They determine how you feel, what you do and therefore your results or outcomes.

In short: If you want better results, start by thinking better (more productive) thoughts.

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