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7 Benefits of business blogging

Here are 7 benefits of writing a business blog. Some of them may surprise you!

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1. Blogging is a great tool for building a tribe

Blogging is the best tool I’ve ever known, for building a community or tribe. Blogging allows you to show your leadership, rather than claim it. By being brave enough to write YOUR point of view, you demonstrate your ability to lead – rather than follow.

This is, of course, a double-edged sword. Most bloggers simply amplify what the most popular opinion is on their subject. However, for those who genuinely are prepared to show their leadership to people, via the work and words they share on their blog, it represents an amazing opportunity.

2. Blogging and relationship building

Blogging allows people to get to know you, before they call you, email you or hire you. I get calls and emails daily from people I don’t know, who tell me they feel like they already know me. This has massive commercial value and leads into the next point…

3. Blogging helps you attract new clients and sales inquiries

Blogging is a great way to attract highly targeted inquiries from potential clients and customers. By blogging regularly about your core areas of commercial interest, you position yourself in the mind of your readers as an authority in your field. Then, when they need expert help they can trust, you become a very attractive option – far more attractive than going to Google and looking for a stranger or taking a chance on someone they don’t know, who’s recommended to them.

4. Blogging helps you communicate

When you write a blog post, you really need to think about what you are going to publish. You need to question the information you are about to share, for value, accuracy and clarity. I’ve found that by writing regularly for small business owners, it has massively improved my copy writing, when writing any commercial communication.

In short: Blogging is a superb communications training asset.

5. Blogging gives you an enormous reach

Blogging allows you to share ideas with an almost unlimited number of people. Your blog gives you the potential to build your own media asset – your own publication, with as large a readership as you are capable of building. This is an opportunity that was unthinkable for small business owners even a decade ago.

This alone makes blogging a wonderful business investment.

6. Blogging is amazingly powerful for market research

Blogging is a fantastic market research tool. You learn the topics your readership is most interested in, very quickly. Thanks to inexpensive or free analytics tools, you can see which of your posts are read the most and shared the most. You also see the posts which generate the most emails from your readers. By learning what your readership is most interested in, you can develop new products and services or adapt existing ones.

You can also improve the effectiveness of your marketing messages, knowing what your readers are most interested in.

7. Blogging allows you to prove your reliability

By showing up on your blog regularly with useful information, you are doing more than showcasing your knowledge. You are also showing prospective clients or customers that you can be relied upon to turn up.

It takes commitment, durability and a great work ethic, to regularly update a blog. Once you have been blogging for a few years or more, you also have a body of work that shows your longevity. We live in an age where people often set up a website and some social networking accounts, with no track record – and claim to be experienced professionals. Many of my clients told me that the fact they could see years worth of my work on Jim’s Marketing Blog, made them a lot more confident that I was an experienced professional.

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  1. I would like to offer some advice to new bloggers if I may, Jim? Be patient, just like you said here, clients can see your professionalism due to the longevity of your blog. It takes time to become a leader in your field with blogging.

  2. AB-SO-LUTE-LY. Very well said, thank you! There has never been a better time to enjoy the benefits of a strong online presence – almost everything you can do to improve your brand can be done at minimal cost. When my clients embrace blogging they morph into butterflies, and I believe that edge doesn’t disappear when algorithms change, either. (Done right, of course.)I further agree that blogging improves the blogger. To do a good job and reach your audience, you have to really listen hard. That’s a very wise position to put yourself in, for sure. ~ Susan

  3. Hi Jim,

    We should all encourage blogging, everyone who has a presence on the internet received a huge gift by way of the Google algorithm updates last year, Google reward good content.

    Blogging regularly and striving to produce informative, original and engaging content on your blog is a surefire way to more exposure not to mention as you rightly pointed out, building a tribe, forging relationships and attracting new clients.

    I encourage every one of my clients to learn how to create blog posts themselves and I stress the importance of it at every opportunity. Lets get the world blogging, with fresh quality content and make the internet great again! :)


  4. I’m a reader rather than a blogger, but I have one suggestion.

    Blogging is a great way to connect directly with people. I knew it was OK to email you and knew you’d respond. Without the blog I’d never of known who you were or that you were the kinda guy who could be reached out to.

    Just my thoughts as a reader of many blogs.



    • Hi Ralph. I get what you’re saying – The blog gave you a chance to build a picture of me, that I could be approached.

      Thanks for the feedback, sir.

    • I wanted to post something like this but you got to it first! I think blogging really enables you or your business to provide a face to the public – something that they can connect with. That, along with social media, is a very powerful tool.

  5. Great post Jim,

    I agree. A blog can provide a great level of trust. I’m always interested when businesses use their blog for traffic (written solely for seo) than for building relationship.

    These blogs usually have zero personality.


    • Hi there, Geoff.

      I was talking about this earlier today, with a business owner. His website was designed primarily for SEO, it does attract some traffic, but doesn’t convert – because it’s written for Google, not people.

      His business is great and he’s a wonderful guy. When his personality comes through his site, he will own his local marketplace.

      Like you say, sites need personality.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  6. Great post Jim. blogging offers so many benefits to businesses and business people. One day we will all earn income solely from our blogs. (Here’s hoping :-))

    • I think it will certainly be possible for everyone, who is serious enough and prepared to do ALL the work, to earn their income from their blogs.

      Very, very few are prepared to, though.

      Thanks for the comment, Neil.

  7. Thanks for sharing this informative post. A business blog is very useful to show the world what your brand is all about and anyone with an online presence or website should have one. Blogging matters a lot these days as it helps bridge the gap between a business and its potential customers.

  8. Blogging gives you an identity especially those who do niche blogging. It gives you an edge of the rest and enhances your online visibility. I couldn’t agree with the points you have shared more. Thanks for sharing


  9. Content IS the new advertising. The general shift in consumer behavior makes this apparent, with the way people now shop, socialize, connect, etc.

  10. I’ve only read the first 2 points so far and I’m inspired, so I’ve opened WordPress to start a new post on my blog. Thanks!!!
    PS, will come back and read the rest later :)

  11. Slow and steady win the race. It needs time to build a great blog. Regular posting and updates is also very necessary.

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