I don’t care what Bob thinks!

Bob thinks your marketing sucks.

He also thinks you charge too much and he’s not 100% sure why anyone would need your service, let alone him.

It’s OK though.  Bob’s not your target audience.  He’s not in the market for your services.  Your marketing is not intended for him or people like him.

So, why are so many business owners focused on what Bob thinks?

Effective marketing has to be highly focused.  It needs to deliver extremely relevant messages to the right kind of people.  Sadly, the majority of small business owners do the exact opposite with their marketing.  They try to be all things to all people and seek approval from everyone, even Bob!

Here’s the problem with that approach:  It doesn’t work!

Marketing that tries to be kind-of relevant to everyone, ceases to be directly relevant to anyone. For your marketing to work, you need to accept that not everyone is a potential client.

Identify who your ideal profile of client is and focus 100% of your marketing on them and their needs.

It works.

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