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It’s here: The key to your success in 2012!

Imagine being able to put into action, your best ideas and the most valuable lessons you have learned – Even the things that really challenge you.  Well, I’m going to share what I believe to be the key to unlocking your full potential.  It’s based on the same ideas, which transformed my life from one of poverty and lack, to commercial success and an amazing quality of life.

It starts with an understanding of the following: Knowledge is not power.  Knowledge only acquires power, when you use it.

I know people who invest massive amounts of time, learning how to make their businesses and lives better, yet the key to their success is still missing.  The reason, is that no one has told them how to unlock the motivation required, to put all that great information into action.

They know what they need to do, they just need to know how to get themselves started.

So, I created an audio program, which shows you how!

A lot of people have asked me why I decided to record The Motivation Master Class audio program.  People assumed my first downloadable audio program would be about marketing.  The answer, is that without the ability to motivate yourself and others to take action, all the advice in the world won’t help.  This program provides the key, to get yourself to do what’s required, even things you currently dread, fear or hate doing.

It’s a fact that no man or woman can succeed all by themselves.  That’s why I show you how to motivate others too; so you can get the help and support you need.

Success, knowing and doing

Success comes from doing the right things, correctly.  Not from knowing what to do, but actually doing what’s required.  One of the common factors behind the world’s most successful business owners, is their ability to do what their counterparts find easier to avoid.  Most business owners work hard, but the vast majority work hard doing the things they are more comfortable with, often avoiding the tricky tasks, which they know need to be done.

This 110 minute audio download will show you how to motivate yourself to take action, whenever you need to.  Just think what this low cost, high value audio program can do for your business and indeed your life.  It’s ideas and strategies transformed my life beyond recognition.

So, if you want more from your business and your life in general, I recommend you get yourself a copy of The Motivation Master Class.

Pick my brain: I can give you the answers and ideas you need, to solve your marketing or business development challenges. It's risk free, with a 100% money-back guarantee! To find out more, read this!


  1. I bought this in the summer after reading Yael’s endorsement of it. She’s right, its fantastic.

    the instant motivation technique is the most powerful technique i’ve ever used.

    • Thanks Margo. Yael is a wonderful person and very kind regarding the impact this program has had on her.

      It’s great to know you have had so much value from The Motivation Master Class too.

  2. Thank you Margo for the mention. I’m really happy my endorsement help others understand how powerful simple words and advices can be.
    The first time I heard about Jim’s class was over a year ago (Oct 2010). Since every single week while taking some time away from the screen I play the class and it reminds me how important it is to keep on pushing ahead to reach more.
    Have a wonderful holidays, and again thanks for the mention, I’m really glad it is helpful.

  3. I got my copy this morning and have already got a story to share.

    The instant motivation technique is UNREAL. I used it to get me to call my sister and invite her over for the holidays. We hadn’t spoken for 7 years coz of a dumbass family dispute.


    • I’m so happy for you, Jean Paul.

      May I use your story if I write a follow-up post? If I can, please email me jim (at) Jimsmarketingblog.com

  4. I remember listening to this course about a year ago and it’s still both a haunting narrative and amazingly inspiring process. As someone who’s pretty much unmotivated about everything a lot of the time, the instant change in attitude your process provides is a life-saver.

  5. You are absolutely right! The key to success is to take action. I’ve met many people who wanted to achieve success but they lack the motivation to get into massive action.

    Or they are doing activities they like, to look busy, and to convince themselves that they are taking action. But those things weren’t moving them very far forward.

    And they felt uncomfortable on doing things that get them far, so they resisted doing them. Therefore, there is little result to show for.

  6. I have bought this just because I trust you! I wan’t to say thankyou for your posts for the last year that I have been reading… I look forward to listening in the car on the way to work.

    Yourself, Seth Godin, Napoleon Hill, Steve Jobs & Jason Calacanis are my greatest mentors that I have never met… Wow this internet thing is great!

    Thankyou Jim for the time you spend inspiring others.

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