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2 Things to love about your business

As it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share 2 of the elements of your business that are worth falling in love with, (if you have not already).


1. Love the people you work with

I’m not just talking about your co-workers. I’m referring to everyone you work with as part of your business. This includes your clients, customers and your prospective clients and customers too. If you have a blog, you should show some love to the people who take time out to share your work, comment on it and email you about it.

Business is all about people. Learn to love the people you work with and it will shine through in every decision you make and every interaction you have.

2. Love what you do

As a business owner, you will be spending a huge amount of your time working in and on your business. This can be either a source of great fulfilment or great stress, depending on how you feel about what you do.

  • When you love what you do, work becomes an enriching, enjoyable experience.
  • When you dislike what you do, you will see work as a necessary evil.

You don’t want to be one of those poor souls who wish their lives away, waiting for the weekend.

Either learn to love what you do, or find a way to make your business massively more enjoyable. As well as the huge improvements this brings to your quality of life, there is a sound commercial reason to love what you do…

… It shows.

When you love what you do it shows in everything you do. Just as people notice when we work through gritted teeth, they also notice when they are dealing with someone, who is passionate about their business, products or services.

Sharing some love

It also seems appropriate today to show my thanks to those of you who connect with me and my work. I love writing for you and I love hearing form you. Thanks for your comments, shares, likes, retweets, +1’s, emails and calls.


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  1. Thanks for all the work you put in to spread your ideas.

    Very much appreciated.

  2. This rings so true with me at the moment Jim! Mostly I sell online, but yesterday I got a chance to sell face to face, to children and their parents, and it was a joy! To see them so excited with their purchases made me love doing this even more, and determined to work hard for them!

  3. This rings so true. I love what I do now, but I remember when I was younger I hated what I did. I liked the people I worked with, but I knew I was not happy in my line of work. I’m so glad I eventually ended up in sales. I always knew I’d love it if I gave it a whirl and after 15+ years in sales I still love it.

    • I’m willing to bet that everyone who connects with you, KNOWS you love what you do. There’s some real magic there. Thanks for the feedback Jon and welcome to the blog.

  4. Great advice Jim, who said “Find something that you love doing and you’ll never work another day in your life”? Very important to love the work that you do, given the amount of time we spend working.

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