Setting your sail for 2013

There’s a lot of wisdom in this wonderful, old saying:

It’s not what life throws at you that determines your results – it’s what you do with it that counts.

The setting of your sail

Jim Rohn used to talk about the importance of setting your sail correctly. The winds of change, both positive and negative, blow the same for everyone in your profession or industry. A minority will set their sail correctly. Most will just carry on and hope things improve. Hope is essential, but it is not a business strategy. Progress comes from a mixture of intelligent planning and action.


I was prompted to write about this today, as I am currently working with my clients on setting their sail, so they can go into 2013 with confidence.

I spoke with a client of mine yesterday morning, who managed to increase her fees by around 350% and earn a bigger share of the marketplace, whilst her industry is in free-fall. She was referred to as ‘lucky’ by one of her competitors, who dabbles with her own marketing and wondered why she was working hard, going nowhere. No one saw the work we put in behind the scenes, to transform my client’s results.

Setting your sail or hoping things will improve?

The way you set your sail as you prepare for 2013, will determine whether the economy works for you or against you. If you are passionate about your business and tired of waiting for things to improve, read this and then get in touch with me.

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