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Building your twitter network

If you want to develop a high quality, large network of ‘followers’ on twitter; you will find what I am about to share with you extremely interesting!

As you know, the best way to build any high quality network, is to make sure you are connecting with the right kind of people for you and your business.

And now, through jimsmarketingblog.com I am going to help you do EXACTLY that!

As of right now, every time you leave a comment here, you will be able to add your twitter user name to your post, using the comment form!

This will automatically link straight to your Twitter profile – so potential new ‘followers’ will be able to follow you in seconds!

How will it help you?

I network with over ten thousand people on twitter and as a result, a massive percentage of this blog’s readers are twitter users.  By reading the comments you leave here, people can decide if you are the kind of person that’s right for their network. 

My goal is to help YOU develop a great network of ‘twitter associates‘, by making it easier for people with shared outlooks and objectives to connect with you!

Commenting ‘Twitter Style’

In true twitter style, I would like to offer you the chance to tell my readers about yourself, in 140 characters or less!

One comment per user please – enjoy!

Pick my brain: I can give you the answers and ideas you need, to solve your marketing or business development challenges. It's risk free, with a 100% money-back guarantee! To find out more, read this!


  1. Jim, great concept. Looking forward to receiving your Newsletters too! You always inspire me and motivate me! THANK YOU! Sweetnote!

  2. Jim,

    Yes this is great! I have added this to my blog as well! Works Great!

  3. Bringing handmade buyers and sellers together — all for the love of polka dots!

  4. Jim. Look forward to reading more. Thanks for the tips. @JamesFahey

  5. Let’s start the following!

  6. Interesting angle. I like it so I’m participating. :) As luck would have it, I’m relatively new to Twitter and am still figuring it all out. At first I discounted it but this time around I’m starting to like it and trying tweet by tweet to make the topics more interesting to my followers rather than being so centric to myself.

    BTW, nice layout you’ve got here. :)

  7. I’m conducting a few networking experiments of my own – here’s to success for both of us.

  8. Jim,

    This is a great addition. I thoroughly enjoy following your tweets. I’m always picking up something new.



  9. Jim, great idea! This will also be a great place for newcomers as well as seasoned tweeple

  10. Passionate husband, loving father, loyal friend. Express my love for tech by sharing what I know as a professional consultant in the mobile & online media space.

  11. Wow, great addition Jim. Great mix between the two. Tweet the post on Twitter, and then have this plugin feedback to twitter, perfect cycle.

    I’m going to have to steal this one on you. :)

    Thanks for tip and the great articles. I’ll do a Retweet and Stumble for you.

  12. Great idea!

    Mac/iPhone developer and gamer is really enjoying getting feet wet in social media and networking.

  13. I write Celtic music and fantasy fiction, looking to learn more about connecting with likeminded people via the internet.

  14. Great idea Jim!

    For those considering following my Twitterstream, I tend to post about the following topics:

    data-driven marketing (applicable to all industries but with a heavier focus on lead gen businesses), Burlington VT (#BTV) things, occasional photography posts and slice-o-life.

    I tend to post between 5 and 15 times per day and interact with those who @ me.

    I am fairly well integrated into web analytics, Vermont, real estate, video editing, and general technology twitterspheres.

  15. Excellent! Dig the ability 2-way conversations…listening is a big part.

  16. Great read: thanks for the solid tips!

  17. Looking for peeps with Big Ideas who want to power their Vision from Passion to Profit! What are you working on? (thx Jim)

  18. Great idea! And, about me: Exceeding the expectations of Hiring Managers and Job Seekers through HireEffect. For Effective Hires.

  19. @frugalfreebies – mom of 3, latest freebies & frugal tips for babies & moms, pregnancy stories, owner of borntolove.com – cloth diaper needs

  20. Marketer, video producer, web guy & rabid jazz fan, working with nonprofits & businesses to effectively use old & new communications tools

  21. Hi Jim, great idea, something unique (well, at least I haven’t come across it before, heh).

    You’ve just acquired yourself a new subscriber to your RSS feed 😉 Hehe

  22. Jim,

    Thanks for the great site. I’m trying to integrate some of your ideas into promoting my music.

    My site is brand new, and we’re getting ready to launch a new album. I’d love to hear any feedback or advice anyone might have.


    Matt Morrell

  23. Some great feedback here and some great people too – thanks! :)

  24. Good idea to give back to the community. I’m a fan of Nintendo, Apple and programming and thats what I pay attention to.

  25. Very interesting! I handmake glass art lampwork beads for jewelry designers! unique, one of a kind! Thanks for this!

  26. Northwestern senior. I run Sizzle, the day’s top media and pop culture news in one handy post. Snark included!

  27. My passion is to motivate people to know and follow God! I’m currently working in South America!

  28. very cool idea! i am fairly new to twitter so love reading good advice! as an artist and writer and entrepreneur i’m looking to make interesting and lasting contacts!

  29. Thanks for sharing! I am a professional real estate/lifestyle writer.

  30. i think i added my twitter info incorrectly so i’ll try this 😉

  31. Social media & marketing professional, mini-tour pro golfer with a keen interest in the NHL and US politics

  32. I’m a working mom to 2 wonderful boys. I own a printing company and do custom graphics for my print jobs. Always looking for new ways to spice up people’s printed materials and help them generate more business.

  33. Thanks for the tips – always very helpful


  34. Thanks a million, keep the tips rolling! You are a great asset to the community!

    I’m looking forward to connecting with travel lovers! Learn more at my website & travel blog:

    Check me out on facebook too, love to have any of you as friends!

  35. Great post, Jim, thanks! Slater’s Garage writes and produces content for radio, TV, and web. Ads, jingles, online video content to enhance your website, VO and narration.

  36. Love your blog content. I’m a Vermont-based publisher of health/fitness titles.

  37. My passions are Jesus Christ,my grandchildren, real estate investing, teen missions, quilting, writing, and a new found interest in marketing. Thanks Jim. I follow people in lots of categories to broaden my horizons. Whoops! I’ve gone over the character amount.

  38. Awesome idea Jim! Proud father of 2 boys, IT Consultant and big NY Yankee/Giant fan.

  39. Great idea Jim! Although fairly new to SM, I am helping companies integrate into social media. Although fairly new to SM, I know this is the next big thing!

  40. Shining light on great travel,drives,don’t-miss, unusual,offbeat destinations, smart marketing, Wine, food, & info – helpful, humorous

  41. Good idea. Twitter is an amazing tool to find and share information with like minded people. The whole point is to build a community, so thanks for helping us for that!

  42. Cool! I’m a web designer from Charleston, SC USA. Always nice to get a few more web marketing tips. Thanks!

  43. Great idea! I’m quite new to Twitter; I’ve had my account for just over a week.

  44. Nice idea Jim.

    I like passing on useful tech info I see online, like new online apps and services, freeware, security, WordPress blogging tips and learning Linux.

  45. Paddy Shaughnessy

    December 11, 2008 at 18:17

    What a great idea! I work with small small small (did I say small?) business to develop their web presence through content and social media

    I look forward to connecting!

  46. Homemaker Barbi (Danelle Ice)

    December 11, 2008 at 18:26

    My Twitter stream delivers free information and organizational tools to help you run your home, save your money, & love your life. Thanks!

  47. What an awesome way to help people build their networks! I’m always looking for more people to chat with about web development and new technology.

  48. Learning much from your tweets & blog Jim..has helped me to expand my connections both on & off line. I empower Breastfeeding moms/families!

  49. This is a great feature that should be included on EVERYONE’s blogs. Blogging and Twitter go hand-in-hand!

  50. Online Dating Coach
    Brand: Love. Sex. Hockey.
    Tremendous sense of humor.
    Compassion side and a Dominatrix side as a coach.


  51. Find out the latest news about ProtoShare, the online collaboration wireframing/prototyping tool (obligatory tag line: Ideas Made Interactive). We just started using Twitter. I think it will be a great way to get news and specials out. Great idea about adding a commentor’s twitter name to the blog. -Peter Uchytil, ProtoShare Product Manager.

  52. Eye-opening stuff from you, Jim. Online dealer in vintage collectibles here for those who want to follow on twitter.

  53. Thanks Jim for the opportunity!

    I blog and twitter on ICT and Technology in education as well as my experience with working with schools in disdavntage areas in South Africa.

    I also twitter on books as I am a book lover

  54. Thanks Jim – a great and generous initiative, and fabulous response already. I’m a B2B marketing consulting, focusing on thought leadership and great content for tech and other big companies. New to Twitter, but try to link to good stuff on these issues and occasionally on media, music, and etc.

  55. I enjoy reading your tweets, Jim. Thanks for helping us network. I’m a wife, mom, runner, former reporter, social media addict and PR contact at business analytics software company SAS. Love being a human switchboard, first and foremost.

  56. Thanks Jim: I partner with companies to help them grow & to strengthen their relationships with their clients so they become more profitable.

  57. Randy San Nicolas

    December 11, 2008 at 19:45

    Great opportunity here.
    Payment Systems Professional with an emphasis on prepaid card issuance and retail transaction processing.

    Randy San Nicolas

  58. Thank you for the opportunity to reach out to fellow Realtors or consumers looking to buy or sell in the Akron, Ohio area. Thank you.

  59. Medical Marijuana blog, check it out if your down with the whole four-twenty thing 😉

  60. Author of The Psychology of Persuasion, Irresistible Attraction, etc….I hang out….willing to meet in vegas where I play Black Jack.

  61. I help small businesses and individuals set up and develop blogs and social media marketing to grow their businesses.

    Love the blog, Jim!

  62. PatrolWorld.com is the leading online resource for the ski patrol community.

  63. I’m interested in:

    1) People who live in Northern Ireland, who’re on Twitter. Hook up!

    2) People who’d like to learn how to employ social media for marketing their organisation.

    3) Bloggers from Ireland/UK.

    4) People who need training that’s not off-the-shelf.

  64. Jim-great idea! For those that don’t know me, I’m at AVF Creations, a small biz marketing boutique, check my profile and my blog to see more

  65. By the way, I’ve found a bunch of new people to follow from the comments here (thanks!) and my initial comment introducing myself is exactly 140 characters. See – I actually read what you said. :)

  66. I’m a mom, a blogger, and the owner of an online Children’s Boutique called Barefoot Bella. New to Twitter and loving it–still trying to figure it all out. Thanks

  67. I’m NZWineDog with news & views on vineyard life & great wine/food tips. Found Tweeters to Tweet with & welcome wine and food lovers to Tweet with me! Thanks

  68. Great idea, Jim. I twitt and blog and give advice on love, life, sex and relationships. Nice forum. Thanks for the opportunity.

  69. Wow, never think about that before… its a revolution to the blog networking…

  70. Great idea, Jim. I’m a Christian author, artist, songwriter, and speaker hoping to inspire one tweet at a time.

  71. Further to my comment ^ Just to let you all know what my Twitter stream consists of:-

    Internet Marketing
    Social Media/Social Networking
    Website Design/Website Development
    Music & Clubbing Lifestyle
    DJing & Producing
    Event Promotions/Management

    Always welcome new followers :)

  72. Great idea! I’m a stay at home mom w/two young sons sharing links,resources, ideas on politics to parenting & everything in between. (oops put the @,it’s late)

  73. Hi,

    I’m a SEO and social media manager working at a mid-size digital agency in London.

    In my spare time I also run a blog network concentrating on Technology, Health, Finance and other commercial areas.

    I ALWAYS follow legitimate followers back and try to ignore the spammers!

    I’m interested in,

    Any bloggers
    Internet marketing/SEO
    PR/Marketing people
    Social Networkers

  74. I’m just getting into the social media scene, I’m into photography and blogging. Great idea Jim!

  75. Great idea. I think more blogs should to this.

  76. I believe this is the main goal of Internet after all. To connect ppl around the world to help each other,giving cool ideas n also learning a lot. I’m building a lesbian community for the portuguese speakers and will post info about tech news, gadgets and curious things shown on the net=) Hugs to all n great job, Jim!

  77. More post gold Jim! I’m Neil Creek, an Australian photographer and blogger. I practice and write about phtography, and my learning experiences as I turn my hobby into a business.

  78. Twitter is v useful for building networks with other green tweeters! and for getting the latest gadget tips…

  79. Great to connect with more people. I am a documentary wedding & portrait photographer. My mantra: Elegant. Memorable. Real.

  80. I like to write – interesting and informative content that your visitors actually want to read!

  81. I would think the goal would be to follow people that you want to learn from, and to get people to follow you that want to learn from you. Shouldn’t it be more than just getting more follower??

  82. I am a WordPress theme coder who helps designers (by writing code so they don’t have to :) ). I tweet about anything and everything of interest to freelance designers.

  83. Nice idea! I’m a UNIX consultant and technologist, looking to share expertise and globally engage new clients.

  84. Thanks Jim. I serve at a church in Atlanta, Georgia and we’re learning from you and your blog readers.

    Thanks again.

  85. Thanks Jim – spot on as usual!

    Internet Marketing Evangelist – preaching to SME’s in South & West of England about how to best use the Web as a second source of business. “Is your Website really working?”
    Always great to Meet n Tweet with others!

  86. Specialize in business development for service professionals. Check the blog at http://snipurl.com/7lrip.

  87. This is nice Jim,
    I am a landscape painter. I also enjoy cooking and was a caterer/artist in my early career. I love Florida nature, farms and ranches in Florida and all things southern.I enjoy painting and teaching in North Carolina and Alabama once a year. I also love Florida’s coast and marshes, all things nature.
    I would like to have Twitter associates who like landcapes, art,cooking and nature.

  88. I just learned about this as a Plug-in on wordpress – planning on doing the same thing myself. Love your blog Jim!

  89. Jim, I’m the guy that you do wonders for every day with your marketing. And I tell you how to annoy Google with your SEO!

  90. Thanks a Bunch!

  91. Jim,

    I always appreciate your tips and advice. I also appreciate that you are a giver! Thank you.

  92. Fantastic idea! I help biz pros succeed by building sales and service skills for success!

  93. Jim,

    Great concept! I am a REALTOR ASSOCIATE in Jackson, NJ always looking to connect with other REALTORS or anyone interested in Real Estate.

  94. Many thanks for the opportunity to connect with more people. I am a Coach, therapist, mother of 2 teenagers and newbie internet marketer!

  95. Jim – Always awesome content. Great to see you doing well. :)

  96. Love the idea! I am interested in social media, education, and service learning. Hope to find some new tweeple to share with :)

  97. Multidimensional visionary healer, artist, performer, psychic, channel, designer, soul path & psychic development coach Thanks for opportunity to be of service!

  98. Despite being on an information diet, I always take the time to read Jim’s blog. This is exactly the reason why! Thanks for helping us help ourselves Jim.

  99. VP at IT Consulting company specializing in custom .net dev and SharePoint. Pasionate about learning, innovation, agility, teaching/mentoring, leadership, and social media. Thanks!

  100. Biz and Marketing Manager – Launching companies from incubation for a major Canadian technology company

  101. Oops – it didn’t link to Twitter earlier. Sorry!
    Happy Friday everyone!

  102. Roeder Studios has designed a new model for leveraging the web to create a snowball of brand momentum and transform your tribe into a vibrant, engaged community. Our clients are innovative companies and personalities that are seeking to create magnetic, exciting online experiences for their customers and fans.

  103. Great idea, as always!

    I’m a mom of 2, entrepreneur w/retail online business. I tweet about life, business, kids, whatever! I like to laugh and meet new people.

  104. Try being a sex educator, I have enough perpy old dudes following me! (no more PLEASE!) Business is booming in this “poor” economy and guys, the parties are for adult women only. Parties are fun and professional and not at all what most of you think it is! (sorry to ruin the fantasy!)Don’t forget V-day is just around the corner! Ladies, you’ll laugh until your sides hurt. Sorry, Jim 140 is tough for explaining what I do! Your advice ROCKS!

  105. Thank you for the opportunity

  106. I just discovered Jim & his blog, glad I did. I design and create wire wrapped gemstone jewelry.

  107. What a nice thing to do for Twitter followers. Thanks!

    Wishing you a Great Holiday Season!

  108. I am a software developer, consultant and author, specializing in C++ and multithreading/concurrency.

  109. Brings a better sense of community to among the folks making comments. Nicely done.

  110. My twitter did not show up – I posted it again – sorry

  111. Melissa Kavanagh

    December 12, 2008 at 16:46

    Jim-Great idea.
    I’m a newbie tweeter-just a couple of weeks. I’m a web analyst at Fuel Interactive, former music teach, and dog lover.

  112. Jim, great idea and in the process of building my twitter network, so the timing is great … tweet, tweet

  113. Jim,
    Once again I see you are reaching out in a new and different way from others in your field. Obviously proving the old adage,”Fortune favors the bold.” Great job and thanks again for the Twitter boost. Cheers!

  114. Hi Jim!

    Here’s my 140-character bumph:

    I help entrepreneurs, authors, publishers and FTSE100/250 companies boost response rates & attract new customers.

    PS Just wetted my foot in Twitter recently and LOVE it so far. But I admit I get FAR too distracted with it! 😉

  115. Winner “Blogging Idol” ~ learn how to blog like a Blogging Idol thru my FREE Blogging for Bucks BootCamp ~ I LOVE helping others – let me help you too!

  116. Hey Jim,

    I had some UBD!

    Sorry my last one didn’t include the twitter username only.


  117. Thanks Jim. I’m a virtual assistant, super excited about helping small biz work smarter. Social media marketing heralds a new world order!

  118. Practice Manager at No-nonsense Architects Barefoot & Gilles, tweet the UK Property/Construction Industry and #goodnewsfriday was my idea!

  119. Energetic franchise consultant who enjoys helping others get into their own business. FREE Service! Not a Newbie!

  120. Awesome idea Jim!

    I promote small businesses online.

  121. Oops, I just realized what you are looking for. Check out my blog if you are an Established OR Upcomming Internet Marketer, and looking for Internet Marketing Strategies. Digga.

  122. 10,000 of us! Wow.

    Editor at Corporate Eye – helping companies improve their web presence. @ me to talk …

  123. This is a great “add” for blog comments – takes great advantage of social networking.

  124. Jim, I’ve enjoyed your insightful ideas and tips. I’m Managing Dir. of a performance marketing agency, interested in Las Vegas, Affiliate, Social Media, and Search

  125. Hi Jim!
    Enjoy reading your blog/tweets. I find the cross section of people on twitter fascinating. It really is a valuable resource and what you’re doing is really emphasizing that fact. Rock on…

    I love music. I love birthdays. Combine the two & you have too sweet for rock and roll, a daily blog showcasing musicians born on this day.

  126. Hi Jim, I handle New Media for Mountain Apple Company Hawaii. We produce and market the best-selling recorded music in the history Hawaii. Some of our Artists include Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole, The Brothers Cazimero and Amy Hanaiali’i. We enjoy all your insights on your blog and tweets.

  127. Hi Jim,
    Great ideas here! I am farely new to Twitter myself.
    I am a daughter, wife, student, blogger and now a twitter :) Count me in as one of your regular readers!

  128. I enjoy following you on twitter. You have lots of good advice. Thanks.

  129. Great concept! I apprecaite you giving us all a way to get together!

  130. Jim,

    Keep up the good work!
    Thanks again for your postings I learned a Lot


  131. Jim: Great idea for a post.

    Me = Adman, geek, writer, designer, husband, fisherman and gearhead from Michigan.

  132. Very cool. I really do need to add this to my blogs. A great feature for building communities.

  133. Jim,
    Great idea! As a fellow “Twitteroholic” I think you are definitely on to something!

  134. Michael Schechter

    December 12, 2008 at 20:16

    Looking forward to meeting new interesting contacts!

  135. Jim this post was very insightful, think it’s a great idea to be as giving as possible when building your network online or anywhere in life really. For those who give will recieve. Cheers!

  136. I’m definitely a follower and a loyal fan. Lots of great advice.

  137. The benefits to networking with others through Twitter should not be discounted in any way. If used correctly, Twitter can boost anyone’s business or web presence.

  138. Thanks Jim, I help folks buy and sell Real Estate in San Bernardino, CA, specializing in Foreclosures and I enjoy conversing with people via twitter!

  139. I’m a music industry bod specialising in digital stuff – online marketing and distribution mostly – based in Liverpool, UK. I also write a bit, reviewing bands and the like.

  140. This is comment-luv a la twitter reverse of tweet this awesome.

  141. I host techcook.com and am using twitter to reach a bigger audience. It has been amazing to have two way convos with my peeps.

  142. Christopher Van Buren

    December 12, 2008 at 20:18

    What a great way to connect to new people. Thanks

  143. Adjunct professor of business, comm, English, IT. Want to resarch impact of social media on business in a Comm or Marketing PhD program.

  144. Working on my mom’s memoirs of early childhood in India during the Raj.

  145. Thanks Jim! I’m a self proclaimed accidental techie and a passionate advocate for social media for social change!

  146. This is a great add to the comment form on the blog and is something which will help Twitter grow moving forward as more people will now become curious about Twitter and the social medium.

  147. Awesome!

    I’ll add this to my Friday post today. Before I was putting it at the bottom anyway. This is way more slick. 😉

  148. As always Jim, you are the man!

    Twitter is a great place to network and gain new “associates”.

    I would be honored by having any of your associates jump into my twitter stream!

    Take care, and have an incredible weekend!


  149. hi, i tweet about webdev, Flash, Actionscript, Flex, HTML, css and evrything that inspires me :-)

  150. Great idea! I’m a social media manager at HP and look forward to your blog and tweets daily.

  151. Good to see this up. Easy to use! I think this is a win for blogging! Now does it also twitter the comment?

  152. Neat concept, Jim! I’m Editor-in-Chief of PCMag.com and the PCMag Digital Network.

  153. Great list Jim. I am a freelance graphic and web designer who helps businesses develop their brand.

  154. Thanks Jim! Any marketers who need a VA that understands their unique needs plz check me out!

  155. Thanks for the chance to get more followers. I’m working on getting this generation of kids to act as heroes. The Hero Workshop.

  156. another nice idea Jim, and even though I rarely tell you – I enjoy the newsletter and follow your tweets as much I can 😉

    My (less than) 140:
    Third sector communicator. Board member of industry body CharityComms. Founder of facebook third sector ‘PR and Communications network’.

  157. Ecommerce Sales and Customer Service for Steelcase Seating products, Green Initiative leader, Wife, Mom of 2

  158. Jim, thanks for the opportunity! I like to use my bias for innovation and my wiring for coaching to improve the sales profession.

  159. Hey Jim!
    This is a wonderful concept! How did you accomplish this? Any plugin or custom coded?

  160. Nicholas Bonsack

    December 12, 2008 at 20:35

    I’m a young man out of college w/ a CS/Math major looking for a job. I enjoy music, old anime, old comp hardware & 2 wheeled machines.

  161. Thanks for this Jim! I’ve really found your info helpful.

    My husband and I own WEBS – America’s Yarn Store (and Bead Store too) in Northampton, MA. Trying to learn how SM can help our businesses.

  162. Story of My Life

    December 12, 2008 at 20:41

    We are looking for fascinating people to do featured stories on. We feature one per day :)

  163. Copywriter. Thought provoker. Creative designer. Avid reader. Fashion addict. Republican. Muscle car driver. Loving wife.

  164. Jim, this could be cool. I think Twitter has already helped get a sale and someone wants to work with us in their teaching studio.


  165. Jim – Right on idea! This is the next quantum leap for tweeters … the insta-button!

  166. Hey Jim. Great ideas like this Twitter list make your blog a regular “must-visit.” Keep up the creative good work.

    Oh yeah… I’m a print design specialist with lots of experience looking for other creative and small business Twitterers to share & learn with and to lend a hand to.

  167. WOW! Jim, you continue to amaze me with your brilliance! I love this!

    Lemmesee… I’m a website & twitter background designer, blogger, cat-mom, all-around goofy person. I use twitter mostly for hanging-out and connecting with way-cool people like Jim! :o)

  168. Hey Jim this is a great idea.

    Your blog is always full of great ideas and observations to think about and learn from.


    Mark Nolan


  169. Nice Idea Jim.

    I’m Manager at Flickr, France and twitt a lot about social media, hightech, marketing, geek stuff and photography.

    Do the right thing and follow me now.

  170. Jim,

    I am a veterinarian and artist marketing art work to all cow lovers and agriculture enthusiasts out there. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Your help and advice is very appreciated!

  171. Television producer. I also produce several online web series and am always looking for new stuff.

  172. Permanent Weight Loss. Vibrant Health. Lose-Weight-for-Life.com.

  173. Awesome post Jim. Keep the great ideas coming.

    Me: Art director specializing in graphic design, website design and brand development.

  174. Great idea & good way to add to your e-mail data base. I look 4 link backs 2 my website – now for Twitter!

  175. Char (PSI Tutor)

    December 12, 2008 at 20:58

    thx for the opportunity jim :-)

    My site gives adult students extra study support and access to resources, so that they have more time to spend with their family; blog; pet, life…:-)

  176. The power of twitter. Coaching the Iconoclast —

  177. I work with people with scary marketing monsters that keep them stuck and who want to break through to success~

  178. Helping IT professionals become influent leaders in their fields. I work with executives, managers, and geeks who want to become leaders

  179. Brilliant – I’m in!

    I work with lenders and OEM’s as SVP Product Indirect Loan Origination Technology @ Metavante, love watching DiggNation, and Twitter because of Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht!

  180. What a great idea, love the concept.

    I run SparkleShelf.com, a community & zine for Fashion & Beauty addicts.

    Thx Jim!

  181. It’s the simple ideas that are the most powerful. I’m in – I’ll play the part of the resident team building, leadership and communications skills evangelist.

  182. You are a communicator Jim! Love to get followers who are interested in speaking and communications – I’m CEO of Decker Communications, Inc. in San Francisco, author of best seller “You’ve Got To Be Believed To Be Heard” and Chmn of The Salvation Army Advisory Board. And now spend too much time aTwitter.

  183. fanTAStic, sign me up! :-) Wishing everyone a great weekend, Dee xx

  184. Great Idea! I do websites, help people learn about alt. health, help people learn how to gain access to legal system and more through yourwebreference.com

  185. Wow! What a great concept. Thanks Jim for doing this. How in the world do you follow over 10,000 tweeps? Amazing.

    Thanks again for this!

  186. I am going to add this to yourwebreference – this idea is going to go viral!

  187. duh, now with the link that’ll actually work… oopsie!

  188. Great idea Jim. I’m the CEO of Polar Unlimited, a design and interactive marketing firm. Would love to connect with people passionate about digital marketing and innovation.


  189. Thanks for blog. I am labeled at “revolutionary filmmaker” who created “Amnesia” and attempting to change film produciton. Pursuing film distribution. Writer/director/actor/producer. Married, father of three kids. I Like people and love telling stories. I like to laugh.

  190. Thanks for all your tweets and this great opportunity:

    My 140 Char elevator, err, tweet pitch:

    CIO of Billion$ Cardealership in Europe, adopted orphaned eCommerce in Company, Creator of Footballdrills.com, SEO and recent twitter addict

    Oh, and looking for guest authors for my (American) Football Blog – DM tweet me if interested…

  191. 1 more reason all shld follow u.

    Me – inventory biz owner who writes/blogs disaster prep/recov, insurance, marketing, networking, small biz

  192. Love your concept! My name is Cindy and I make custom and novelty soap products, look for my products on HGTV early 2009.

    Thanks so much!!

  193. Great idea, Jim!

    Corp sales/mgmt for 30 yrs, turned biz owner, founder of turnkey pkg to help others start their own business. Sports fan.

  194. Logo and Branding specialist with a focus on how to SAVE you money while increasing your brand exposure.

  195. Business Startup in Central New York (CNY) – interested in following others who are starting a business (prefer off-line).

  196. That is awesome. I may have to add this to my blog.

  197. Just grabbed your feed. Great idea!

    I’m the creator of the syndicated comic “Dog eat Doug”, children’s writer. I work from home so twitter is pretty much my water cooler.

  198. I like this idea. Thanks for doing it.

  199. Social Media Virtual Assistant – We do the socializing for you.

  200. organic fanatic, strategic optimist, community & political activist , Bioneers fan, Miessence representative

  201. Thanks, Jim! Great idea!

    My site is for all the single people on Twitter to find other singles interested in friendship, romance, and love!

    Looking for your Twitter tweetheart? Let me know and I will add you to the site!

  202. Love this Jim! I’d like to connect to people w/ passion for what they do! Married WAHM of 2 sharing info about boosting gluathione levels

  203. Jim,
    Thanks for this. Looking forward to reading more and contributing from a “movie music” perspective!


  204. About me: Portrait & Fine art Photographer in SoCal, also shooting Weddings Nationwide. I love pie, and I’m learning Chinese!

  205. Jim, thanks for the opportunity to connect.

    I am an author, editor, researcher, satirist & news junkie. I help make small ideas into big ideas. Penchant for tabloid headlines. Passion for rugby. Life-long dream: swim with the sharks.

  206. Jim, Nice article. I have used many options in the past. But have missed many of them. Will use them on my site.

  207. I create visuals which sing to the soul & inspire action, to bring your vision to life & attract your ideal clients. Web, logo, print design.

    [ Whew, 140 characters on the nose! Thanks, Jim! ]

  208. Jim,

    Amazing effort and great post!

    Your focus and drive are astounding. Learning lessons here!


    icholas Chase

  209. Hi there! I am a singer/songwriter from Vienna/Austria. Many people compare me to the Divine Comedy, Rufus Wainwright, Ben Folds and also Burt Bacharach. Still I am convinced that I got my very own quirky style.

    I think there is not enough humour and criticism in todays music, it’s always about having fun, being able to “consume” music like a snack. I don’t compose songs like that and I never will. There are so many layers in every human beeing and I think it’s important to adress them all.

    Anyway, thanx for the opportunity to post a comment here and I hope there are some people here interested in connecting with me, share ideas and thoughts. Thank you!


  210. Web pioneer (94 vintage); escaped and now a schmutter; fashion designer wife; father of 3 y.o. Princess; waiting for that old punky tech feeling

    Thanks Jim.

  211. This is really cool idea to build Twitter network. Lets see how many numbers I got! :)

  212. If you are into charity then I am into you!

  213. Wealth Abundance Joy [Amy Flynn]

    December 13, 2008 at 10:25

    Coolest idea Jim! ThankU! I work w/energy healing & Money Reiki Healing! I tweet fun & wisdom to all!

    Last tweet (comment) had URL error! Pls delete! 😀

  214. Already started the following – all interesting tweeple here. :-)

    Thanks for this resource, Jim.

    I’m a free-lance musician, producer and educator.

    Take care,

  215. Freelance web designer and information architect. I’m new to twitter and have just moved to Perth. I love technology, Internet and shiny new toys.

  216. The Twitter user name is a great idea, Jim.

    I’m the author of a new book about saving money, keeping fit and protecting the planet. All at the same time? Yup, it’s called the Bike to Work Book.

    Keep cycling, mate.

  217. Thanks for all the good information!
    Writer and editorial director for a variety of health care and patient education magazines and web sites. I also write independently on books, digital culture, travel, and technology.

  218. Great idea! You rock.

    My 140: SM strategist 4 home furnishings and interior design industry.

    I want to connect to:

    1. Real human beings.
    2. That respond and engage.
    3. That help other people as much as they get helped.
    4. With ego in balance.

    In addition: tweeple in:

    Furniture, interior design, eco style/design,wallcoverings, flooring,etc.

    Client has big interest now in having me connect w/

    1. Moms–this could monetize nicely next year for eco moms especially.

    Thanks for providing this idea to us-it is brilliant and I already subscribe to your newsletter, as you know!

    You have been big help through your follow reco to tweeps in my vertical, Jim!!! Thank you through and through.

    Merry Christmas to U and your family.

  219. Dig your blog! I’m overwhelmed!
    But trying to get it (21st. Century tech.)Feel like Rip Van Winkle.

  220. Great idea. As a Small Business Marketing Consultant Twitter is a Great Tool to gather data and distribute info

  221. This is a nice idea and one that would be easy to implement on almost any blog commenting system.

    It is a feature that I will definitely consider.

  222. I’m interested in social networking, news, finance online business

  223. Hey Jim, Thanks. You are innovative. My blog offers commentary and opinion on puzzling things in life, nature, science, tech, twitter, Web 2.0, social media and recent news.

  224. A visual-problem solver, helping you develop-promote-explain your story visually via web-print

  225. Dimitris Mavrakis

    December 13, 2008 at 16:14

    Excellent idea Jim.

    I’m a telecoms analyst with focus on mobile tech.

  226. Jim, another great idea… will be “borrowing” it to add to my blog as well. Thanks!

  227. This is wonderful! What a great idea!

    I am an ordained Interfaith Minister who helps any and all people create authentic and unique wedding ceremonies, baby blessings, memorial services, etc. And by “interfaith” I include ALL people, including atheists, those working the 12-steps, gardeners, and more!

    Best wishes to you all on your networking journey!

  228. Great idea! Thanks for sharing these networking tips!

  229. You are a great resource and example to follow in business and on Twitter.

    Seeing some of the questions you answered on Twitter today, It makes me wonder if people “get” why you have 10,000 people following you???

    I appreciate the fact that I have never been “sold” by you – I have been the beneficiary of your efforts and hard work providing me valuable information and assistance in developing my business. For that I will invest in furthering my education with your services and will be recommending you to my clients and contacts as well.

    Let’s see if only 10% in your community invested $1000 (low figure of course) in building their business over the next year, saving money, time, mistakes, and getting their business on the right track to success; that would be $1,000,000 in income.

    I’m sure this number will be much greater, but the point is you are successful because you possess something valuable, you freely share that value with others and as a result you establish credibility, cultivate influence, foster appreciation and gain customers – Hmmm; sounds like a great foundation to build a thriving business on!

    A brilliant business strategy for those in social media! (The comment wasn’t for your benefit :)

    Take care Jim,


  230. Jim, you are a gift to us all! Thank you.

    I’m a user experience enthusiast and an anti-CAPTCHA activist. I’m also an entrepreneur who’s inspired by innovation and new ideas.

    Look forward to tweeting with everyone!

  231. Thanks, Jim! I appreciate your goodwill approach and will certainly keep a close eye on this blog of yours.

  232. I run a Blog Carnival called SpotlightBlogger…putting your blog in the spotlight, & a Blog Development Blog

  233. Jim,

    I am the President/CEO of the North Mason Chamber of Commerce, social networker, early adopter, blogger, passionate advocate for small business

  234. Great – I’ve been reading your advice in your blog and twitter for a few months and am enjoying all that is social via twitter and everything else. Love the information and appreciate the extra ability with the follow.

  235. I bring the latest celebrity gossip to y’all..and I like to chatter all day… LOL

  236. Love this concept! Is there a plugin for this to add to other blogs? My blog covers writing, blogging, and working from home.

  237. My wife and I make somethng for the kids: ALBINO colourinable T-shirts. Kids love making them and they get so proud wearing them!

  238. Jim, started following you today. This is a great idea. I help businesses increase sales & profits by utilizing today’s technology. As a sidebar, I’m a ventriloquist, a beer connoisseur & enjoy a good cigar Thanks for the opportunity.

  239. Great idea; the more ppl are connected on twitter the more great ideas and inspiration get shared. I’m a creative director in online advertising and marketing, and try to share good insights.

  240. I’m a Marketer, Biz system building blogger, twitter, safelist and Traffic Exchange Guy from Sweden, who travels and meet a lot of people

  241. Jim,
    Thank you for providing a great wealth of information. This helps those just starting out to the very experienced.

  242. Thanks for providing the platform.

    I’m a corporate real estate broker that helps design and execute facility strategies to complement my client’s business plan.

  243. Jim you always seem to be on the front edge of it all with new ideas and new ways for people to connect. Thanks for helping us all to think with your questions and your follow-up here.


  244. Great idea, Jim. My passion is internetwork mkt, blogging, social media & homeschooling.

  245. Jim, This is fantastic. At Waxpoetix we write tight to drive sales for our clients. We blog at OCbizblog too.

  246. Late to the party but catching up quickly-marketer, blogger and Dad first and foremost.

  247. Nice idea!

    I tweet and blog about baby food recipes and musings about motherhood.

  248. Hi Jim! I design jewelry, am an avid photographer and artist, and love animals. :) –Jai

  249. This is a great idea! I tweet about fitness, pilates, reiki, blogging, web marketing, and life as an American expat living and working at a high end luxury resort and spa on a small private Caribbean island.

  250. Like many, I discounted Twitter 6 months ago and am now a leetle bit obsessed with it. I’ve met a lot of people, set up some podcasts, had some phone conversations…all from Twitter.

    btw, I focus on marketing – specifically trade show marketing, as you might imagine from my Twitter handle

  251. Jim, this is an awesome idea!!

    I actually just posted the 100th blogpost on my blog…and outlined some of the things that are in future for my site!!

    I would love to meet other bloggers/Twitters :)

  252. Jim Kukral TheBizWebCoach.com

    December 15, 2008 at 21:39

    Neat idea.

  253. Greetings,

    Marketing & Sales B2B Technology Executive -Management Consultant – University of Phoenix Associate Faculty


  254. Interested in:

    -People in the Rio Grande Valley, TX (Brownsville, McAllen, So. Padre)
    -Social Media
    -Freelance Writing

  255. Totally brilliant! Jim, I’ve got you on the Twitter and RSS. Always loads of great info!

  256. I’m a work-at-home mom who enjoys helping other moms find work from home. I have three beautiful daughters and enjoy spending time with them. Also, I’m clearly addicted to coffee and the Internet. Thanks for this opportunity, Jim!

  257. Since I focus on communications (public speaking), I love what Twitter is doing. Jumped in with both feet and it’s a great way to meet people and to spread the word about blog posts, podcast, etc.

  258. My BLOG introduces readers to fantasy art every day. What I *really* like to use it for is to promote unknown but talented artists with beautiful art.
    My WEBSITE showcases the art of fantasy computer games, because I believe art lovers shouldn’t have to play games just to enjoy great art.

  259. Jim, Thank’s I’ve been into Nutrition, Fitness & Weight Loss for 23 years. I keep up with the latest news on that and tech, marketing news

  260. Baseball junkie, Instructional Design and Technology Grad Student and entrepreneur trapped in a bureaucrats position in LA. Thanks for the post Jim!

  261. I’m a freelance writer who can draw visitors to your site with my original content! I also blog for upcoming freelance writers!

  262. Innovative idea!

    My world consists mostly of online public relations for companies using social media.

    Also happen to be the father of 4 kids (in six years). Can you tell we don’t have cable?

  263. A great tool for any blog to have.

    Thanks Jim.

  264. Jim, what a great idea and feature, thank you!

  265. Hey Jim,

    Great post! Again, thanks for the follow on twitter.. My deets: Designer @ heart, webdesign my speciality. Dabble in a bit of programming. Love music, God and my family (father of 1, 3month girl and a husband to a beautiful wife)

  266. Jim,

    Thanks. Great Idea
    We are thought leaders of interactive media for the new home industry. Follow if you dare

  267. Great stuff Jim. I work in media monitoring and write about music for a couple of Scottish magazines in my spare time. Currently looking to develop my web/tech skills and aiming for a change in career in the near future. Loving the Twitter community I’ve discovered recently!

  268. Hey it’s all Twitteriffic! Thanks for the opportunity…c’mon over and see my side of the fence :-)

  269. Great idea! Thanks. Nearsoft is a software product development specialist. We work with ISVs, SaaS companies and consumer-facing sites.

  270. Spotlight Blogger

    December 15, 2008 at 23:14

    Congradulations! This post has been picked to feature in the Spotlight on SpotlightBlogger.com!!!
    Check it out at:

  271. Brilliant idea to have a comment section where you can list your twitter name. Love it!

  272. This is a great idea. Thanks Jim!
    love and peace always and everywhere~

  273. Great idea! I write, blog about A Course In Miracles, web-dev w/Drupal, sometimes read/perform my work. easing into the social-net.

  274. I am creating a new web site promoting solar energy and energy monitoring devices.

  275. I write marketing communications copy for business-to-business (B2B) clients, and specialize in software and technology.

  276. Thanks, Jim!

    Doing the Right and Achieving All Your Goals at the Same Time is a book about people who work in offices and why we fight.

  277. I help smart people go green and love it; I help organizations engage their people in the culture shift to green …and it is a culture shift!

  278. J.Jantsch imitated your good idea on his blog yesterday and told us to read you! This proves I am a learning virtual assistant. Thx +.

  279. Thank you for the knowledge and inspiration. We are a electro-rock group with our own business and marketing philosophies, http://www.panacea3.com, aimed at leading the front lines of music industry evolutions.

  280. Looking to help every young entrepreneur on the planet.

    Trying to get people to do what they love and get passionate about something!

  281. Great concept, Jim!! Seems like it will definitely help in building a solid network. I think we might add this to our company blog in our upcoming redesign.

  282. Helping web entrepreneurs share and discover new startup websites.

    Which site will be the next “YouTube”, rate potential killer startups at MyKillerStartup.com

  283. Career podcasts for students and young professionals. Short focused content on topics that matter to our Gen-Y listeners.

    (I love this idea! I’m just getting started on Twitter, so this seems like a great way to build a network.)

  284. George Millington

    December 22, 2008 at 22:24

    Thanks, Jim! Great idea!

  285. great ideas, Jim, of course all of yours are and I love YOUR content on twitter!

  286. Easy to implement, yet a great idea. Another reason for people to comment on blogs!

  287. Great idea! Farm Radio International is: A Canadian-based, not-for-profit organization working in direct partnership with approximately 300 radio broadcasters in 39 African countries to fight poverty and food insecurity. Our materials are also available electronically to broadcasters and to rural development organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

  288. Jim,

    The man who gives back before asking for anything. Thanks Jim, you ‘get it’.


    Nicholas Chase

  289. Jim – As always you are the master of the viral self-marketing (You’re also generous, so it’s a complement)!! Cheers!!

  290. I am into non-mainstream motorcycles, ATV’s and scooters. I run many enthusiast forums and love social media. Let’s talk bikes!

  291. This is a new one on me, but great idea Jim! I’m fairly new to Twitter myself, but can see the potential for driving traffic to my own online business blog.

    Love your work – keep it up!

  292. Hey Jim,
    I noticed that when you post a comment there’s not “Follow me on twitter” link attached to it.
    If you’re interested about how to make it appear take a look at this post on my blog: http://patchlog.com/wordpress/wp-twitter-id-social-profiles-integration/

  293. Jim, been following you on Twitter. Great idea.

    Free market anarchist views on the economy, investing, and the evils of central banking.

  294. Great concept, Jim, and very relevant for social networking. Thanks for initiating this experiment. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  295. Great idea Jim!

    We’re a small but very ambitious confectionery company based in the UK – it’s always good to meet new followers.

  296. Bberry, SL, Knitting Loom & Social Media Fanatic, Hard of Hearing Mom of 3, works FT too! Keep moving forward-Even if it’s just one step at a time!

  297. My name is JT. I enjoy learning more about technology, computers, and the internet. After college, I hope to be a web developer.

  298. I love your blog Jim. I truly love your content on Twitter, Keep the tweets coming.

  299. Great idea. I hope more blogs start doing this.

  300. Jim; Thanks again! Heard about this via Twitter 😉 We’re giving away coffee to everybody that follows :) Happy Holidays!

  301. Thx Jim for the post.

    I try my darndest to blog about social marketing trends and strategies but with blogs like yours, it’s hard to keep up :)


  302. Funny, I could use this opportunity to promote my business or something useful, but I choose to promote my crazy vids instead!

  303. Innovative! I have a PhD in cognitive science and communication. I’m an advertising prof at Texas Tech.

    My blog is where mind meets message.

  304. The only Twitter account tweeting on Twitter.Alltop.com — Tips, News & Status.

    Twitter use, tools, and status as tips, links or news from @SarahJL and @QuantumGood

  305. I blog about social media and interactive PR (and Twittter). But I don’t know everything, so I follow smart people like Jim Connolly. :-)

  306. Thanks for the post. Enjoying your info,
    Be well!

  307. Hi Jim

    Good idea. Is that a plugin?

  308. You know, Jim, you can be TOO popular on Twitter…

  309. Jim,

    Thanks for passing on what you have learned and are learning. Much success to you!

  310. Eco-preneur, ex ad guy, living in Shanghai at the center of the universe. It’s all about Renewable Ideas….

    clever idea, Jim.

  311. Cool concept, Jim!

    Listening, observing, and ultimately learning all I can about the web. I have passion for social tech & new media and hope to help drive them further together. The future of the web is so vast…I just enjoy learning & being a part of it :)

  312. Eco-preneur, ex ad guy, living in Shanghai at the center of the universe. It’s all about Renewable Ideas…

  313. Good idea Jim – we’ve exchanged a couple of tweets but I’m still new to twitter. DigitalBeat provide WIFI advertising services for real estate listings and now ad-hotspot services for any retail (storefront) business.

  314. I have been using Twitter for over a year and find it incredibly useful. I do organic SEO, social media optimization, video tagging, ghost blogging, and am a cybrarian.

  315. Syndicated book reviewer,interested in publishers,authors,books.Blog is http://www.lesasbookcritiques.blogspot.com.

  316. I am of the mind that ubiquitous broadband will lead to endless possibilities. Let’s really connect!

  317. Thanks Jim for this opportunity.

    I’m a Family Historian, Genealogist, and Photo Restoration guy. Our futures are linked to our past.

    “Guided by the Ancestors”

  318. very cool idea, thanks for sending me the link! I’m a potty mouthed writer and Stand up. You can grab an hour-long free MP3 album here: http://bit.ly/4o0lkq

    look forward to you next article!

  319. I am, a nice person who loves blogging, cooking and music. I don’t drink beer or do drugs. Very clean record.

    But I may be going to jail cos someone accused me of illegally using his residential address (I once rented the place). So follow me for Twitter updates and see if our country’s legal system is fair. (My first and hopefully last court date is 2nd Jan 2009.)

  320. Great idea for a way to leverage your blog to expand your twitter network. I am going to adopt it for soon!

  321. Great idea & tips.

    Thank you for sharing.

  322. How did you get the field for entering the twitter names into your comment field (if you are willing to share)?

    twitter: mvndrvrt

  323. Already follow you Jim, but this is a great idea.. Cheers.

  324. Very cool technique.

    Web based marketing is continually changing and find new ways to make these connections can make all the difference.

    I have been following you for a while. Thank you for your work and the opportunity.

  325. @Michael vanDevort I believe it’s twitTip plugin for wordpress cos I use it too. Another similiar plugin is CommentMilk

  326. So thanks to Google Alerts for sending me my stats from ‘Twitterholic.com’, I noticed that you were top for England.

    Being as how as us Brits should stick together, thought I best follow you to see what you were doing and see what I can learn. This is a cool idea.

  327. Thanks, Jim! I’m Katy, the Executive Producer for GrowingBolder.com, a social networking Web site, TV Show, Radio Show (and more!) aimed at active-lifestyle 40+ers. And I’m a fitness freak in my spare time!

  328. Great idea, and thanks for the opportunity.

    I use twitter to talk about writing, fantasy, horror, historical, you name it, and sharing my writing whether blog or not, and also other random news, ideas, community web sites… wait the list is too long.

  329. DealTaker is an online community focused on finding great deals in all shopping categories everyday of the yr. http://tinyurl.com/howDTworks

  330. Sharing and connecting with others interested in using learning as a lever to help reach your goals.

  331. Thanks Jim. This is great. I blog about the culture of money and all things financial.

  332. I work with CEOs who want their target market believing that they show up everywhere, online and offline, and leave the competition confused

  333. Dwight Trumbower

    December 23, 2008 at 14:00

    Connecting with strangers is great! Never know when you will benefit spiritually or financially. Hopefully you will be positive influence on someone else too.

  334. Great idea Jim. I am building a self-improvement network via twitter. Interested in ideas to give away 1,000s of pocket planners before 2009.

  335. Thanks Jim, for this great (smart) idea.

    BloggerSavvy uses twitter to help reach a wider audience. Using great content to help people improve their blogs and online presence.

  336. We create photo birth announcements, birthday party invitations & holiday cards. We also like 2 help problem solve in the graphic arts field

  337. Neat idea!

    The Integrated Mother provides resources, advice and community for working moms.

  338. I am now a big fan of twitter, not that i am actually that big, don’t want you to get the wwong idea, but then again, i am sort of big, i mean i am grown upm and okay, i do wear an xl shirt, but I’m not THAT big. Whoa, okay, I like twitter and it has increased readership of my blog. I love that, this is a very cool idea!

  339. oh, yeah. I am very democratic. you follow me, i’ll follow you.

  340. Heather O'Sullivan Canney

    December 23, 2008 at 14:27

    I am a mom of 2 boys, loving life in small town Apex NC. I am a broker, biz consultant, biz/life coach, aspiring speaker & author. Love social media,coworking, networking,& new strategies.Avid reader/”seeker” of knowledge (esp. self improvement, life strategies, etc). Love creative problem solving & helping others. I am an early adopter, promoter, connector. Looking for others who are like-minded, positive,& making a difference!

  341. Jim, this is a great idea! I enjoy reading your tweets and learning from you! Thanks for thinking about your Twitter friends. You are the best!

  342. This is a great idea, Jim. We’re actually offering a free consultation and follow-up interactive marketing training for the next few weeks. (Consider it our gift to the tweople for the holiday season.) About Us: We deliver more than Websites and collateral, we work with you to understand your unique business needs, create a marketing, lead gen and lead management process, and give you the tools to monitor progress.

  343. Greetings Jim,

    Thank you for this opportunity. I am new to twitter and find it very useful in information gathering as well as utilizing this distribution channel for marketing my business.

    I look forward to following others and obtaining more followers.

  344. Invitation artist who loves Twitter!

  345. Great idea, Jim!

    I can’t believe someone didn’t think of this sooner…you get the credit as the innovator on this one.


  346. Health & wellness, essential oils, living green, lover of twitter, clicker of links :-) & loves to broaden horizon and learn! Thanks Jim!!

  347. Journalist. Photographer. Aspiring Travel Writer. Cultural Student. Apple Connoisseur. Amateur Thinker. Presidential Inauguration Attendee.

    Tweet me what you’d like to say to the next President on his first day in office.

  348. Cool, i have no idea how you found me, but i am glad you added me =) @Jtou

  349. Jim, I have you listed in my bit-overload group on tweetdeck. You just churn and churn out the content.

    The other day your server was down, the crickets were deafening for me.

    I’m glad things are back up and rolling cause life with out my hourly/minutely does of Jim’s Marketing would be … well… not life.

  350. I’m an outdoor adventurer, fitness professional and sustainably-minded activist. Looking to help people live healthier lives.

  351. I’m an Amsterdam based Security Consultant and Risk Manager, with a love of Mashups and Folksonomy

  352. Barby Zuniga Ward

    December 23, 2008 at 15:50

    Generous heart you have, Jim. We r a custom software development company, using our profits to fund our non-profit work w/at risk kids round the world.

  353. I am interested in meeting people working in creative, advertising, online video and am generally consumed by the anthropology of our new connections in both real and virtual spaces.

  354. Jim –

    A simple yet infectious idea, which is always the best. Did you build this comment form yourself or is there a platform that has the Twitter name built in?

    We’re web 2.0 developers and increasingly social marketers as well. I’m also an author, story writer, occasional political pundit.

  355. Just wondering:
    Does 140 character limit communication, or develop the ability to be concise?
    =), i tend to wonder

  356. I’m unsure how effective being #375 on this list will be, so I’ll consider this an experiment. This is the problem with catchy ideas and Twitter – there is so much participation individual opportunities to benefit are diminished. C’est la vie.

  357. I am fascinated with the power of the internet, a gluten-free goddess, a curious artist, a modern hippie with a plan. Looking forward to learning about all the interesting folks on Twitter. Brilliant idea, Jim!

  358. I am a sales trainer. I am looking for people in the west midlands area that are seriously sick of not getting in front of enough of the right prospects. Who do you know like that?

  359. Wow, very nice. I hope this becomes standard in WordPress soon!

  360. Providing simple, yet powerful ideas to help leaders create a workplace that people want to stay with; not run away from. Counting God’s blessings every day.

  361. Hector Camacho F.

    December 23, 2008 at 16:43

    I give interesting links on design/programming/SEO with the usual clever or useless comment tweets, I’m based on Panama, follow me for more!

  362. Jim,
    you were one of my 1st followers and following! keep up the good work! My non twitter friends think I’m an expert now.
    I just think I’m now a tweet/fb addict…..
    For all about picture framing & art @MaryFramer too!

  363. Thanks Jim. I’ll only add in that I think the best way to build “quality” followers is to participate in quality conversations – commenting here certainly helps and reading what other people are writing is key. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of junk/spam trolling around these comment areas and on Twitter too. Keep up the good posts.

    Joe Jacobi

  364. I’m the editor/publisher of SORMAG – An online guide for readers and writers. Always looking for new writers to feature.

  365. This proves something quite important – give stuff away, you earn more.

  366. Nice idea Jim! I teach businesses how to harness the power of the web.

  367. I help people who wants to buy and sell homes come together in Las Vegas. I am a people person and love meeting new people! Thanks Jim!

  368. I run a pop culture blog, but pay my bills by doing web marketing for an apartment complex. Would like to meet those interested in either.

  369. I’d love to connect with anyone who is interested in Web 2.0, marketing ideas, politics, legal issues, etc. You can follow me at http://www.twitter.com/ClaxtonLegal

  370. I’m a lawyer based in Hoboken, NJ practicing employment law, Social Security law, and consumer bankruptcy law.

    Thanks for the cool idea!

  371. Great article. Am fairly new to Twitter and trying to figure out how to use it in the b-to-b space. My CEO got me hooked on Twitter.

  372. Hello All! I’m still new to twitter. I am a sourcing healthcare recruiter for coastalstaffing.org. Looking for an RN job, please contact me.

  373. Hey Jim
    This is a great initiative. Not only are we gettingyour name out there, but with people who want to be seen.

    I am a professional writer, specialising in article writing for the net.

    Thanks for the help.

  374. I like your engaging and creative approach. Saw your blog mentioned on Twitter by @chrisbrogan (who always encourages success by offering value like this). I’m passionate about social media, web development, usability and search marketing.

  375. I am new to the industry and to twitter! I am trying to network not only to make connections in affiliate marketing but also to learn as much as possible about social media, marketing, etc.

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  378. I’m using Twitter to create what I’m calling Twisters – short stories using the full 140 characters. Been making connections and some people have even purchased my books as a result. Yes, I’ve gone over 140 characters here…

  379. Hi, Jim. Great idea here.

    I’m a freelance writer and blogger. The link here is to my blog that helps sports bloggers to set themselves apart with better blogs.

    Follow me on Twitter and thanks for the opportunity.

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    December 23, 2008 at 19:32

    Brilliant, Thanks! As a self-proclaimed Ambassador of Play I invite people to lighten up!

  389. Your are always coming up with something, Thanks

  390. Awesome idea Jim!
    Hi, I’m Lance. I blog about the “jungle of life” we live in, and how to navigate through it!

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    I am a soccer educator and entrepreneur looking to build relationships and network with people from all over!

  398. I feel very lucky to have found you and your page! I am looking forward to learning all I can from someone who appears to be the Master! Thank you Jim!

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  402. IT expert, internet marketer, fun loving, laid back and friendly. i might have a good sense of humor, who knows! jM

  403. I was just thinking the other day that it would be nice to have a spot to put URL and Twitter username on blog posts! You were reading my mind!! Thank you!

    A direct seller who loves to try new things to share my passion and promote my product,
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  404. Nice touch… {Fist Bump} to ya’ for sharing!

  405. Neat concept! I am a comic book artist and internet marketer. Looking forward to see how this turns out. Thanks!

  406. Great feature Jim!

    I’m a biz-tech marketer who loves indie films, crafty and quirky folks, devoted husband, and doggy-daddy. Oh, I also help people build sites and set up their blogs.

  407. Jim,
    congratulations! It took me a full minute just to scroll down this page. I can’t recall last time I’d seen this many comments on a post without somekind of prize being offered.
    You must have a very talented programmer, can you share her/his name with us?

    Merry Christmas,


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  416. Great idea Jim. I am an agent with UFirst, producing an independent feature film.

  417. Thanks for the follow Jim – I’ve already got some great tips, thanks for sharing.

    I am a freelance nature photographer, artist and designer and blog about photography, making pictures, places I go, things I see and printing, preparing and selling my work.

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  419. Cool, Jim. I’m about ethical/green/frugal marketing strategies, copyrighting, book shepherding, having fun cheaply.

  420. This is a great idea. Thank you for contributing in the way that you are.

  421. Great idea. I am new to twitter, but enjoying it already. I am a business entrepreneur, looking to get into internet selling of home decor in Poland and other EU countries

  422. Merry Christmas,Jim.I have gotten many great ideas here.Thanks for your sharing.

  423. Jim, i am out of words how to thank you for that extremely beneficial resource of information. Today i received your Twitter follow request and i followed you back and i started reading your blog, it is AMAZING!! and the idea of leaving Twitter’s username is brilliant.

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  424. Great concept!
    Will have to figure out a way to do this on my blog.

  425. Thanks I’ll use it for my dating site.

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  426. Jim,
    I am still new to twitter and am finding my voice slowly there. As a relative baby in the world of Social Media, I find this intriguing, but do not have a clue yet as how it will work for me! LOL. Learning as I go!

  427. Thank you so much. I take all the advice I can find and I filter through and use what I think will work for me. I have been networking and finding great results. I’ve seen my business grow in the past few years. It’s very exciting to be such a small business in today’s market with so much technology available. It’s all in how you use it…My market is anyone and everyone! I aim to tame the face mane with all natural grooming products for men. Tested only on humans and made by me. I’m also working on getting my blog up to speed. http://www.craigsbs.blogspot.com

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    Thanks, Jonathan

  435. Great idea Jim! Love seeing people really plugging twitter into their business as opposed to just “something else you’re doing.”


  436. great idea to increase your site traffic. not selling or marketing anything – just interested in the twitter energy force

  437. Great initiative. I blog on mobile payment.

  438. Hey Jim…thanks for the new concept. Appears that twitter is the star child of 2009. I am a netpreneur operating a local search directory and a social media blog. Look forward to the ride.

  439. Love your Blog. Always looking for tips for better use of Twitter. @KathyClark

  440. Thanks for the informative post. It’s all about learning to leverage and maximize your resources for the good. Great stuff.

  441. Jim, thx for getting the ball rolling. Just started a new DoD site http://www.14stix.com. One golf deal a day – sorta like Woot. Come check us out. Love any & all feedback.

  442. Great idea, Jim – thanks for the post. Me? I teach personal freedom through the power of Internet Marketing.

  443. Thanks Jim – always enjoy your tweets and posts. Happy New Year

  444. a brilliant idea and I love brilliant ideas Jim!

  445. genius….simply genius!

  446. That’s a great idea !

  447. I’m an regular Irish Catholic guy with an autistic son who loves to learn and teach.

  448. Thanks Jim! What an awesome idea!

  449. My Twitter name tells a lot about me, and that’s why I like using LDS and Nana together.

    This is a very innovative way to help people with like interest, connect on Twitter.


  450. I like to blog. Especially concisely.

    Follow me! Follow me! *Jazz hands*

  451. Thanks Jim, great idea. Offline I have been in the direct selling industry for over 30 years. Online I am growing my knowledge of social networking and have built a few websites and blogs.

  452. Guess I should have at least left my web url….duh?

    If your into setting SMART GOALS get a free ebook.

  453. Jim: good stuff. I’m a PR firm owner, social media enthusiast, Hamptons resident (and observer), Dad; I read, fish, swim and eat.

  454. DJ @ Fermentarium

    December 31, 2008 at 17:40

    I’m a beer and wine blogger, with a focus on homebrewing (making your own) and industry news. I tweet about the same and more!

  455. Thank you, Jim, enjoy following you on Twitter.
    I teach people to listen to their body as much as they listen to what’s going in their head, or vice versa! Function improves. Feldenkrais.

  456. About Me:

    Event planner extraordinaire, wife and friend. Networking and blogging daily to increase my knowledge and become a planning expert.

    Thanks Jim for the awesome post and another chance to get our name out there.

  457. Love the idea Jim Thank you for the opportunity.

    I am a husband and father of three daughters. A relatively normal guy in a sometimes not so normal life. My wife (Leslie Kelly/Leslie Parrish) happens to write romance novels and I am routinely immersed in the world of romance.

    I’m looking to help promote my wife’s career and share my experience as well as promote my own non-fiction book (when it sells) which is being considered by Harlequin.

  458. This is brilliant! Love that you’re creating a community within a community here!

    I tweet a lot about running marathons, reading, online shopping (hehe), real life and whatever pops into life!

  459. Senior in college with a passion for marketing, advertising, and branding. I also have a passion for technology and innovation.

    Great post!

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  461. What a great idea! Happy New Years! :)

  462. Enjoy following your tweets!

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  463. Jim – question for you… my demo is 13-21 year old women. Do tweens/teens tweet? And if not… how do we pull them in?



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  467. Very interesting idea. I own a web design agency and am into marketing, culture and all things web.

  468. Thanks Jim,

    TV News Anchorman for CBS affil in Las Vegas, NV

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    Love racquetball, cigars

  469. Powerful idea, Jim–thanks. I help businesses shift their thinking from lack to abundance and produce profound results through The One Command.

  470. Michael Andreano

    December 31, 2008 at 19:37

    Jim, great idea! I am a full time Info Security Analyst, but am developing a Social Media consulting business with both webinars and local seminars here in the Lehigh Valley in PA.

  471. Jim, you are the master marketer! Thank you for always sharing! I am a photo freak, web designer and all around fun chick!

  472. Stephanie Malone

    December 31, 2008 at 20:22

    Genius! Glad to be a part of this community. I’m a writer, designer, marketer, creative consultant, web junkie, blogger and twitter skeptic turned true believer.

  473. Great post – just look at all your comments. I started tweeting a few months ago and what a great opportunity for marketing!

  474. Jim…Thanks for this great opportunity. I help solo-preneurs and small business owners build a massive and highly profitable online presence/brand using social networking and social media marketing strategies.

  475. I constantly research and discover the best tools and resources for your life that the Web has to offer…and now on twitter. I evaluate hundreds of websites a week to find the most useful ones.

  476. Hello Jim,

    I took the time to read a ton of your posts. I am trying to help my mother start her business and decided to see what your blog has to offer. I enjoy your posts and will continue to visit. I have found that on Twitter, I tend to only follow those who have something in common with me and who would be interested in my work and writing. Thank you for this post!

  477. Jim,

    This is a great idea. I focus on the “Customer Experience” and have written three books on the subject so I am fascinated by the social media experience.

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  479. Thanks a lot for the offer, Jim! Looking forward to your posts!

  480. Jim

    Great idea and will certainly help people to connect with a wider range of people. I have connected with a few now who have made comments – so the proof is in the pudding as they say.

    Take care


  481. This is great! I look forward to networking with more Twitter folks and expanding my network.

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  484. We are just now trying to develop our social networking efforts, so this article was great! Thanks for posting it.

  485. Thanks Jim, I’m not a blogger yet but I really like to tweet and meet new people and read what they have to say. Am I glad I follow you on twitter :)

  486. Great concept! I’ve just become a Twitter user in the last month, and love to find new ways to connect with people!


  487. Hey Jim,
    Yet another brilliant way you have come up with to network & meet folks. I’m new to social networking. I love twitter because it is not only a good place to meet and socialize, but also a great place to give and gather important information. Keep up the great work, looking forward to more of your tweets.

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  490. Good to see people trying to help others online.

    I’ll spread the word :-)


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  492. What a great idea and I too am now a subscriber to you newsletter in addition to following you on twitter. Great example of the mutaulity of social networking!

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  494. Thanks for this opportunity for more networking. I just got twitter and am still learning about having quality conversations on twitter. I want to be able to answer questions, engage people in conversation, or simply give an encouraging word to people! Quality is hard to find, especially when it comes to not getting lost within all the twitter noise.

  495. I think this is such an incredible idea and resource!

    I am mom to 3, mom-entrepreneur, co-owner of Let’s Go Strolling, stroller-lover, Fiction book fiend and generally interested in new technologies!

  496. Wife and unschooling mom of many, I blog about traditional nutrition and food preparation, food politics, related health issues. Tweets about that and more… Thanks for this!

  497. I blog stock market investing, politics, internet marketing & Tom Foolery. Nice post Jim!

  498. I’m the mother of 11 year old triplets, netrepreneur, author, occasional speaker, and lead generation specialist. Thanks Jim!

  499. This is an awesome resource for connecting like minded people. Keep up the great work.

  500. Hi Jim,

    Great idea. And I liked many of your articles on various marketing related aspects. I run a call center out of India, catering to telemarketing, data management solutions, web design, SEO, transcription, translation and the works. It’d be great to connect to people looking to outsource their business processes…

  501. Im in!

    Im an indie filmmaker and graphic designer. I just got in to Twitter, and I want to get my film ‘Play With Fire’ to the people!

    Talk to you soon.

  502. Cheers Jim, enjoying using Twitter to find like-minded people.

  503. Love this idea. I am a new media marketing consultant and natural products hand crafter. I look forward to seeing the results of this effort.

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  508. As a veteran tech marketing exec, I appreciate your content, Jim. The TrustTheVote project (www.osdv.org) can learn much from your insights

  509. You got me – I’m a Twitter convert. Great blog too.

  510. Very cool Jim, thanks for the great outreach mechanism!

  511. Great post. I’m looking for the Twitter Killer Twapp to change the world. Cheers

  512. so who would have figured that an commenting her would result in potential new ‘followers’ – well JIM did!

  513. love your site, have learn’t quite a lot, glad you were among the first set of people i connected with on twitter.

  514. Good looking out Jim…Have a prosperous ’09
    Tony Beach

  515. Jim,
    This is great! I am the director of a group of community news web sites that feature user generated news. I’m very proud of this project because it is a great place for the communities to come together. It is in beta so we add features constantly-sending this to my developers-and retweeting to all of my followers!

  516. So what is your take on follow backs? I’m always follow back, unless you are an obvious spammer.

  517. I always enjoy your tweets Jim. I tweet about technology, marketing, analytics, branding, news items, TV (I’m the TV columnist for LAist.com), comedy (I write about comedy for both LAist.com and Bostonist.com), and whatever events I’m at.

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    Jim, you are the master blogger and tweeter, thanks!

  520. Great Blog, Twitter has been fun and it also has helped my Marketing business get more clients.

  521. May be I’m the first over in sunny New Zealand..? Love the site Jim!

  522. I always enjoy your resourceful links. Thank you for great posts!!

  523. great article..looking to grow my twitter account as well..social media internet marketing and little sports

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  525. Intriguing idea. I’m a Web designer who blogs about Web issues including strategy, content development, marketing, SEO, social media and related issues.

  526. I’m in! Currently blogging about how feelings affect our work. I also spotlight my mixed-media mosaics and other unusual artworks.

  527. This is a great idea! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to connect via Twitter.

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  529. I am an Evangelical Christian, pro-life, Conservative, blogger and internet marketer. I tweet about all kinds of stuff :)

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    This is a great idea Jim and thanks for this opportunity! And, just signed up for your newsletter to get even more opportunities. All the best for 2009!

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  532. Your blog about twitter followers was AWESOME!! Thanks for the knowledge

  533. Very creative Jim! Thank you.

    140? Gulp.
    o Website successorizer.
    o Online networker profile magnetizer.
    o Trail-Guide for wrinkle-free home remodeling projects.
    o Home automation decomplexifier.
    o iPhone-o-holic.
    o Hopeless gadgeteer.
    o Mind-reader (…as long as you tweet it first)

    Looks like I blew the 140 character limit…sorry Jim!

  534. Thanks, Jim for this unique opportunity to connect. I am a therapist/life coach/writer and speaker. I connect with professional, gifted and wise women to guide them towards making powerful life-changing decisions to create the life they were destined to have.

  535. Thanks for this Jim. Mr Tweet put me onto you. (@MrTweet) Good call.

    My 140 characters:

    UK based EXaccountant running TaxAdviceNetwork, speaking and commenting on tax issues, business development, related, varied and fun stuff

  536. really nice blog. i enjoyed reading it. i’m a young webdesigner/programmer who wants to learn as much as i can. so please follow me on twitter

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  538. Roseann Higgins

    January 20, 2009 at 01:23

    Hi Jim and newer visitors!

    I love meeting, learning from and helping others grow. Twitter is like home schooling with the best experts you could hope for.

    I created the Entrepreneurs’ Forum, Women’s Power Lunch & SPIES. I freelance write for magazines.

    I try to share things people will learn from, enjoy or laugh at, including marketing ideas, resources, Twitter tips, insights from people I meet. I’ve even made Twitter introductions for a charity in Africa and women in business.

    As I discover tools, I share some. You may want to look back on my twitstream. Or just say Hi and not! :) I communicate with everyone who writes me a personal note.

    Thanks to you, Jim, I just followed and tweeted:

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    Keep up the good work. You are appreciated! And so are your commenters.
    Roseann in Phoenix

  539. Jim,

    I am a new user on Twitter, and appreciate your advise. I am a Senior at Texas Tech University looking to meet people across the country who can further my knowledge of life after college.

  540. Hi Jim,

    We’re also new to Twitter and your advice has been invaluable – I’ve been sending links to your blog to other new members too. Thank you so much.

  541. Seattle designer eager to collaborate with clients who are excited with design possibilities. I want them to ‘come home to a place they love’.

  542. Interesting concept, i´m looking foward to see if it works… Your Newsletter-think worked, i subscribed :-)

  543. Reading twitter bios really helps me determine who I want to follow. And my own Bio has won me a few followers. I think you are on to something here! With Twitter becoming more and more popular, including a way to connect through twitter from your blog! Great idea! Thanks!

  544. Met Twitter few weeks ago, and so I met Jim, trying to go over all the posts that interests me and here I find another one.

    nice posts about social media and twitter.


  545. TGIF-have time with my kiddo on my lap to catch up on tweets-always enjoy you, Jim! Love to connect with organic lovin’,yogis, who like Italian wines!

  546. Hi Jim!

    Love your newsletter!

    I am part of an iPhone Development team, and I love my job! I come up with app ideas, promote our apps, market our apps and those of other developers, and farm out our gurus to write apps for other companies. The really cool thing is I get to mess around on Twitter all the time! LOL!

    I would love to connect with people that are into iPhone, iPod, marketing, advertising, analytics, or others just trying to build followers too!

    Thanks this great resource.


  547. Nice Job Jim – thx

  548. excellent post Jim. I own a small custom software shop in san diego.

  549. I’m Anderson Ray 1/3 of The V.E.R.A Clique, Loves Prince & all things ’80’s, Hates the state of Hip Hop, Has faith it’s going back to it’s roots. Been follwing Jim for a minute, finally checked him out. He knows his s*it…

  550. Being fairly new to the whole social media thing, i am finding Twitter a great way to get in touch with the whole social scene.

  551. Nice idea Jim- great way to get comments while allowing others to meet.

    I run an Internet Marketing Agency in NYC and Charlotte, NC that specializes in email and referral marketing. Follow me if you’re interested in email marketing, referral/word-of-mouth marketing and social media in general.

  552. I’m fairly new to Tweetin and love it! Entrepreneur and lover of life :-)

  553. Ruth-Anne Callen

    January 23, 2009 at 23:22

    What a wonderfull blog. I really found some interesting tips.
    Thanks for Sharing Jim.

  554. Joshua Aaron Stanley

    January 23, 2009 at 23:53

    Interesting idea, Jim! See you around Twitter…

  555. CEO@www.Glamajama.com*Writer* Moms in Business Blogger StartupNation*Proud Mom of 3* LOVE helping others, mrktg, getting social!

  556. Is it OK to add more than one comment? Or is that just a sneaky way to try and get more followers?

  557. I like the idea! Let see if it works!

  558. Thanks for sharing!

  559. Great idea, Jim! I’m one of those twitter dads that wears a lot of hats: husband, father. crm consultant. singer. songwriter. guitarist. webservant. lay speaker. technology advocate.

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  563. Very cool idea, Jim. I’ve been blogging for a while, but I’m new to Twitter and still trying to figure it all out. This is really creative, and really helpful. Thanks!

  564. Barbara Schantz

    January 24, 2009 at 01:53

    Hi Jim! So many great folks! Me: WAHM of two sets of twins age 4 & under, inventor of patent-pending Baby Dipper bowl, lover of travel, musical movies, and cats.

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    No, I’m not too busy.:)

  571. Witty, sarcastic, intelligent. Writer wanna-be. Adore Meryl Streep and Diane Sawyer. Using short sentences makes me feel as if I’m applying on a dating site, not that I’ve ever done such a thing.

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    -Would love to trade ideas/experiences with anyone trying to ‘get the word out’ in this economy.

  575. Always great to learn something more. This online world moves so fast.

  576. Hi Jim,

    What a generous offer! Thanks for sharing so graciously.

    I’m enjoying reading your twits and newsletter.

  577. Hi Jim,

    Excellent idea.

    I am enjoying your Tweets.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  578. Jon-Mikel Bailey

    January 29, 2009 at 18:33

    One of the things I admire most about you Jim is that you follow the SM cardinal rule – create value for those you reach and you will be rewarded. Very cool!

  579. Good idea. Sign me up :)

  580. Very interesting idea. I am curious what topics the bulk of these responders cover in their tweets.

  581. Jim, Your thoughts about relevance are dead on. my reason for joining Twitter was to communicate with others that enjoyed Entertainment, Travel, Sports, Mixology, and money. In the beginning i did it all wrong but every day i seem to make a little more progress. Thanks for your insight. aE

  582. In reverse order of importance: solo law practitioner, advocate for people w/ disabilities, proud wife/mother.

  583. Two sisters who shar their love of herbs and tea anyway they can….blogging, lecturing, writing and of course tweeting.


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    Believer – We aren’t all boring!
    Wife – ”
    Mom – To two teenagers – have pity!
    Friend – Got the best!
    Horse Lover – Got three
    Realtor – West Michigan GR Area
    Camper – With my horses!
    How did I do with the 140 Characters . . . .LOL

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  590. Forgot to add my info. I’m a Christ Follower, Husband, Dad, Marketing Evangelist, and avid Reader. Rock on!!

  591. Good one Jim. So much to learn but I like your approach.

  592. Great information Jim. Sorry you will be leaving Twitter.

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  594. It figures. I find you as you are leaving. 😛

  595. Hi how are u? my name is Kaila and I am the lead singer of the electro rock band Nylon Pink and we just started using twitter….I find it a great way to interact with fans….We sound like a mixture of Katy Perry and the Ting Tings and sound like Hello Kitty on Acid!

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    Good article. Idea useful for commenting on blogs of other “twitterati” who cover your industry-specific topic.

  597. Using twitter in my practice.

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    Twitter – would love a few more followers, especially people interested in Telesales help, tips and techniques.

    Best to everyone!

  604. I’m slowly (…!) building a great network in the area of personal training, nutrition, pregnancy & postnatal & mums generally, but would love to link up with more UK-based twitter-ers!

  605. Great article. Twitter is not a popularity contest, but a great marketing tool to build real social network relationships. Really enjoyed it.

  606. Jason Leister

    April 4, 2009 at 15:37

    Great idea Jim… Thanks for the help getting my message out to moms who want to work from home.

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  613. Ronni Featherston

    December 1, 2009 at 19:09

    I’m a PR undergrad at Stonehill College in the Boston Area. I love exploring social media, Twitter is my newest obsession. I’m graduating in May and crossing my fingers a Social Media agency has openings – I’d love working in social media!

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