Build a great client list with this 1 simple idea!

Some people just don’t get it.

You know the people I mean, right?

  • They know there’s a heatwave coming days in advance, yet they wait until it arrives before they shop for a fan.  They then find empty shelves, as they go from shop to shop in the blazing sun.
  • They know the best theatre seats always sell first, yet they book their theatre tickets late and end up with the worst seats.
  • They know garden centres are packed solid on a spring weekend, but they refuse to visit them midweek.  End result, they waste an hour or more doing what they could have done in 10 minutes after work, midweek.  They also miss the healthiest plants and the best deals, as these are always sold first.

When my mentor, Jim Rohn, started out, he told himself;

I will get everyone in this room to understand my message, even if it kills me.

He then confessed;

I had to stop.  I almost died!

No matter what line of business you are in, you have to learn to live with the fact that a subset of people will never “get it.”  In my experience, you are better off leaving those guys to your competitors.  I know what you are thinking; it’s OK for Connolly saying that, but I can’t afford to be so choosy!

Wrong! You can’t afford to waste your time and resources, trying to sell to people who are not interested.  It’s the lowest leverage form of marketing and the most expensive way to acquire clients.  It’s the total opposite of targeted marketing, where we deliberately look for the right profile of client.

Target your marketing toward people who have the need, resources and intelligence to work with you.  If you are reading this, I know you are an intelligent business owner, who understands the value of marketing – otherwise you wouldn’t be here!  That’s because my marketing is targeted, so that I only get inquiries from people like you – The kind of people I love to work with and who “get it!”  If you want to know how I target my marketing so effectively, read this as I explain everything!

To get the best results, your marketing needs to focus your resources on the right section of the marketplace, based on your ideal client profile.  Small business owners just don’t have the time to waste, chasing the wrong people.

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