Are you building an exceptional customer experience?

It pays to make the experience of connecting with your business, as exceptional as you possibly can!

My wife and son visited The Tower of London this week and had such a wonderful time that they have been telling everyone. As a result, my wife’s friends and the several thousand people who connect with her on Facebook, have been given a very strong endorsement of where to take their kids, the next time they want a fun day out in London.

A very high percentage of our friends, have children of similar age to us and are always looking for interesting things to do when the kids are off school, making this a valuable recommendation.

The value of building an exceptional customer experience

As a business owner, it makes sound commercial sense to invest your time, imagination, energy and money, in developing the best customer / client experience possible.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Those who receive a remarkable customer experience from their service providers, become the advocates who spread word of mouth recommendations throughout the marketplace.
  • They are also far less likely to move their custom to another provider. Happy people seldom jump ship.
  • In addition, they are far less likely to be fee sensitive. The reason there are restaurants that can successfully charge 20 times more than others, is because people are not paying them for the calories. They can get the calories from KFC for pennies. People are paying for the experience; great atmosphere, sumptuous food, incredible service etc.

An exceptional choice

As business owners, we each have a choice. We can do the minimum required to keep customers happy or look for ways to consistently do more than expected. You know from what you see out there, that despite what they say, the vast majority of providers go for the first option.

In other words, the ground is set for those of us committed to doing the exceptional.

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