Do we have a deal?

One of the many great things about writing a blog, is that it confirms the overwhelming generosity of people.

How can I repay you?

I get emails every day, thanking me for the ideas I share here and the time I invest in order to help you and your business. Often, people ask how they can repay me and my reply is always the same: Do something with the ideas.

If you find the work I do here useful and would like to repay me, I ask you to do the same. Get working on the ideas. Put some plans together. Create a story about your business, which your marketplace will want to share. Be so good that they can’t ignore you.

In return, I promise to keep working hard to come up with useful ideas for you and your business.

Do we have a deal?

Remember -- if you'd like some help with your business or a project, you can Pick My Brain for the answers and ideas you need. This service is [literally] guaranteed to help you. You can find out more here.

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