How to attract more clients and build a great reputation

There’s a great opportunity out there, for business owners who want to work with the best clients.

There is always a gap in the market, for service providers who deliver on their client’s expectations. This is because the marketplace is already frustrated at being lied to by companies, who fail to deliver on their promises.

Allow me to explain.

The delivery deception

How long will your laptop work on battery power? Far less time than the manufacturer says, unless you set the screen brightness low, disable Bluetooth and avoid processor-intensive tasks like video editing etc.

How many pages will your printer print on a single ink cartridge? Far fewer than the manufacturer says, unless you print everything in low quality mode and never use graphics.

How many miles will your car travel on a tank of fuel? Far fewer than the manufacturer says, unless you can avoid all traffic, have just one person sitting in the car at all times and never drive faster than X miles an hour.

This type of under delivering is so common, that review magazines now have to independently test things like battery life, ink content and fuel consumption, so consumers get the truth.

Consider this: What would happen if you were to shatter your prospective client’s preconceptions on delivery?

The delivery opportunity

So, what if you were to charge a premium for what you do, market your services to people who value that ‘extra’ and then deliver on your marketing promise?

If you want to know the answer before you try it, just look at the success of any premium brand, which makes big promises and then delivers on them.

PS: This will show you how to work with the best clients, for the highest fees.

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