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37 Marketing ideas in 140 characters

As you may already know, I am passionate about helping as many people as possible to massively boost their sales and profits. This means I’m always looking for great marketing ideas, which I can share with people – and today, I have enlisted the help of 37 amazing professionals, who are going to each give a single, short marketing tip!

What 1 piece of marketing advice would you give to a start-up business?

My question was; “What 1 piece of marketing advice would you give to a start-up business?” Now, the reason the following answers to this question are so focused, is that they were given by people who only had 140 characters in order to get their answer across!


twitter networking micro blogging marketingYes, each of the answers you are about to read, were submitted by people I do not know, but who follow me via my favourite social media website Twitter.  The end result are 37 diverse and often-powerful answers, from 37 incredibly clever people, who wanted to pass on their ideas to help you and your business!

I am posting the answers exactly as they were sent, with the abbreviations etc, so you can see for yourself just how much value someone can get into such short messages!

It’s also worth considering that these answers come from a brilliantly rich group of people, from many different profiles of businesses, and this is reflected in their answers – which really helps!

I think the end result is amazing and would like to personally thank everyone who was kind enough to offer this advice here for my readers.  Obviously, I do not endorse and am not responsible for, the content of the external sites listed in this post!

After you read the answers below, see if you can offer some great advice yourself, using 140 characters, in the comments section!

So, what 1 piece of marketing advice would YOU give to a start-up business?

Here’s 37 answers in 140 characters or less!

Marketing is like a snowball. You have to keep rolling to see results. You can’t start and stop and start and stop.
Cynthia Powell www.ChicksAndCubs.com

Innovation in marketing is as much imp as innovation in product itself. think different in marketing it.
Sushrut Bidwai www.sushrutbidwai.com

Invest in the right marketing people, both leaders & executers. People w/ vision + desire / workethic to make vision happen.
Chris Hoppel Samsung www.samsung.com

Think, do you need your product to succeed or do your customers need your product to succeed?
Aronado www.LuckyStartups.com

1. I laid every biz card I had across a table, picked up the phone & started calling ea. contact.
2. Held in-person meetings to tell our story.

Lisa Cruz

Help others link to you by writing articles, link swaps, donate products for prize giveaways, send products for blog reviews.

Take small steps toward big goals every day, don’t climb the mountain all at once or you’ll get discouraged. Discipline counts.
Juliann Grant http://blog.telesian.com

Communicate possible outcomes. Start-ups are driven with passion. Visualize potential outcomes so clients get excited.
Jeff Cook www.digitalriver.com

Don’t try do everything yourself, outsource tasks that don’t directly make you money. Ex: accounting, website design.
Kim Cornwall Malseed www.marcomink.com

Focus, focus, focus!
Lance Ulanoff Editor-in-chief with www.PCMag.com

Be clear about what you do, focus on it and be as good as you possibly can at it!
David Rosam http://dangerous-thinking.com

Establish an ad budget first thing. 5% of sales should be saved for marketing and decided upfront where to spend.
Joe Gauder http://supersonicstandstill.blogspot.com

Brand representation is every experience the customer has in affiliation with the company.
Christina Wehry www.coloradoshakes.org

Blog for SEO. Human, affordable, & allows in-bound marketing

Define yourself and be true to that definition in everything you do. You cannot be “all things to all people
Kathleen Morse

Work, work some more, keep going, keep trying and be patient – take extra care of your users.
CJ Jenkins http://scienceforseo.blogspot.com

Relationships matter most. Emotional connection+status w brand. Offer MORE value that what u get. Participate in community.
Lisa de Bruin http://winedivergirl.wordpress.com

Do not compromise your fees. Charge by project, not hourly. Don’t waste money on brochures. Have a clear vision of your business/market.
Joanne Victoria www.JoanneVictoria.com

Have money and plan set aside for 2 yrs of no-to-next-to-no profit; of course aim for better and sooner
Christian Markley; www.blu3digital.com

Follow up with clients and potential clients on a consistent basis, create simple systems to maintain the follow up!
Alan Underkofler www.followupsuccess.com

My advice: Social networks do not magically bring people to your product you have to engage in the community to see any results.
Tony Colvin http://ireflectm.com

Define your niche market, stay away from paying big bucks for ads that don’t target your niche.
Denise Russos http://posolutions.wordpress.com

First marketing money should be spent on the web – highest accountability & returns.
Darryl Parker www.parkerweb.com

All action is a response to a felt need: find the need, appeal to the need at least 7 times, and offer a solution!
Bill Collier http://blog.freedomist.info

Do your research first! Make sure you have a market for your product or service. Separate your emotion from the facts.
Wendy Limauge www.businessbloggingguide.com

Make sure you know your purpose, identity & audience. 100% focus & clarity is key to success in a fragmented world.
Damien Basile www.thecauseisthehabit.com

Just get it out there. It doesn’t have to be perfect yet. Don’t let analysis paralysis set in. You can always fine tune later.
Christopher Thiede www.buildcommunications.com

Don’t overestimate your own ability to market yourself. Get an expert. Their objective view and knowledge is invaluable.
Tony Roberts www.inhumanbeings.com

Build your network, both online and in person. these are your foot soldiers, resources, etc. help them and they will help you.
Jon-Mikel Bailey www.woodstreet.com

Be honest. Under promise and over deliver.
Brian Johnson www.konnects.com

Be authentic and truly desire to help people with your business and success will come to you.
Kim Fenolio www.americasbestcompanies.com

Do NOT skimp on your web presence. Regardless what product or service you sell/provide most research begins online.
Charles Lauller www.bizzuka.com

Monitor activity and track time/resources invested vs returns. Change one aspect at a time to understand impact of the change.
Reeta Luthra www.paradoxofreality.com

Shamelessly leverage who you know to seed word-of-mouth marketing. your network is your most valuable asset
Maxine Teller http://mixtmediastrategies.com

Talk to your customer. constantly. don’t assume you have what they need. confirm it with them.
Julie Lenzer Kirk www.JulieLenzerKirk.com

There are “bug” days and “windshield” days. Be the Windshield and ready to travel lonely dirt roads to reach your destination.
Tim Hayden www.gpexperience.com

Truly love what you do or you won’t stick with it long enough to succeed!
Karalyn J. Eckerle http://cardinalpointva.typepad.com


The marketing tips above were sent to me within just thirty minutes of asking the original question.  This means that there are not only a lot of extremely helpful people ‘out there’ – it also shows what a great marketing and business development tool Twitter can be for your business.

OK – Now it’s YOUR turn!

In 140 characters or less, please share YOUR answer to this question;
“What 1 piece of marketing advice would you give to a start-up business?”

I look forward to reading your replies!

Pick my brain: I can give you the answers and ideas you need, to solve your marketing or business development challenges. It's risk free, with a 100% money-back guarantee! To find out more, read this!


  1. Learn about Social media, embrace it and use it. Why? Because ultimately it’s all about being where your customers are and listening to them.

  2. Thanks for this, Jim! Very interesting experiment.. and great suggestions across the board.

  3. Wendy at Business Blogging Guide

    October 21, 2008 at 22:36

    Thanks for the great article Jim and for including my quote. I blogged about your article and linked back here.

  4. Hello Mark,

    Nice marketing tip – Thanks!

  5. Hello Eric,
    I am really impressed with the wide spread of contributors too; from Lance (Hi Lance) at PC Magazine to Chris at Samsung to lots of businesses like my own.

    Your contributions were amazing – thanks to everyone!

  6. Thanks Wendy!

  7. thought I was gonna be featured in the quotes, but apparently I’m not.. so here’s my advice for startups:

    “overcome the attempt to overdo”

  8. Hi Rob,

    You were going to be featured. Sadly, a stack of messages that came around the same time seem to have vanished by the time I started collecting them!

  9. Great job. Will share this blog with many folks.

  10. Never stop learning. Allow yourself a certain amount of time each day to learn from someone else, especially a leader in his/her field.

  11. Hello Karalyn – Thanks for sharing the blog, much appreciated!

    Hello Kelli
    I could not agree more with your tip – Thanks.

  12. Been following Connollys work for years. Guys a genius, such a simple idea yet no one else thought of it.

  13. Thank you very much for this very interesting project. I have gained some great insight from this to put towards the marketing of my new business.

  14. Hey Jim, That’s a great post and there is some excellent advice in those 140 characters. Can’t wait to see more. To paraphrase Sam, the brilliance is in thinking of something no one else has. Great job! Thanks.

  15. Hello Sam,
    You are ‘literally’ toooo kind!

    Hello Chad,
    Glad you found the answers useful. There are some real nuggets of information in their comments!

    Hello Dubli Dude,
    Glad you like the post. I think it really shows how powerful Twitter can be, for harvesting ideas.

    Thanks everyone!!

  16. Great idea.
    Great resource.
    To the point.

    The Global Social Media Network

  17. Hello Ray,
    Thanks for the comment.

  18. Oh man that information if great. Thank you very much . Hope there will be an update soon

  19. I was on the same thought process as Rob van Alphen Rob Van, must have been lost in the mix. Anyway my take…

    “A product that people can write about. Have a list of bloggers that are appropriate for your product and follow up.”

  20. Hey Jim. Thanks for sharing my advice. I’m so glad that you posted all of these. It’s good to see the perspective others in this space are seeing things from. Excellent advice going forward!

    Catch me on the blog or Twitter @KimAtGoWithABC

  21. Great article, Jim, I will let others who ask me that very question where to find some terrific answers!

    jantallent on twitter :-)

  22. Use a series of conversations to build a relationship that lasts a lifetime….not just a one time purchase/engagement!

    Designing_Diva on Twitter

  23. ZzBlogger,
    Thanks, those tips are a great mix arn’t they!

    Excellent advice!

    I appreciate that – This blog is all about sharing great marketing ideas!

    Thanks for your comment – relationships are so important in business!

  24. Blog Traffic 101

    October 22, 2008 at 20:22

    Quote: “Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.” – Peter Drucker”

  25. Hello BT101,
    Thanks for the quote.

  26. … Just had to delete two comments that were just blatant spam. Come on, do like the people above – post a great comments and people will follow the link to your blog/site.


  27. Jim,

    Love this post! I would add/reiterate that building relationships is key. People like to buy products from people they know, like and trust. When I need to purchase a product or service, I’m always looking for someone I like, know and trust to buy from.

  28. Hello Linas,
    I could not agree with you more – Business blogging, when done correctly, is one of the highest leverage things a business can do.

    Hello Lara,
    Relationships are massively important in everything; including marketing and business development.

    Thanks for some excellent posts everyone!!

  29. Jim,

    Excellent post!

    Here’s my advice:

    “Build authority in your niche by always giving value-added information & service, not shallow rhetoric & self-serving behavior.”

    Anthony Whyms
    Moving4ward Marketing

  30. Jim,

    Great use of Twitter to gather input/content from a savvy audience, your Twitter Tribe. I followed one of your post links from Twitter to get here.

    My piece of advice would be to build identify and build relationships with the network hubs (thought leaders) in your market. They speak to thousands.


  31. Some brilliant stuff here Jim. Thanks for sharing.


  32. Thank you for “bullet point” information. It much easier to take some quick points and remember them then to read a lot of text. Perhaps you should write a book…page a day style with 1001 quick social/internet marketing ideas.

  33. Jim, this is by far one of your best blog posts ever. Thank you for sharing all your hard-earned knowledge with us newbies.

  34. WaterRose,
    I’m glad you found the ideas here useful. Thanks for the suggestion – I’m ALWAYS open to new ideas / suggestions. Thanks!

  35. Lizz,
    I can’t take the credit for all the great information in this post – it’s all down to the amazing people I ‘chat’ with on Twitter.

    What’s so incredible, is that all those great ideas were sent to me in the space of less than 30 minutes!

    Thanks for the comment!

  36. Thanks for the great compilation (which was a great idea!) – it’s giving me what I need to help carefully choose Twitterers to follow.

  37. Glad you find it useful Bruce!

  38. Very interesting post and creative use for combining Twitter with blogs and more. I’ll be interested to continue to see what you’re up to in both areas!

  39. Do your best to LOOK sharp, professional, and competent. Avoid DMV or Mugshot photos. Pro photos help more than you realize. Worth every $.

  40. Have a passion of your product or service, romance your customers and take care of your employees.

  41. Really great advice, maybe this should be included:
    Build up your corporate identity with the help of a professional graphic designer. Your outstanding products need outstanding design to promote them.
    Thank you

  42. Listen to your customers, watch your competition then do/offer something unexpected.

  43. Jon-Mikel Bailey

    November 24, 2008 at 18:49

    its important to have a plan, a network and identify an interest in what you plan to network

  44. Susan/Unique Business Opportunity

    November 24, 2008 at 19:30

    Treat every customers as you best customer

  45. Karen Marie Shelton

    November 24, 2008 at 19:50

    Get constant marketing inspiration from recognized industry gurus like Jim Connolly.

  46. To get clients: Listen, absorb, restate. To be happy,only accept business from clients you believe in.

    Dean Meyers

  47. Great fun idea!

    Forget the golden rule. Do unto customers naught as you wish but as they would have you serve them.

  48. Truly serve your customer. They aren’t a means to your end; you’re a means to theirs.

  49. We are not here to mislead but we are not here to bore your prospects to death either.

  50. Some great advice in here. It’s a shame though that you give a web address for everyone but no Twitter @’s. Why? You collected the data from Twitter and made your story directly from that data, even made a point so we could see how to cram info into 140 characters or sell. You even ask to collect our Twitter info but you don’t allow us to ‘follow’ them? FAIL!

  51. Jeff,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    As you saw when you entered your twitter user name above, everyone who comments here gets a chance to show who they are.

    That feature was added after the above post was written, partly because I realised that it would have been REALLY useful to have had these people’s twitter user names published with their comment.

    As a result, everyone now gets to link their Twitter user name to their comments.

    I live and learn.

  52. Jim,
    I was actually talking about the people quoted in the article, not the comments. The people quoted in the article get their web address listed but not their Twitter name. I just thought that was kind of ironic based on the theme of the article. Nice article though.

    • Jeff,

      Thanks. What I was referring to, is that in future, when I asked people to share ideas, I would get them to share those ideas as a comment – so everyone could join in and get a link to their website / twitter account. BTW: The links here are dofollow. So, there a little link love given to everyone kind enough to contribute to posts on this blog.

  53. It takes desire to be a winner to be a champion to keep going.

  54. Nice advice, but this one made me laugh:

    “Be honest. Under promise and over deliver.”

    In other words…

    “Be honest. Lie.”

  55. Here is my piece of advice:

    Help your target customers solve their problems.

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