What if they say your idea is foolish?

If you are working on a new idea or project, here’s some advice. It’s something that has been extremely valuable to me and I hope you find it just as valuable too…

Great ideas are not anointed

People often ditch a new idea before it has a chance to succeed, because the feedback they get is negative. The thing is, no matter how much you value or respect someone’s opinion, their opinion is just that – an opinion. It is not a guarantee of failure or success.

Imagine if scientists worked like that. They would never have to conduct an experiment. They would simply talk to other scientists. If some said the idea was crazy (as they did to Einstein), the experiments would be cancelled… and mankind would have been robbed of most major scientific breakthroughs!

Believe in yourself

If you see potential in an idea and want some feedback from people you trust, by all means talk to them. However, so long as the numbers add up, don’t allow negative feedback to derail you before you even get started.

Show faith in yourself and give your idea the chance to fly. Great ideas are defined by the impact they have and not whether someone anoints the idea before you even start!

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