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How to earn the trust and attention of your marketplace

Today, I want to share a simple idea with you, to help you earn the trust and attention of your marketplace.

I’d like to start by asking you a question: Where are you going to find your trust opportunities today?

opportunity trust

Trust opportunities

Trust opportunities are those situations, where you can earn the trust of someone or an entire marketplace, by demonstrating trustworthiness.

For example:

  • When you tell a client or prospective client, what they need to hear (with compassion), rather than what they want to hear.
  • When you admit that you don’t know the answer, but will find it.
  • When you show up yet again on your blog with useful ideas, demonstrating your reliability and eventually your longevity too.
  • When you show people what you are capable of, rather than just telling them.

Trust and getting noticed

One of the finest ways to inspire your marketplace to listen to you, is to embrace your limitless trust opportunities.

Why? Because your actions speak louder than your words.

Your actions also speak louder than the unsubstantiated claims of your competitors.

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  1. Bnogkwakhe Buthelezi

    March 25, 2013 at 10:26

    You are the best!!!! I’m sure my business will go an extra mile, only thing I have to do is to keep you closer, and apply your ideas in my business daily running.

  2. One thing I did learn was admit I didn’t know the answer, but I know someone who will. It shows you’re honest and also a resource for your customer with future problems.

    • Hi Steven. It’s odd how we often feel lacking, when we fail to know an answer, instantly – even though we’d look stupid, if we claimed to know everything.

      Thanks for the feedback, sir.

  3. Put up or pack up… there’s real power in that.

    Thanks Jim.

  4. Trust opportunities makes sense. Sometimes we look for the sales opportunity or the pitch opportuniuty without the foundation of trust in place.

    Keep ‘em coming Jim.

  5. Hi Jim,

    I worked in 5 star hotels many moons ago and I can always remember being told “if you don’t know the answer, go out of your way to find it” that was what they called giving the guest the WOW factor!


    • Good point Mark. Clients and customers are actually attracted to people who adopt that attitude. This makes it even harder to fathom out why so many people feel they HAVE to bluff an answer to a client, rather than find the best answer.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  6. Jim,

    Trust is a crucial and very over looked element in todays online marketplace. One thing I have found that helps is utilizing the tagline as an area to implement your mission statement, or atleast put it in the “About Us” page (again a very underappreciated element of success).
    The mission statement, especially if you show how you keep up and adhere to it, is almost like saying “you need to trust me, and here’s why”.

  7. Jim,

    The message here is clear and powerful. Brands and people need to work on showing they are worthy of trust and not just say it.

    Thanks again for showing us the essentials.

  8. Wonderful post there Jim. You have a knack of making things sound possible, which others over complicate.

    I’m learning all the time.

    • I always shoot for simplicity, Chris. So long as it’s useful and easy to understand, others can access it.

      Thanks for the kind words.

  9. In a way Jim I found you here and from the blog, you demonstrated trustworthiness to me.

    Blogging works well for this and may be newsletters too.

    • Hi Greg. Blogs are very powerful tools, for developing trust. By showing up with posts regularly, for years, it gives people an indicator that you can be relied upon.

      A new client of mine said that part of his decision to get in touch with me initially, was that he knew I could be relied upon. That, before he even spoke to me.

      Thanks for making such a useful point, Greg.

  10. being honestly and truthfully is also a good way…

  11. Interesting post. I believe a lot of this is down to basic honesty. Basic humanity too perhaps?


    Evie X

  12. Great post Jim, it’s sometimes tough to tell people what they need to hear instead of what they want to hear.

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