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Chasing your dreams or running from your fears?

Some business owners are chasing their dreams. Others are running from their fears. The difference this creates in their results is huge. No, bigger than that!

So, are you focusing on what you want or what you fear?

One will empower you and lead you to opportunities and growth. The other will lead to pain and stop you from getting started.

Focusing on fear

When we focus on fear, it has a huge, negative impact on our thinking, our decisions and then the actions we take.

Here are some examples of fear driven thinking:

  • We copy our competitors, because it feels safe. This makes us invisible. Here’s a better approach for your business!
  • We stay within our comfort zones. This makes it impossible for us to grow.
  • We adopt the perfectionist mindset and become unproductive. Nothing is perfect, so waiting for something to be perfect slows us down or stops us from even starting.
  • We waste money on things that make us feel good in the short term, yet avoid risking an investment that our business desperately needs. Investment equals risk. Fear focused people hate risk.
  • We attract others who have the same fear focused mindset. This reinforces our fears and supports our decision to hunker down and do nothing new.
  • We work for average people and charge them average fees. Here’s how to break free from that trap.
  • We stagnate.

Those are just some of the things that happen, when we try to avoid what we fear, rather than pursue what we want.

Here’s an interesting question

What 3 things would you do today, if you knew for certain that you could not fail?

Write them down.

Why? Because that list will contain 3 things, which you are currently not doing, from fear of failing. What if one or more of those ‘things’ were to succeed? What if you were to learn something of even greater value, from looking fear in the face and doing what needs to be done?

See failure as feedback, rather than pain. Learn from the feedback. Improve. Embrace change. Give it your best shot.

When you do, you will be following the success formula of every successful person who has ever lived.

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  1. A superb article.

    If it stops one person from living in reaction to fear, you will have achieved something magnificent.


    • Thanks Harry. Let’s hope someone identifies themselves and makes the required changes.

      It’s sometimes easier to see things in others, than ourselves.

  2. Another top drawer post Jim. People won’t start a business for fear of failure, but they will happily mooch off other people without fear of rejection or losing their dignity. I find this happens often in my country.

    • It’s common everywhere, Wade.

      People will happily waste your time and pump you for free advice, because they see less risk, than paying for it.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Hi Jim,

    I love that you address the underlying issues that really make or break anybody’s ability to succeed. Mindset and paradigms are less easy to address but so absolutely critical.

    I particularly like your very practical suggestion of writing down the 3 things we’d do if we knew we couldn’t fail and then to work on acting on them.

    You continue to inspire me. Thank you so much!

    • Hello there, Sharon.

      Knowing what to do is one thing – having the right mindset to follow through and use information, is another.

      It’s why I work as a mentor.

      Thanks for the kind words.

  4. Jim,

    As ever, you hit the nail right on the head. It’s often fear that holds people back rather than skills or experience. I think you have to be brave and believe in yourself. It’s also, don’t you think, about understanding that you can learn more from what doesn’t work than what does and that fear, and managing it, is part of the journey.

    Thanks for blogging on this.


    • Hello there, Debbie. You’re absolutely right – It takes courage to succeed, because much of what we need to do, comes without a guarantee.

      A good point, well made. Thanks my friend.

  5. You’re welcome, Ratang. Welcome to the blog.

  6. Great inspiring blog! I think as a business owner, we all can fall into that trap of being reactive instead of proactive. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Hey Jim,

    Great post mate, the list was eye opening.

    You got any tips on how to stay consistent when trying to improve my mindset for the long term?


    • Hi Matt. Glad you found the list useful. Consistency comes from focus. Focus on what matters to you and you will always be consistent, in those areas.

  8. The only thing to fear is fear alone. Fear robs you of your dreams. In the words of Nike-“Just do it”

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