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A simple yet powerful tip to help you overcome procrastination

I’d like to share a wonderfully simple, yet extremely powerful decision making technique with you. It works in seconds and although it involves tossing a coin, it’s probably not what you are thinking of.

So, here it is!

Decision making and tossing a coin

toss coin

The next time you have a decision to make and you are not sure which way to go, toss a coin.

  • The value here is not that the coin makes the decision for you.
  • The value is that whilst the coin is in the air spinning, you will discover which side you are hoping it will land on – which result you want.

This then gives you the answer you need, regardless of how the coin lands.

How it works

It seems that even when we are consciously unaware of what decision to take, unconsciously we have usually already decided. The process of tossing the coin and our awareness that there are just seconds until we know the result, causes us to automatically hope for the decision we want the most. The idea is centuries old and works extremely well.

I hope you find this as useful as I have.

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  1. I use my gut feeling all the time when I need a decision.

    Listen to your gut which is kinda when youre saying here. This coin throw gets you to tune into your gut feeling quick.

    Thanks for this useful and easy idea.

    • Hi Hashim. You make a great point. I learned the hard way not to go against my gut instinct. It’s almost always right.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Great tip Jim, simple but superb, It makes perfect sense.

    I find I procrastinate more and more these days, I annoy myself with it. I’m guessing it’s my age :( I’m going to try this tomorrow, or the day after, or possibly even Friday, hmm…

  3. Thanks for the tip. Love, love, love this. So simple and so useful.

    Thanks Jim :)

  4. Hi Jim,

    Great suggestion. The coin kind of forces the issue and makes us decide.

    What if there are more than two choices?

    Do you do a series of coin tosses?

    Love your blog

    • Hi Geoff. That’s a great question and one I wish I had included in the post.

      Yes, I break multi decisions down by figuring which are most important/valuable. Thanks for such a great question.

  5. Jim~~ I just discovered you by googling “I need leads” and found you. I love your stuff! I am a platform speaker teaching people lead generation. Your blog is AWESOME! I love that you are not fluff but short easy to read articles with great advice and action steps. THANK YOU for being a breath of fresh air!!

    Let’s connect, you can find me on facebook. Not here to promote me.

  6. Absolutely brilliant Jim! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Nice trick Jim, let me share mine, whenever i end up in a confused state before taking a decision or chossing between things, i just grab a cup of coffee sip it slowly and take the final call, till now it has helped me.

  8. I love this Jim, this is so true. I am going to use this strategy from now on. You are a genius sir! :-)

  9. Also, whichever choice you assign to heads is probably the one you really want too!

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