What are you planning today?

So, what marketing ideas are you working on right now?

I’m talking here, about the plans you are fleshing out and putting into place, for the development of your business over the next 30-120 days and beyond.

Here’s why these plans are worthy of your time today: As surely as your past planning cultivated your current results, the plans you put into place today will determine your future results.

A better tomorrow, starts today

If you are currently making meaningful progress in reasonable time, I suggest you don’t change much. Look for areas where you can refine and improve, based on past feedback, but keep working with what’s working. If you are not seeing the kind of progress you need, then I suggest you stop your current marketing and work on developing a better plan. Now, depending on your resources and your attitude to investing in your business, you have 2 obvious choices:

  1. You can hire expert help. If you can afford it, this is the least expensive solution and takes all the guess work out of the equation. An experienced marketing professional will be able to look at where your business is today, find out where you want it to be and then show you how to get from A to B. I can help you with this and work with you on the development of your business, if you want advice you know you can trust.
  2. You can develop your own marketing plan. This should be seen as a last resort and not a money saver, but if you are literally unable to hire the help you need, you still need to do something. I recommend you begin, by ceasing your current under performing marketing and then look at the options open to you.

And then?

This free marketing guide will give you some ideas and tips on effective marketing strategies for you and your business. Look at the options in that free guide and select the ones you feel are most suited to you. As well as the free advice in that guide, there are thousands of other small business marketing ideas available to you here on the blog, for free. I recommend you use the topics section of the blog for a list of marketing topics on a specific theme.

I also suggest you use the search box on the right hand column of the blog and search for specific answers to your marketing problems.

In summary

The marketing and business development plans you are working on today, are what will feed your business over the coming months or more. For a better future, you need to be making the right decisions today. Finally, rest assured I am here for you, to provide you with as much free help and support via this blog, as I can.

Remember -- if you'd like some help with your business or a project, you can Pick My Brain for the answers and ideas you need. This service is [literally] guaranteed to help you. You can find out more here.

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