The magic of showing up, when it’s easier not to

Today’s post is about the value of finding a way to do something, when it would be easier not to.  It’s about showing up and doing work that matters, even when you have a valid reason to give it a miss.

Christmas Eve

Based on last year’s figures, just 40% of my usual readership will visit here today, because this is a business site and today is Christmas Eve; a huge day for many people around the world.  So, it would have been extremely easy for me, to not show up today.  No one would blame me.  Even those of you who visit this blog today would understand, if you’d checked and saw nothing had been posted.

In business, we are often presented with compelling reasons not to show up or take action.  For example, the current economic downturn presents us all with a reason to put off investing in just about anything.  Then there’s writer’s block, it’s challenging to get a great newsletter written, when you don’t feel creative.  What about the weather?  If the weather’s really bad, you have a valid reason not to attend that client meeting.  There are always plenty of reasons not to do something.

So, why did I post today?

For those who are prepared to look, there are also lots of valid reasons to show up and make things happen.  I’m publishing this post today, because I know that 40% of this blog’s reader community will value it today.  In a few days, the other 60% will notice it too and all 100% will know that I looked for a valid reason to turn up for you.

I wrote this post, because I knew it mattered.  It shares a useful message and also demonstrates exactly what the message means: By showing up today, when I had a valid reason not to.

The magic of finding a way, when it’s easier not to

People are unlikely to think negatively of you, if you are unable to do something and you have a valid reason.  Some things genuinely can’t be avoided.

However, when you are able to find a way to ‘do the work’, at a time where people are not expecting it, they notice.  It’s a chance for your business to shine.  It’s an opportunity to invest in your relationship with your clients, customers or marketplace.  It was actually very easy to share this post with you today.  I simply wrote it on 12th December and scheduled it to be published on 24th December; when I hope to be with my family getting ready for Christmas.  No one said it needed to be difficult.

For those, like myself, who celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.  For my friends who do not, have an amazing Saturday!

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