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A world of opportunity is waiting for you

Once, the proximity of your business to your prospective clients, was based on your geographical distance from them. In other words, your clients or customers needed to be within a certain number of miles from your location.

That is no longer the case.

The new proximity

Today, the proximity of your business is not defined by how close you are in miles from a prospective client, but how closely you are aligned with their thinking, needs and values etc. If you want to hire someone because their work is amazing, thanks to low cost or free digital communications, you can.

In short: Geography is no longer a barrier for many service providers. In 2014, it’s about human proximity… not miles.

For example:

  • If you need a copywriter and there’s one whose work you love, but he’s 5000 miles away, no problem. You can work together just fine.
  • If you need a graphic artist and find someone who does great work, the fact they are in a different country makes no difference.
  • If you need someone to translate your work from English to Spanish, you can pick a translator who you trust, regardless of where they are.
  • If you need a great web designer and you find someone, but she’s in a different country, you can work together just fine.
  • In 2013 alone, I worked with clients in; 8 U.S. states, Canada, South Africa, Denmark, Dubai, The UK, France and Germany. All of whom I shared proximity with, although I am located in England.

Are you embracing the new proximity?

So, with proximity now being defined by shared mindsets, aligned outlooks, common values and the love of another person’s work — what are you doing about it? If you offer a service, which can be delivered via digital communications, I strongly recommend that you consider embracing the new proximity.

There’s a world of opportunity out there, just waiting for you.

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  1. Yes indeed, there are millions of ways to get a job and make money in the modern era of technology. The only thing needed is expressing yourself to the client.

  2. You’ve hit the nail on the head, Jim. Geography doesn’t matter any more.

    I think that we can look at this in another way: If your business is competing on the same products or services with companies that (due to location, business model or whatever) can offer the customer better / faster / cheaper, then it’s just a question of time before you’re out of the game.

  3. Exactly. I’ve had clients in Germany, North America and South Africa and due to the ease of technology now, we’ve had coaching sessions via Skype. Having said that, the technology may help enormously, however alongside the ‘human proximity’ (nice term by the way Jim), the product/service and in the case of small businesses, the ‘personal’ touch is still a vital element.

    • Hi Jason. Your point about the personal touch is interesting.

      As the technology of business evolves, the nature of business remains the same – it’s ALL about PEOPLE.

      In my experience, those who can connect on a personal level, albeit via video conferencing, are surging ahead.

      Thanks for the thoughts.

  4. I love the convenience that the Internet provides me with regards to conducting business. I am in Colorado, USA and much of my business comes from other countries. This should help many people who cannot find work in their own countries, work elsewhere.

  5. Superb post Jim..!! Distance does not matter anymore but the quality of work. Technology has played a great role to kill the distance and I think people have started understanding it and also started developing their skills.

  6. Hell Yes, I embrace the new proximity! both my businesses know no geographical bounds. I am so grateful for this as I don’t have to depend on consumers/customers in my own country to design my lifestyle.

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