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Stop surviving and start thriving

The weather and the economy have a few things in common:

  • People blame both of them for ruining things.
  • They are beyond our direct control.
  • We can adapt in order to either lessen their impact or, if we are willing to apply some creative thought, we can benefit from them.

Agile or static?

The agile business owner sees the rain and decides she is going to sell umbrellas. The static business owner looks on and complains when people are not buying his sun cream!

The economy is what it is. Even the experts can’t agree on when things will improve in any meaningful way. Those hunkering down and hoping everything will go back to pre 2007 conditions could be in for a long and expensive wait.

Thriving in 2014 is a choice… YOUR choice

I’m about to start a marketing session with one of my clients, who has seen her turnover increase by 240% this year, with an even greater increase in her profits. Others in her industry are struggling and going broke, because they are not adapting correctly to the market. They are lowering their fees in a race to the bottom, whilst she has increased her fees. They are working hard trying to survive, whilst my client thrives because she is doing the right things, correctly.

You can’t improve the economy… but thankfully, you don’t need to.


Because just like the client I’m about to work with, you can improve your strategy!

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  1. Nice post Jim and so true. I like what Anthony Robbins teaches. CANI= Constant and Never Ending Improvement.

  2. Great rain/economy analogy :-) Let’s face it, the opportunities that the internet has given us all, more than compensate for a slow economy.

    I’d much rather be having to innovate in an challenging internet economy than trying to build a bricks and mortar business in a boom!

  3. I can only think of the phrase: “Survival of the fittest”.
    If you can’t evolve, prepare to disappear.

  4. you, robert kiyosaki, john maxwell, brian tracy and bishop david oyedepo gave me wisdom to become a millionaire in nigeria. THANK YOU ALL.

  5. I agree hat success depends on the right attitude. That’s what entrepreneurship is about – leveraging your circumstances to suit you. I read some place that the slow economy is ideal for wholesale businesses as well as repair shops, because people would rather save money by buying in bulk and repairing old possessions, instead of upgrading them.

  6. Hi Jim,

    This post is simply genuine and awakening. A wise business man never passes the buck. He searches for opportunities even in the gloomiest of situations. Never lays blame on anybody or anything.

    Sanjib Saha

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