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Winning and losing at the same time

It’s easy to win the argument, yet come out losing.

Win lose

  • We can win the argument and lose a friend.
  • We can win the argument and totally fail to change the other person’s viewpoint. As they say: A man convinced against his will, is of that same opinion still.
  • We can win the argument and in the process, make ourselves look like a jerk and lose the respect of everyone involved.

A healthy alternative

In my experience, when it comes to business, a healthy debate is a far better alternative to attacking another person’s viewpoint or arguing with them.

A healthy debate is exactly that – healthy. It’s about having a healthy respect for the right of the other person, to hold a different viewpoint from ours. It comes from understanding that with so many things, there is more than one truth and often countless opinions too. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, a healthy debate comes from separating the person from their viewpoint.

As soon as we attack the person, we have already lost.

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  1. Small text but really means lots. Thanks!

  2. I was guilty of this for a long time. I won a lot of arguments but found I wasn’t getting invited to many parties 😉


  3. Hey Jim,

    This is one of my favorite posts of yours… I think because it reminds me a lot of marriage.

    The trouble is mostly due to our individualized western thinking; at least that is when I personally get into trouble. Thinking about myself and about being right… rather than thinking about the team and what is really important… LIKE creating an environment where everyone thoughts and feelings are valued.

    I think it should be the same in business… this is the only place where true synergy is found.

    Thanks Again

    • I think we all want to be right, Geoff. What helps us get the balance right, is learning that 2 people can have differing perspectives and yet both be right.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Play the ball, not the man, lovely post Jim.

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