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Getting the balance right

It seems that with so much in life, our timing is of enormous importance.

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  • There’s a time to listen and a time to speak.
  • There’s a time to read and a time to write.
  • There’s a time to prepare and a time to take action.
  • There’s a time to rest and a time to work.


One of the great challenges we face, is to get the balance right. Spending too much time on any of those disciplines, will cause unnecessary problems.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder!

    Could not agree more, my good friend.

  2. Hi Gavin. You’re welcome.

    It’s something I remind myself about all the time. Too easy to get the balance wrong.

  3. Another post where you prove your skill at delivering BIG value in few words.

    Can you write a post about how you do that?

    • Hi Louis. I always aim for brevity. Thanks for noticing. I may write about how I compose short posts and why, in the future. Thanks for the kind words too.

  4. Well you have just highlighted the habitual actions of a frustrated person. He/she gets annoyed after spending too much time in one of those activities and still does not achieve the desired results and I am sure that the professionals like you out there not only help their clients to balance the activities but also rest assure to realize their potentials.

    • Hi Chirag. Welcome to the blog. Yes, it’s possible to get very frustrated if you work hard, but make little progress because your balance is ineffective.

  5. “BALANCE” is a only word that manages our half life… balance in diet, investment, spending money… and many more must be do in “balance” for the better result effectively…. it is more important for the students to balance in the study of various subject in Balanced way that keeps them update and helpful at anytime anywhere….


    can read my blog on “www.nipunnikunjcom@wordpress.com” on leadership

  6. It’s always difficult to keep balance because everything’s changing all the time. But I just follow one idea: important things first.

  7. hey mate
    balance of time is essential to survive on the earth

  8. Very important advice here Jim. Sadly, too many of us choose to ignore this.

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