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How to make prospective clients fall in love with your business!

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If you want to massively improve the way you and your prospective clients feel about your business, you will find the following technique really useful.

I’m also going to show you how to make your business a source of inspiration and excitement for you, rather than stress and worry. It starts by understanding the importance of being genuinely enthusiastic about your business.

Why enthusiasm matters

Someone once described their definition of a sale to me as, the transfer of enthusiasm. That’s a pretty accurate definition. If a prospective customer feels as enthusiastic about buying a product as you feel about selling it, chances are they will buy it.

So, what happens when a business owner lacks enthusiasm? The first thing that happens, is that their prospective clients notice. Just as enthusiasm is contagious, so is indifference and apathy. If you don’t think some business owners show that total lack of enthusiasm, just check out any social network on a Friday.


Every Friday, thousands of small business owners feel compelled to take to social networks, screaming how happy they are that their week has finally finished. As their prospective clients and customers look on amazed, these business owners openly demonstrate more passion and energy about the end of their working week, than for anything they did during the working week.

It doesn’t matter how good your service is, if people sense you lack enthusiasm for your business. It doesn’t matter how sharp your marketing material is, if people sense a lack of passion and energy when they speak with you. In short: We can’t expect people to be enthusiastic about our business unless we are.

How to turn things around

If your business leaves you feeling more stressed than fulfilled, fix what’s wrong. Reconnect with the dreams that caused you to start your business. Remember that your business will always be a reflection of the decisions you make and the actions you take.

If you want a better, more inspiring business, stop what you’re doing and ask yourself the following question:

If my business was perfect in every way, what would it look like?

Then, write down what your ideal business would look like. Be as specific as you can. For example, ask yourself things like, how many hours do I want to work? How much do I want to earn? What would my ideal client or customer look like? Where would I be based? How would I dress for work? Be as specific as you can and keep writing!

What you have just written down, is a description of the business you SHOULD be running. THAT’S the business, which inspires you.

Your notes will now provide you with the foundation of a business development strategy. If you can do this yourself, do it. If you need help, I can help you. Just never settle for less than you deserve. You’re too good for that!

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  1. Great advice Jim. There is certainly power in writing down ‘the ideal’ in specifics. It’s worked really well for me in the past. You’ve just prompted me to do it again. Good reminder about enthusiasm too… enthusiasm is one thing, but focussed enthusiasm is much better. Enthusiasm and Focus are such a great pair. Thanks again for awesome Post!

  2. I’m working on this right now Jim. I’ll let you know how I crack on.

    Thanks as ever for sharing the best info with us.

  3. Love the what you said about if my business was perfect any way, what would it look like?
    Reminds me of the quote by Robert Schuller that says, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

    I believe that dreams and inspiration go hand in hand with enthusiasm for your small business.

    Another great article Jim!

    • Thanks, Jeff.

      That question by Robert Schuller is superb.

      Great questions lead to great answers. The type of question I used and the question you quoted, lead us to think without limits.

      Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated, sir.

  4. Jim you have nailed it! this blog is the best I’ve read on this subject, I learnt a very important lesson about 4 years ago, I closed a sale and on the day I went to do the work I had some other agendas on my mind, one of my workers pulled me aside after a few hours and said the client commented they were dissapointed, there words which ill never forget “this is not the same guy that was in our house last week, that guy was bursting with energy, he just seemed so happy about his work” it was a massive wake up call.

    • That’s an interesting story, Kevin.

      The fact that the feedback you overheard really struck you, shows how much you care.

      Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love this “Sales is a transfer of enthusiasm” what a great quote. The trick is to get the client enthusiastic about what you are offering. Brilliant post Jim.

  6. Jim – “If a prospective customer feels as enthusiastic about buying a product as you feel about selling it, chances are they will buy it.” You mean there are people who sell who are NOT enthusiastic about it? What? lol!

    I am truly living my dream job – the only thing that would make it better is if I owned it rather than managed it! That being said, I manage it as if it were mine …

    Thank you for a great blog -

    • Hi Marie. So long as you’re happy, that’s what matters. Thanks for the comment and your kind words regarding the post.

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