Are you missing out on this amazing opportunity?

As small business owners, we are always on the lookout for opportunities.

  • We look for sales opportunities.
  • We look for networking opportunities.
  • We look for time management opportunities.
  • We look for opportunities to share our blog posts and our social networking updates.
  • We look for opportunities to boost profits and lower our costs.
  • We look for opportunities to generate better quality sales leads.

Another GREAT opportunity

One opportunity, which many small business owners fail to pro-actively look for, is the opportunity to earn trust. Yes, they act in a trustworthy way, I’m not talking about that. I’m referring to deliberately looking out for opportunities every day, to earn the trust of those around them and the wider community / marketplace.

The thing is, without the trust of our marketplace, none of those opportunities I mentioned earlier are likely to have much impact. We buy from people we trust. We hire them too. We recommend people we trust and we share blog posts, newsletters and social networking updates, from people whose work and reputation we trust.

So, it makes perfect business sense to constantly look for opportunities to build trust.

How do we build trust?

  • By offering to help someone, when it’s easier not to.
  • By keeping our promises.
  • By keeping confidential information, confidential.
  • By accepting responsibility.
  • By taking the initiative.
  • By showing up regularly.
  • By backing up our words with actions.
  • By responding with class, when things go wrong.
  • There are countless opportunities and usually, the hardest ones to implement are the ones that earn the most trust.

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