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Do you think like an entrepreneur?

Some years ago, I discovered an interesting fact about entrepreneurs. It’s something that makes them different from other business owners, who lack the entrepreneurial mindset.

entrepreneurMy hope is that when you understand this key difference, it may inspire you to embrace the entrepreneurial mindset, the way I did when I discovered it.

It’s simply this

  • On New Year’s day, most business owners set resolutions. They make commitments about wanting things to be better and tell themselves they will do what’s required.
  • Entrepreneurs are resolute every day. They consistently make commitments to do whatever their business needs. They plan their work, then work their plan.

By the third or fourth week in January, many small business owners have already slipped back into the familiar patterns, which stopped them making meaningful progress last year. For them, January is not the start of a New Year – it’s simply a chance to relive the same old year over again.

As Benjamin Franklin said: ‘You may delay, but time will not.’

Never settle for less than you deserve

If you want a better year in 2013, you need to improve your strategy and tactics – then take massive action. It’s what entrepreneurs do and what I help people with every day. I can assure you, once you make that commitment to entrepreneurial thinking, your whole life improves, not just your business.

You started your business with dreams and ambitions. Don’t lose sight of that and put up with ‘average’. Never settle for less than you deserve.

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  1. Jim,
    I like the quote of B. Franklin. It resumes so much.
    Here are my keywords as an Entrepreneur that I say every day when I wake up: #ambition #motivation #action
    Here’s for the great entrepreneurs :-)

    • Hi Yael. You’re a good example of an entrepreneur – always ready to make the plans and back them up with action.

      Thanks for the feedback.

      C’est toujours un plaisir lorsque vous commenter sur mon blog. Merci mon ami.

      …Pardonnez mon mauvais Français, s’il vous plaît ;)

  2. Once again Jim you take a cloudy subject and make it clear.

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge today and always.

    Sophie X

  3. Thanks again Jim, your blog is one of the best.

  4. What is so special about quitting now? You do it until!

  5. Never settle for less than you deserve… this is really good Jim, although the term deserve is probably difficult for many people, who have a natural bent to feeling undeserving.

    I know I sometimes struggle with this… I am becoming more aware that the very first part of my business that I need to work on every day…. is me.

    Thanks again

    • Good point, Geoff. I see it like this: The stronger you make yourself, they better equipped you are to provide greater help, to more people. You’re right though, for many of us it’s a struggle to adopt that mindset. Took me years.

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